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Comments beginning with "+1" or "-1" that are longer than 120 characters are supposed to be allowed, but some do not appear to be

Today, this question was posted on the global meta pointing out a comment that was blocked for beginning with the text "-1" even though the comment was not referring to the user's vote. To ...
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Is this a bad question? and Why? [duplicate]

This is the question that get closed: How should I set interface property with gdbus I think I have described the question in details, just want to known why it's not good for SO.
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Edit button on post shows no suggested edits

I have posted a question, someone asks for more information. When I pressed Edit to provide that information, an empty list showed up and now I have no way of getting my question answered. Here is the ...
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What can we do to combat (potential) organized spams from an organization?

Recently, I came across several spam posts that seems to be posted by the same organisation: Chat GPT Gratuit : Révolutionnant la Communication Virtuelle?
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Why was my answer deleted without engaging me? [duplicate]

I'm a bit puzzled as to why my answer to a SE questions was deleted without further comment. There is just a laconic "One reason it's not useful is because the majority (if not the whole thing) ...
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What can I do to improve questions that have been downvoted but also answered? [duplicate]

This question is mainly to see if there are any new responses or methods from similar questions asked quite a while ago, particularly this question, asked 5 years ago, and this one, modified 5 years ...
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If this site isn’t a discussion forum in order for everyone to help each other, then what is it?

I got into a pretty heated discussion on one of these threads about whether 1) this site is a discussion site and 2) whether we can provide criticism of the site that isn’t squarely objective. So, ...
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Stack Overflow is no longer useful

I have the reputation points that I have, because I truly loved this platform. I fear now that with all of these seemingly arbitrary rules, we now have a stagnant community, where power users, such as ...
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Why is a new contributor limited in all the things? [closed]

I saw this,to%20craft%20a%20good%20answer. But that does not make any sense, because some people are using ChatGPT, ...
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How can we improve the quality of discussions in the Mobile Development collective?

I'm in the Mobile Development collective and the discussions seem to be adding questionable value. Sorting by highest score shows there's a few opinion-based discussions that fit well, but for a ...
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Is it possible to transfer ownership of posts?

Say, I found an old good quality question, but the author of the post edited the question to add their answer. I could remove their answer and make a community wiki answer, but could I attribute the ...
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Canonical for Java EE vs Jakarta EE

Java EE was donated to the Eclipse Foundation which had to rename it to Jakarta EE. In the process, they had to change the dependency coordinates of the specifications and change the root package name....
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History Viewers in Post [duplicate]

Is it still visible to everyone to see the history of my post here? I posted sensitive data owned by my company and they requested me to delete it. Unfortunately my post can't be deleted anymore ...
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AI search: sometimes returning no results, toggling off takes hours, opting back in days instead of instant

I've opted into the AI search alpha. It has at least two serious bugs for me: It doesn't seem to work for some search terms, e.g. when I search for colima it returns nothing even though there surely ...
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How can we copy code blocks from Stack Overflow to the clipboard? [duplicate]

Is there functionality on Stack Overflow to copy code blocks from questions to the clipboard? For long code fragments, it is quite inconvenient to scroll and select. It would be nice to have a "...
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Collectives updates: new features and ways to get started with Discussions

Over the last month, we’ve released a number of updates related to Collectives and Discussions. This post details some of those and also notes some upcoming changes. Discovery updates Right sidebar ...
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Why didn't I receive the association bonus for Stack Overflow?

I read this question who seems to have a problem similar to mine, but the answer just points to the fact that the problem didn't exist in the first place. It seems to me that, in my case, the problem ...
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Can I remove OverflowAI conversations?

When using ChatGPT, I have options to delete conversations or rename them. Does OverflowAI have the same functionality? I can't find it.
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Able to vote twice in Triage

In triage, I was given a question. In this case, I marked the question as "Looks OK", and voted up on the question and the answer. Before moving to the next question, I was given the random ...
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How I can ask new question without creating new account? [duplicate]

My last three questions were massively downvoted, and then closed as duplicates, although I still disagree with this. There was one nuance that I wanted to get an answer to. Later, I posted an answer ...
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Not able to ask a question [duplicate]

I'm not able to ask a question. My question is marked as a duplicate. I changed my question, but still it is blocked. Please review it.
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Is asking for help with AI-generated code on-topic? [duplicate]

I came across this question today where it seems OP has asked ChatGPT to write code for them and is now asking for help with basic debugging. Looking at the edit history, after a few helpful comments ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Are low-quality / low-effort questions more likely to be judged as spam or abusive if they are also not in English? Is that a problem?

This question (10k+ link), after being closed as not in English, was locked and red-flagged ("This post is hidden. It was flagged as spam or offensive content and deleted 1 min ago by Community&...
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Inbox messages stay unread [duplicate]

For a few months now (I'm not sure how long), messages in my inbox stay unread after I click on them and read them. The only way to remove the unread marker is to click on the envelope icon so it ...
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Can a robust library save a "needs more focus" question? [duplicate]

I came across this question : How to extract data from image, which asking extracting text from paper currently. I believe, if no libraries or functions can help to do that, it would be a very broad ...
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Why won't the system let me ask questions after more than a week? [duplicate]

I have been asking some questions on Stack Overflow that have gotten a bad reception for some reason. I then reached my question limit, and have been waiting to ask a question. I have read that the ...
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How to avoid editing war [duplicate]

I have been answering questions about fairly specific technical topics and libraries - mostly ones for which I am a lead developer -- for several years. Over the past few days, one person (who I do ...
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Request to Update Twitter Logo in User Profiles [duplicate]

Recently Twitter changed its logo from the iconic bird to the letter 'X'. It has left our user profiles on Stack Overflow with an outdated icon. Could you update the Twitter logo to its new icon?
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Can we reopen this JavaScript-specific question about floating point precision that's currently closed as duplicate?

