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Note that there are a lot of other tags and work done on this so far.

First of all, there was this effort from 10 months ago, though I agree this request is more broad.

Here are the relevant tags:

All of these tags should probably go, but we shouldn't just clean up one of them and ignore the others as in the effort from 10 months ago, otherwise this will keep happening again and again.

Plan of attack:

If you want to volunteer to help, drop by the SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room to check in, introduce yourself, and get connected with the team.

  1. Review open questions in each targeted tag. Edit & remove offending tag(s) from any questions that merit retention. Make any other reasonable question improvements. Pay special attention to adding tags for referenced "third-party" thingamabobs.
  2. Questions that should be closed and deleted should have offending tag(s) replaced with , to simplify their death-watch. (If you find closed questions that will be automatically deleted, leave them be.)
  3. Questions that are closed as duplicates and should be retained as markers should have all offending tags removed.

Activity links:

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These questions require a moderator to burn.

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