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updated the events, added link to the query, move and updated the FAQ
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Next Meetup

Mon, Oct 20th, 2014 @ 21:00 UTC (4:00pm EST) in this chat room.

Fri, Oct 24th, 2014 @ 18:30 UTC in this chat room.

Register for the events here


  • How does this work?

    1. Get in the chat room, say hello

    2. Check the current tag that is worked on (or pick-one from the query) or filter on your favourite tag.

    3. No obligations, whatsoever.

    4. There are regulars able to help you out on a daily basis.

  • Any rules or guidelines?

    1. We may share advice, e.g. "Use the filter—personally I think off-topic is the easiest to review."

    2. We may discuss questions, e.g. "Would you have voted to close this? Why? Why not?"

    3. We shouldn't share the reviewing of questions, i.e. we shouldn't review the questions mentioned by others. In short, we don't want to become a close vote posse. In length, there's an unfair bias created by linking to a question that someone feels should be closed. Every user should handle the review based on their own opinion/knowledge, choosing leave open, close, edit or skip when appropiate. In other words, concentrating attention on a question in the context of whether or not to close a question, severely biases attention toward closing the question.


Thanks to many for making these events possible and keeping them going: (in alphabetical order) @bjb568, @codemagic, @crypticツ, @Davidism, @DennisMeng, @Dukeling, @easwee, @Emracool, @GabrielePetronella, @godel9, @gunr2171, @HamZa, @hichris123, @JanDvorak, @JonClements, @joseph-quinsey, @OGHaza, @pnuts, @Qantas94, @mehow, @rene, @RichardTingle, @TGMCians, @TravisJ, @Undo, @user00000000, @Wayne-Conrad, @WouterJ.

Please don't hesitate to leave a message in chat if I've inadvertently left you out of this list!


May 26th, 2014. "Life" happened and I've been taking a break from SO. I'm indebted to @rene et al for dutifully and cheerily keeping the effort going. This will be my last update on this thread, with an updated plot of the size of the close votes review queue (click for larger resolution):

enter image description here

Jan 15, 2014. The meetup time has been changed to 21:00 UTC (4:00pm EST) henceforth. Also, some fancy graphs coming up, based on data collected so far—

enter image description here

Dec 22, 2013. Moved cron job to a Linode. Now tracking all 3 numbers found on the stats page (as opposed to just current queue size). Planning to make CSV files available to public in 6-8 weeks.


I've been tracking the size of the close votes review queue with a makeshift cron job.

#   crontab
* * * * * /home/andrew/cron/PollCVRQ.sh
#   PollCVRQ.sh
curl http://stackoverflow.com/review
    | grep dashboard-num
    | head -1
    | sed 's/^.*<div class="dashboard-num" title="\([^"]\+\)".*$/\1/'
    | sed 's/,//g'
    | sed 's/^/'`date +%s`',/'
    >> /home/andrew/cron/cvrq-primary-epoch.csv

This outputs:


For details on running this on Windows/Cygwin, see this thread, but for the love of all things holy do not use the code there—I used ISO-8601 thinking it was the international standard of time formats—not realizing what a nightmare it was to convert to and from other formats, especially with timezones involved. The above code uses the good ol' seconds-since-epoch (sample output below).

And here's the plot as of Dec 18, 2013. The intermittent drops are due to a weekly task that deletes old, abandoned questions. The crazy drops of late are due to having fixed some technical difficulties with the expiration of close votes—which, I hope, might render these chat events obsolete :-)

enter image description here

For those with Mathematica who wish to play with this data themselves, ping me in chat and I'll upload my latest data to this directory. (I didn't take data collection too seriously, else I'd have run the script on a server. @Emracool generously supplied me with a ton of missing data—and I was able to fill some other gaps with data collected on my roommate's computer.) The script previously formatted time in ISO-8601 (a huge mistake), but now uses seconds-since-epoch. The following Mathematica code includes functions for importing in either time format, and plots all datasets.

CVRQImportISO8601[path_, offset_: 0] := (
   data = Import[path];
   data = {StringReplacePart[#, {" ", ""}, {{11, 11}, {-5, -1}}], #2} & @@@ data;
   data = {DatePlus[#, offset/24], #2} & @@@ data;

CVRQImportEpoch[path_] := (
   data = Import[path];
   data = {AbsoluteTime[{1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0}] + #, #2} & @@@ data;

primaryOld = CVRQImportISO8601["C:\\cygwin\\home\\Andrew\\cron\\cvrq-primary-iso8601.csv"];
primaryNew = CVRQImportEpoch["C:\\cygwin\\home\\Andrew\\cron\\cvrq-primary-epoch.csv"];
secondaryEST = CVRQImportISO8601["C:\\cygwin\\home\\Andrew\\cron\\cvrq-secondary-iso8601.csv", 3]; 
secondaryPST = CVRQImportISO8601["C:\\cygwin\\home\\Andrew\\cron\\cvrq-secondary-iso8601-offset.csv"]; 
emracool = CVRQImportEpoch["C:\\cygwin\\home\\Andrew\\cron\\cvrq-emracool-epoch.csv"]; 

styles = {
   {ColorData[1, 1], PointSize@Tiny},
   {ColorData[1, 8], PointSize@Tiny},
   {ColorData[1, 15], PointSize@Tiny}

   {emracool, secondaryPST, secondaryEST, primaryNew, primaryOld},
   PlotStyle -> {styles[[2]], styles[[3]], styles[[3]], styles[[1]], styles[[1]]},
   ImageSize -> {GoldenRatio*360, 360}

Finally, an additional function for zooming in on a segment of the plot:

CVRQZoom[data_, start_, end_, low_, high_] := DateListPlot[
   PlotRange -> {{start, end}, {low, high}},
   PlotStyle -> {PointSize@Tiny},
   ImageSize -> {GoldenRatio*360, 360},
   Joined -> True

CVRQZoom[{primaryOld}, "25 Nov 2013 20:30:00", "25 Nov 2013 22:30:00", 95600, 95700]

enter image description here

Andrew Cheong
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