I came across this question: How to deal with floating point number precision in JavaScript? which is flagged as a duplicate of Is floating point math broken?. The problem is that the first question ...
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Where is the best place to ask technical C++ questions which verge on opinion-based topics?

Where on Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange might I ask questions which are related to C++ coding, but could verge on opinion-based topics, despite still being quite technical? Or is there another place ...
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4 answers

Dealing with the influx of "help me tweak my AI model" questions

Over the past two years or so, I have noticed a steady rise in the fraction of new questions - especially Python questions - about some machine-learning problem, wherein the OP is trying to improve an ...
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44 votes
3 answers

Should the reputation that is required for making a rollback to improve dealing with vandalism be changed?

I recently flagged this post (screenshot as it is now deleted) for moderator attention, which had been obviously vandalized by the asker himself. Given that I am below the threshold of 2000 reputation,...
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Support newer versions of Vue.js 3 in Stack Snippets [duplicate]

Why don't we still have any of the Vue.js 3 versions close to end of 2023, available to choose when due to GitHub, Vue.js 3 has been with us since the end of 2019 (of course, we still can add it as an ...
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Question about a task in a CTF challenge gives the write-up to the challenge [duplicate]

I'm currently on my way of going through the whole picoCTF Gym tasks. While doing them, I more often than not go to Stack Overflow for help on a certain problem, not the whole challenge itself. So ...
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What's going on with Articles on Microsoft Azure Collective?

Recently, multiple articles per day are getting posted to Microsoft Azure Collective. Based on that publishing rate, I got a little suspicious, so started looking at a couple of them and it seems that ...
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Is SO showing too many non-question elements to newcomers arriving at question pages?

TL;DR: 75% of what newcomers see when they follow a link to an SO question has nothing to do with the answer they came looking for. And I don't think that's right. This morning I was looking, as most ...
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Two accounts, one username, their deleted question & its bounty

I've observed what is described below on two separate occasions in the past couple of months: User with 1 reputation posts a fairly complicated question User with the same username but with more than ...
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We should stop [copy]ing and [paste]ing tags

Let's get rid of these tags. I don't really see an argument for keeping them. But let's take a look at the burnination criteria: Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied, ...
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Beta test for short survey in banner ad slots starting on the week of November 13th on SO

TL;DR: Starting on the week of November 13th, we will be showing a short survey in the banner ad slots on Stack Overflow. Note - the announcement for the alpha version of this test was posted on MSE (...
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2 answers

Should +ve -ve notation be tolerated in Stack Overflow?

I just came across this shorthand in a SO post and I was unfamiliar with it being a shorthand for positive ("+ve") and negative ("-ve"). "-ve" and "+ve" mean ...
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2 answers

Would a burninate request for [copy] and/or [paste] be appropriate?

Copy/Paste don't really seem to be adding any value to questions they're used on - They're applied to questions using many different languages/frameworks and don't unambiguously help describe question ...
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1 answer

Merge [multiple-assignment] and [parallel-assignment]

The tags multiple-assignment and parallel-assignment appear to refer to exactly the same concept: a language feature whereby multiple variables are assigned in a single statement. This can work ...
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Merge [microsoft-entra-id] and [azure-active-directory]

Microsoft Azure Active Directory was renamed to Microsoft Entra ID. I propose the azure-active-directory and microsoft-entra-id tags be merged, and azure-active-directory become a synonym of microsoft-...
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Merge [amazon-bedrock] and [bedrock]

The tags amazon-bedrock and bedrock seem synonymous. Let's merge them?
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-19 votes
1 answer

Important context removed from answer, why?

I wrote an answer to a poorly written question. I provided a possible answer but added a disclaimer to state that the symptoms described in the question can have many causes. And the only way to find ...
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28 votes
2 answers

Should I accept a bad answer or write my own?

I recently posted a fairly standard Stack Overflow question about how to use an existing library to accomplish a task. (I'm being purposely vague to avoid shaming the answerer.) I didn't receive any ...
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Even AI-generated answers are banned, should we ban OverflowAI generated answers (with citations)? [duplicate]

While AI-generated answers are banned, what happened if an answer was written depending of the answer generated in OverflowAI?
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Search shows different numbers sometimes

With the same environment and the same filters, sometimes the numbers are incorrect: After a few refreshes: And after several more refreshes: The total number of questions rises and falls many ...
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What determines the "tag" shown in the site title when visiting a question? [duplicate]

I recently created a question titled "Use external stylesheet from resource with Batik in Java" (link). It has the tags java, css, svg, batik. When looking at the title of the site it is: &...
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Synonym request: [korn] -> [ksh]

There are currently 14 questions tagged korn which should probably all be tagged ksh instead. While I can do that myself, I would like to have korn be a synonym of ksh going forward. I can't even ...
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