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Should the AI policy explicitly ban recommendations to use GenAI?

I recently asked this meta question about recommending ChatGPT for fixing typos. The consensus was a very clear "recommending ChatGPT for typos is a bad idea." However, in this main question,...
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Clarify the [cryptoapi] tag

My impression is that the cryptoapi tag is supposed to be about the subset of Windows API that deals with crypto (NCrypt, BCrypt, CAPICOM, CertEnroll and the like), and not about any API/library that ...
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Is it okay to post the text of a book being asked about in a question? [duplicate]

I'm learning Haskell using the book Thinking Functionally with Haskell. At times I've felt that some of the text is not very clear and the example a little too complex. Is it okay if I post the text ...
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Incorrect Article count on profile page when signed In

I've encountered a strange issue on my Stack Overflow profile. When I am signed in, my profile for articles shows that I have 1 article under the "Articles" tab, although I haven't written ...
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Private nicknames to help with user31415926536

I tend to get all these user(number) accounts mixed up all the time. The generated gravatars don't help (much) and sometimes people change theirs. What if I could specify that I want user12345678 ...
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What's the reason of locking a vote 12 hours after it was cast? [duplicate]

I often saw this when I tried to undo my vote: You last voted on this answer 12 hours ago. Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited. An answer seems good at first reading, and I vote ...
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False-positive "Your post is mostly images."

I've tried to improve formatting and fixing a typo in this question: Adding more than one reviewer to a GitLab merge request On save I got this error message: Your post is mostly images. Add ...
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Is there actually a "welcome culture" here? [duplicate]

I wonder what some users or moderators do here (in Stack Overflow): I had asked a question, but got no comments. Instead, I got two close votes and one down-vote, still without any comment. Well, I'm ...
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How do I keep people from editing my posts?

This is quite straightforward, but I cannot seem to find anyone else asking this: How do I keep people from making edits to the body of my posts? While I somewhat see what Stack Overflow is going for ...
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Error updating message status displayed when clicking a link in inbox

I'd noticed this a couple days ago, but only been on mobile so getting a screenshot was hard (timing of tapping and hitting the screenshot buttons). Finally got one, but the error reads: An error ...
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Should some tag synonyms (with many questions in both tags) be merged?

According to this SEDE query there are more that 950 tag synonyms having questions in both tags (essentially meaning they have not been merged). You can find such synonyms also in the list of all tag ...
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What should I do with a question if the answers all answer a subquestion that's more useful than the original question was?

A while ago, I was looking to do X. I thought that I might be able to solve the problem by doing Y, but was also open to other potential answers. So, in order to avoid the XY problem, I asked a ...
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Make it clearer that Discussions is not for meta about Discussions

Recently someone got upset about having a Discussions post deleted, and made another Discussions post to complain about it. Notwithstanding any possible merits of the complaint, it certainly belongs ...
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Future Dates in Daily Visit Calendar

I've been using the Daily Visit Calendar to track my activity on Stack Overflow, and I noticed that it's possible to navigate to future dates. Since the primary purpose of the calendar is to track ...
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Image uploads are limited to 50 megapixels; please use a smaller image

Trying to upload image (190 KB size, 800*800 pixels) but getting error: Image uploads are limited to 50 megapixels; please use a smaller image
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Should we recommend Generative AI for fixing basic logic errors or typos in code?

I've seen a lot of questions where someone has a very basic problem, like a simple logic error or a typo. These questions often get flagged as "not reproducible" and are basically useless ...
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Vote option says I can't vote to close after retracting my vote, but I didn't retract my vote [duplicate]

I voted to close this question because it's not about programming. It was re-opened. The question is still not about programming and I would like to vote to close it, but when I try, it says "You ...
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Unsure how to improve the question

I understand that the close reason is generic and shouldn't be taken literally. That said, I believe that I've provided minimal example, accompanied with a fiddle to play with and description of the ...
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18 answers

What makes a homepage useful for logged-in users

We are exploring updates to the homepage to offer logged-in users a more personalized, engaging, and informative experience. We want this new homepage to better serve users in finding content that ...
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A new look for the logged-out marketing homepage

Today we’re launching a refreshed logged-out marketing homepage on Stack Overflow, which replaces the last iteration we introduced in 2021. (For reference, here’s what this page looked like until ...
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Reach out to Quarkus

I think this page on could lead to support issues on the site. We already had this post today LTS should have it's own major version Can someone from the community ...
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Staging Ground - Unable to paste images into editor

On Staging Ground, when editing/creating a question, using the editor, there seems to be a bug, with regard to pasting images. When clicking on the image button on the toolbar, and the Browse, drag &...
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When is reputation actually regained from deleting a downvoted answer/question?

According to many posts here (like this accepted answer) you will regain reputation when you delete your downvoted answer to a question. I just deleted a downvoted answer to test and the score I have ...
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Guidance please - what is wrong with this question? [duplicate]

I am trying to figure out why in recent times I'm suddenly facing down & close votes on a lot of my questions. If you look at my score and history, I've gotten points more for questions than ...
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Suddenly can't edit my own answer [duplicate]

I suddenly can't edit my own answer post. I get this error message: Comment Reserved for system use. Please use an appropriate comment. I tried some more specific messages and also tried to re-login ...
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Just today, every edit comment I try to make is "reserved for system use" [duplicate]

I'm trying to submit a basic edit, but no matter what I type, the website says "Comment reserved for system use. Please use an appropriate comment." I've never had problems with edit ...
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"Comment reserved for system use. Please use an appropriate comment." when submitting an edit with an edit comment

When editing this question by replacing the supplied images of the formula with identical mathjax formulas I tried to supply a reason as shown in the image with "use mathjax instead of images&...
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Was the minimum character limit for questions increased to 300 recently?

