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Added some more links to some tags, per Will's outrageously exorbitant and overbearing demands, but I'm not going to bother linking the other ones :P
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Rename [git-bare] to [git-bare-repository]

There are currently 80 questions tagged with [git-bare], to explain the concept of bare repositories in Git. Can this tag be renamed to [git-bare-repository] please?

[git-bare] is a little vague, while [git-bare-repository] clearly describes what "bare" refers to. [git-rewrite-history] is another tag used for questions that involve a Git concept, rather than a Git command.

Additionally, [git-bare] can be confused with a Git command (that doesn't exist), because there are similarly named tags that are actual commands, such as [git-push], [git-merge], [git-clone], etc.