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Removed polemics with most-voted (now deleted) answer. Removed jabs at other users.

In my opinion, there are four steps that one must take before asking a question on Stack Overflow:

Step 1: If applicable, research any core documentation + tutorials associated with your problem.

Step 2: Research your question on Stack Overflow (questions, answers, and comments if you can).

Step 3: If no results return from step 2, do enough extra research to formulate a specific, well-written, on-topic, and objective question.

Step 4: Ask.

Stack Overflow's mission is to be an objective Q&A site "for professional and enthusiast programmers". Period. It was not created to be a crutch for the lazy, nor was it created to be a "playground" for the experts. Stack Overflow has evolved to become, not just a programming Q&A site; but THE programming Q&A site.

It shouldn't matter if every other site on the Internet has the answer you're looking for; if there exists a specific, well-written, on-topic, and objective question that has not been asked & answered on Stack Overflow, it should be.

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