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Am I hellbanned?

Could you please check for me if I got a hellban on SO? I'm starting to get worried since I flagged my own question to a moderator and the conversation didn't go so well. After that I don't receive ...
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Don't put positive scored answers flagged as NAA in the VLQ queue

As can be seen here, answers with score 1 or more can't be deleted, by design, even after getting 6 Recommend Deletion votes in the VLQ review. I accept this and it makes sense, so please don't send ...
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How to print backtick inside backticks [duplicate]

I tried to print select * from `table`; with some text on the same line. I wanted only the sql query to have the grey background. I tried putting backtick around the query `select * from `table``...
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Flags marked as helpful, review completed, but flagged post not deleted [duplicate]

Ever since not-an-answer flags have been routed via the Low Quality Posts queue, I've had a number of cases where my flag has been marked as helpful, the review has been completed with a majority-...
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18 answers

Why the backlash against poor questions?

Disclaimer: I'm a new user to SO in terms of posting questions and comments, and more generally being interested in the site beyond it being the first hit in Google for my programming question. Sorry ...
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Can't start bounty on mobile?

On mobile (iOS, Chrome) it seems like the "start a bounty" label does not appear..? I check under the "add comment" but there's nothing like "question eligible for bounty in 1 hour" or "start a ...
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2 votes
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What should be done about questions where the answer is directly found in the API? [duplicate]

For example, here is one such question. It is clear that the publicly available and easily googleable API has the direct answer to the question. Quite a few of the low quality questions could be ...
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Deleted question with un-deleted answers? turned up with an answer in the VLQ queue. Is this a database glitch?
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13 votes
2 answers

Why do questions display "-1 votes" instead of "-1 vote"?

When a question has a score of -1, it displays "-1 votes" instead of "-1 vote". Is this a bug? How about replacing "vote" and "votes" with "score" instead?
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156 votes
9 answers

A car with square wheels

If a question is posed How do I fit this square here on this here car so that it gives a smooth ride? and it comes with all the requisites to be a valid SO question (description, code, error ...
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Add an "Undo" button or "Are you sure you want to approve" to Suggested Edits (2k+ rep users)

Today I saw a very bad edit and was determined to reject it, but mistakenly pressed the "Approve" button. I know it requers 3 different people to accept and edit, but if there was another one like me ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Code Indent Error, code is indented?

Nothing I do seems to work here. Text is: So I'm trying to nest multiple lookups, which can't be the intelligent way to do this (formula In 2nd, incident-based worksheet). Innermost/first ...
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12 votes
0 answers

Help me understand what constitutes spam - conflicting signals from flag resolution and audit question

Note: I am not disputing anything in this question, I'm asking for help. A week or so ago I flagged the following answer as spam:
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19 votes
1 answer

How long does it take for a badge to show up?

I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding the badge description (if I am it's an odd badge) but I should have the Tenacious badge as I have 6 accepted answers and 50% of them (3) are 0 rated. I've still ...
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3 answers

How to subscribe to tags?

I am interested in answering questions related to C#, Entity Framework and other Microsoft technologies. Is there a way for me to receive an email every day with lists of questions for each tag or ...
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1 answer

I'd like to be able to flag again

I ran into one of those bad questions that spawns a raft of bad answers. I flagged several as non-answers or extremely low quality. A mod disagreed, and now, no more flagging for moi. All flags lead ...
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74 votes
2 answers

This tag has [collapse]d

This seems to be a subset of bootstrap tags, since most of the questions also have jquery, twitter-bootstrap and most of them are about collapsing an element of a menu. It doesn't seem to be a very ...
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1 answer

Do I really have to accept answer when people think the answer is ok?

Well I have added a question in StackOverflow: How to make WebRTC peer server. And I think in deep it is an advanced question. And I was imagining how great answer I will get. What happened is that ...
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0 answers

Home page does not update itself

I do not get any indication of "Questions with new activity" on SO. I have to manually refresh to get new content. I do not face this issue on other Stack Exchange sites. What could be the cause of ...
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My questions have been put On-Hold, what's wrong with them?

Can someone explain how I can improve my experience in Stack Overflow? Now that I've learned how Stack Overflow works I think I can use it better, and if I accidentally ask the same question multiple ...
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1 answer

I want to review more

There are 15 edits in the queue. There is a orange thing at the top. I want to review! …but I finished 20 reviews today. i can haz moar reviewz? Allow more reviews with more reputation? Allow more ...
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1 answer

Can I ask a question about setting up a profiling application for debugging on Stack Overflow?

I'm not sure if the question I want to ask is proper for Stack Overflow. I'm having trouble using Xdebug to profile a PHP application in PHPStorm using a vagrant machine. I want to ask a question ...
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-6 votes
2 answers

How to close a question because the wrong approach is being used?

Example: Animate the squares The question has code, is pretty clear, but the technique used is wrong. Keyframe animations won't work here. A user has already tried to fix up the code that is ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Would very short correct answers be better left as comments?

