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Please undo all of the current [git] tag synonyms (and reject [github] synonyms)

Git Synonyms

There are currently 8 tag synonyms for the Git tag, along with a 9th suggested synonym. These synonyms should never have been created. They all represent different, individual, and distinct commands or tools for Git...they do not all mean "Git, the distributed version control system".

The fact that these tags are all being used as synonyms for Git means that it makes it significantly harder to find duplicate questions involving these individual tags using the built-in search:

  1. git remote is a command used to manage your remote repo settings.

  2. git checkout is a command used to manipulate the working directory of a non-bare repo.

  3. git diff is a command used to diff source code.

  4. Git Bash is a Windows terminal that runs a Bash environment, for use with Git.

  5. git commit is a command used to commit changes.

  6. git pull is a command used to update local branches with remote changes.

  7. git push is a command used to update remote branches with local changes.

  8. git rebase is a command used to rewrite history (and make you feel like a Git god and give you massive power trips).

  9. git submodules is a command used to manage submodule repositories within parent repos.

As I've already stated and pointed out, none of these synonyms should exist, because they all make it harder to search for duplicate questions.

GitHub Synonyms

There is also currently an attempt to make the GitHub Pages tag a synonym for the GitHub tag.

Please don't create and approve that synonym. For the same reasons that I stated for the Git synonyms, GitHub Pages is a GitHub product for hosting websites, but making it a synonym for GitHub makes it harder to search for questions that deal specifically with GitHub pages.

Can a Moderator Please Undo the Synonyms?

For the existing, approved Git synonyms, can a moderator please undo them, so that the community can start tagging questions properly again, and hopefully help reduce the number of duplicate questions that get asked in the Git tag? I spend most of my Stack Overflow time in that tag, I'm about 45 upvotes away from a gold badge in it, and I see duplicate questions All. The. Time.

For the proposed

synonyms, I encourage people to downvote the synonym suggestions.