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A lot. An absurd amount. More than you think you are capable of. In fact, asking a question on Stack Overflow is the absolute last thing you ever want to do. You want to avoid it at all costs. You want very much to find your answer some other way.

You want to

  • Search. Like mad.
  • Test your code.
  • Troubleshoot.
  • Read blogs.
  • Find books.
  • Follow tutorials.
  • Anything to avoid adding another question to Stack Overflow.

After you have reached the end of your rope with the pain of not having the answer, that's when you can go ahead and ask. Because at that point, you will have done whatever research necessary to make it a good question worth asking. Because, if your question gets an answer within 30 seconds that has close votes within 3 minutes, you did not do enough research.

The important point remains that we absolutely want you to do your homework. Understand that our time is not free, though we do not charge for it. Answering low quality, poorly researched, or duplicated questions becomes tiresome.

And the quoted comment in the OP was indeed rude. Let's get that out of the way. But to be frank, you've asked 36 (visible) questions in May. That's rather a lot. I won't review all of them, because I haven't the time, but it's fair to say that you probably do want to consider spending more of your time and less of ours. We do not mind helping, but we're not a replacement for either personal training or paid support.

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