14 of 23 the mods officially endorse translating posts into English. But with the caveat

We require English on Stack Overflow. See this list for Stack Overflow sites in languages other than English.

  • Questions written in non-English should be closed/flagged as unclear what you're asking.

  • Answers written in non-English should be flagged as very low quality, although not an answer will also work.

  • Comments written in non-English should be flagged as no longer needed.

  • Variables and the like can be written in any language, a code snippet containing non-English variables can easily be followed. (This does not endorse giving variables non-meaningful names in the workplace.)

Non-English posts can be translated to English, but this is usually done when there is some comment feedback from the OP that they can actually speak English. Translating a post of a non-English speaker poses issues for the OP following comment threads and the like. They need to be able to respond to feedback provided (by comments, answers, or Help Center content).