I was trying to edit this question into shape. Due to removing some junk text the body became shorter and I got this error message when trying to save: Body must be at least 300 characters; you ...
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Just FYI being logged-out on www constantly [migrated]

I use SO daily (indeed hourly during business hours) I visit a few other SE sites occasionally (eg aviation, space etc) Since about, say, 3-4 weeks ago, I am logged out often as much as a few times ...
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Someone downvotes and votes to close my questions [closed]

All my last questions on SO with tag java were downvoted and voted to close as "Needs details or clarity". Always similar behavior: downvote + close "Needs details or clarity". I ...
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1 answer

Staging ground link in "Your question is ready for review" banner is broken

The link to learn more about the Staging Ground in the "Your question is ready for review" banner after you ask a question on the website is broken. Immediately after ...
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Does embedding a hidden domain in a question help SEO rankings?

Say one posts a question that includes some sample HTML in a code block: <p> <a href="mailto:&#115;&#97;&#108;&#101;&#115;&#64;&#101;&#120;&#97;&#...
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Consistent name and wording for C++ containers tags

I desire to propose a complete and consistent name and wording for all the existing tags that refer to the C++ containers. They include stdarray, stdvector, stddeque, forward-list, stdlist, stdset, ...
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Sorting answers without votes [duplicate]

Consider the following scenario: Someone asks a question A posts an answer B posts another answer (after A) I've noticed that when using the default sorting ("Highest score") but there is ...
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Plain text parts of multipart MIME email notifications contain raw HTML

The HTML version of the notification looks great, But the plain text part has raw HTML, particularly for the quote marks. Just thought you would like to know.
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9 votes
1 answer

Are there valid reasons for the "Other" close reason in the Staging Ground?

In the Staging Ground, I sometimes see questionable votes as off-topic (like using pretty much any of the close reasons in cases when "Requires Major Changes" would be more appropriate). ...
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Are there any stats, or way the community can obtain details on how Discussions are performing?

It's not a secret that, at least from users active on Meta, that Discussions as a feature has not been well received. Every time I visit the feature I feel like I end up flagging almost every post on ...
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What part of this question is unfocused?

For reference: How can I make garbage collection steal less of my resources during spikes in allocations? My question is very specific: how can I prevent Go's garbage collection from breaking down in ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Can't "Reject and edit" Python tag wiki suggestion, because it's already too long. "Body is limited to 30000 characters; you entered 32763."

I was reviewing a suggested edit on the Python tag wiki and I chose "Reject and edit", but when I try to submit my changes, I'm getting this error: Body is limited to 30000 characters; you ...
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Flagging a Staging Ground question as spam should close-vote it too [duplicate]

I ran across an obvious piece of spam in Staging Ground. I flagged it accordingly, but I still had the set of choices in the "Review Question" box. It clearly shouldn't be promoted to a &...
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Selecting the "Other" option when voting to close a question as off-topic in staging ground inserts suboptimal text

This is a minor bug for sure, but it should also be very easy to fix. In Staging Ground, when voting to close as off-topic, there are some canned choices and lastly an "Other" choice that ...
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SO Discussions has a bigger UI that prevents you from knowing if a discussion already has replies

If you open any SO discussion within a Collective, for example AWS/Google Cloud, and then click on a discussion you can answer and open it, you will see a giant question box followed by a more giant ...
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"Title cannot contain" oddities: Why is the term "Android app" not allowed in a title? [duplicate]

I came across a question with the title "Connecting Android Studio to Spotify API", which is total nonsense, as you don't connect Android Studio to Spotify API, but the Android app you ...
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Help me improve my question

I asked this question yesterday Create two barplots for categorical variables having different numbers of classes It didn't get much attention, except for a downvote. Can you help me improve it? ...
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"Abandoned" question deleted, but might truly have no answer. What to do?

The question: I'm disappointed that this question is gone. I cannot even self-answer it with a "2 years later, no this appears to be impossible" ...
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Question downvoted with no feedback - how to improve?

I would like to ask for your help in order to understand what I did wrong and/or could have done better in my last question. The question was about a bad SQLite query generated by the Laravel ...
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trying to figure out what "last activity" actually was [duplicate]

This question is currently tagged with "L. Tyrone 4,298 modified 15 mins ago", but when I click through to the question I can't see any activity attributed to that user (edits, comments, ...
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When is it appropriate to comment saying that coding challenges are a poor learning strategy, and to suggest a different strategy?

Very often when I come across a question post that has any sort of connection to a coding challenge site such as leetcode, hackerrank, etc., such as being about a problem on that site, or even if the ...
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An asker indicates... should be 'reviewer' instead in the Staging Ground help page

I have noticed the following lines in the help article What is Staging Ground? An asker indicates that your post is ready to leave the Staging Ground. Your question will then be posted directly to ...
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Tips on creating a minimal reproducible example for a coding challenge program

The usual expectation when asking for debugging help on Stack Overflow is a Minimal Reproducible Example, including any program input needed to reproduce the issue, and the exact text of compilation ...
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