(I couldn't find this request on Meta after looking. Related question [Unknowingly Editing an Edited Post](http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/266295/unknowingly-editing-an-edited-post) and a very similar but *different* request: [Pending edits should be advertised](http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/288577/pending-edits-should-be-advertised))

I saw [a post](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29679838/how-can-i-display-an-element-on-hover-of-another) by a new user that had a poorly-worded title, so I opened the question to improve the title. In the course of doing so, I saw much of the post needed improvements as well, so I started making changes. Halfway through my initial revision, I saw a grey line pop-up that said "this question has been edited", so I finished the bit I was editing, and then hit "Save Edits", not wanting to lose my progress, and saw the post had been edited by meagar, whose edit was much smaller than mine and also an edit that was achieved by my more-comprehensive edit already.

What I *didn't* see, that I expected to, was a big red warning message that said "Warning, another user has edited this post. Yours will be rejected unless it is more substantial". Now, sometimes I *do* see that warning. Why didn't I see it this time? And can we fix that?

Now, as it turns out, my edit was *combined* with meagar's (no notification of this, however. I had to find out for myself while checking the revisions ex post facto). I saw meagar make another edit with a bit more substance, but still less than my original one, so I rolled back to mine, thinking it was still the only revision to accept based on total substance. 

This led to a messy couple of minutes and an unintentional edit duel (I wouldn't quite call it a *war*) that even roped in a passing moderator (I had hoped to link to the comments, but BoltClock has already cleaned them up. I had commented to let meagar know I was making substantial edits, and BoltClock said "No, let the budding moderator do it.").

Now I don't have a problem with the comments clean up (though it's a minor annoyance that I can't link to them), or that someone else also wanted to make edits in good faith. The problem I have here is that the scenario **shouldn't have happened at all**; meagar should not have been *able* to start editing the post to begin with, since I was already in the process of editing it. 

So my request is similar to the (somewhat new) Review Queue freeze:

Please freeze a post's edit feature (let's say for two minutes) while an edit is already underway. The OP (and possibly moderators) should be able to override this, due to his or her unique qualifications of adding new information to the question.