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You flag posts that do not attempt to answer the question. Examples are:

Thanking the posters

Thxs! I had teh exact same poblem and this page really hepped me (sic)

Asking a new question

So how do I apply this to the frobnar when I twiddled the foozbain then?

Asking for clarifications

I don't get it; you want to foo the bar, but you did not include a traceback. Can you add that to your question please?

'Bumping' the question

Man, I have the exact same problem, have you got a solution for this yet?

None of these are answers, nor are they spam or offensive. They should just be deleted, which is what the Not an answer flag is for.

You'd be surprised how often these types of posts crop up.

What not to flag

Any post that attempts to answer the question, however badly is still an answer. You can downvote such posts to signal that the answer is a bad answer, but it is still an answer.

This includes many link-only answers; posts that try to answer the question by pointing at a keyword that happens to be a link, or similar. See Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

The rule-of-thumb here is to strip the markup; if you can still regard it as an (attempted) answer without the link, it is still an answer and should not be flagged.

If you do find a link-only answer (especially one with a dead link), it is probably better to use the other flag and explain to the moderators why the post should be deleted. Don't leave the moderators guessing, be explicit rather than use a NAA flag for such posts. Do this only if you cannot improve the post yourself by editing in the pertinent information from the link (try to use your own words and quote relevant parts, see How to reference).

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