While reviewing the low quality answer queue today I ran across several answers that were flagged for deletion with the reason that they were actually comments on the question. While all of these ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How often are user tags updated? [duplicate]

This is the Prolog tag in my profile: It says I have 13 posts. But when I click it, there are 19 posts: I know that they are not updated immediately, but I've made some posts 5 days ago and they ...
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0 answers

Merging synonomous tags: Gadgeteer & .Net Gadgeteer

Gadgeteer and .net-gadgeteer are the same thing.
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3 votes
1 answer

Adding Stack Exchange account as a login [duplicate]

I already have Stack Overflow login but I want to add Stack Exchange account. When I go to add logins page I can't see Stack Exchange option. How can I add it?
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6 votes
1 answer

Closing answered questions

I'm quite new and sometimes look for unanswered questions. But in many of them I see that owner wrote in comment "I solved it, thanks" and didn't accept the answer (although it was correct and helped ...
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21 votes
1 answer

Is answering bad-quality questions considered a positive or a negative contribution to StackOverflow?

When a bad-quality question (for example the typical fix-my-code question) gets answered instead of being closed/downvoted, or in addition to being closed/downvoted, is it considered that the site is ...
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2 answers

Is there a way to get a list of answers with a specific tag that a given user has answered on SO?

I know how to get all answers tagged with X. I know how to find a given user's answers. Is there a way to do a cross between the two?
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18 votes
1 answer

What is the policy for linking to your own blog in your answers?

What is the policy for linking to your own guides, articles, blogs or tutorials in your answers? Also let's say you write an article explaining how to solve a novel problem. Then you do a search ...
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2 votes
1 answer

I got notification of positive change in reputation but not listed in achievements

Today on StackOverflow site I got notification about +3 change in reputation but when I clicked on it, I am not able to see for which question or answer or comment I got these 3 reputation. I have ...
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12 votes
2 answers

How to follow a post? [duplicate]

Sometimes when browsing Stack Overflow I come across a (non-answered yet) question to which I would like to get the answer of. So, I would like to be informed when answers have been posted (even ...
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1 answer

Help center link in off-topic close reason here should point to "What's Meta"

The general off-topic close reason on this meta links to the main Stack Overflow help center: This question does not appear to be about Stack Overflow or the software that powers the Stack Exchange ...
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202 votes
1 answer

If your question was not well received, read this before you post your next question

Welcome to Stack Overflow! You are probably reading this because the community "closed" your question and referred you to this post. This post explains what happened to your question, and ...
27 votes
2 answers

Are there professional benefits to building reputation?

I've been on Stack Overflow for quite some time and to be honest I used this site only to get answers to my technical queries. But I've seen many profiles of experts, and they have earned really ...
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15 votes
1 answer

What purpose does the tag [stackoverflowerror] serve?

The stackoverflow tag is already available for questions related to a stack overflow. Its description suggests a Java specificity, but there is really nothing special about stack overflows in Java ...
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13 votes
0 answers

The [forge] tag

The tag wiki for forge defines it as: A software forge is a collaboration platform allowing collaborative software development over the Internet. A forge platform aggregates a set of applications ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Why not move off-topic questions instead of closing? [duplicate]

It seems there must be hundreds of questions closed as off-topic. For example: Python - PYTHONPATH in linux Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow ...
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55 votes
7 answers

Is the Hello-world tag useful?

I've noticed some 459 questions tagged hello-world and I was wondering if this is really a necessary tag. It doesn't tell anything much about that the question except that it is from a beginner to ...
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2 answers

People voting to close a question for the wrong reasons

I am no perfect questioner and I will admit I have asked my fair share of bad questions... but this time, although my question was a duplicate, I believe it contained a sufficient amount of ...
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0 answers

We need a 'close as dup' button to go with the new LQ review of links to existing answers

Recently, the system started loading the LQ Queue with answers consisting of links to other questions and answers. Gosh it would be efficient if I could cast a close-as-duplicate right there in the ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Question with the same title exists

Today I was surprised (next time) when I tried to remove a Tag from a title - I got an exception You cannot do it - question with the same title exists. (Yeah something similar, but the meaning stays ...
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-36 votes
2 answers

Add an "ungooglable" tag for questions of the form "Just give me a link"

Can someone add an "ungooglable" tag for questions where I just want someone to give me a link (rather than a long on-the-fly possibly incorrect answer) I.e. for questions such as "What does operator ...
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43 votes
2 answers

Should I edit titles which have nothing to do with the actual problem?

I keep running into questions titles which may be potentially interesting, but then the problem is actually about a syntax, or some other basic error. For example, I assumed scalar-product-of-...
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37 votes
7 answers

Clean up the [*language*] tags

Building on this request, I just noticed that plenty of the language tags are pretty useless. languages (x279) - use nlp when referring to natural languages instead, or is there a need to have a tag ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is content reposted from another site acceptable?

I was looking at this post today: TFS NuGet tricks that I don't already know about? It looks fine enough, but then I saw this identical post on a different web site, which is dated a couple of ...
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37 votes
14 answers

Is the reputation points system biased/flawed and thus provoking bad feelings lately?

Recently on Meta a few questions have come up with huge support from the community that seem to indicate a problem with Stack Overflow becoming mainstream: Question quality is dropping on Stack ...
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0 answers

Add link on filter page of close vote queue

Building on this request, which added functionality to allow direct linking to specific filters in the close vote queue, I'd like to propose the next logical step: Add a "link" button on the filter ...
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-7 votes
1 answer

A tiny barrier to entry [duplicate]

The Problem The site is struggling to maintain its identity and usefulness as it is increasingly flooded with questions (and answer) from non-programmers. Several Meta users have been working to ...
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