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What's with downvoting perfectly understandable questions and viable answers?

I posted two answers today ( and within minutes of each other and they were both downvoted very quickly. I'm not ...
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The [programmatically] tag won't automatically delete

A while ago I noticed that the programmatically description said: Do not use this tag: it doesn't add meaningful information to a question, as "programmatically" could apply to most ...
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How to block a Question from showing up in my First Question review queue

There is a bug causing some questions to keep popping up day after day. As mentioned over here I have one such now (id 35682256). It is 3-weeks old and keeps bugging me daily. Are there any means to ...
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Why was my question closed as "Not reproducible or caused by typo"

Why was my question closed as "not reproducible or caused by a typo"? One user did suggest in the comments it was a wrong property format, but then they took their words back since the ...
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DMCA deleted question still reviewable and displays original content

I was reviewing in the First Questions queue and I was given the question Java String Questions to review, which can't be viewed now. Whatever the reasons that made this question be deleted due to a ...
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How are new users supposed to find out about the AI-content ban?

I'm a new user (I knew of SO but never used it until I started learning how to code). I've almost violated the AI-policy already - I wanted to post something that was generated via ChatGPT (but tested ...
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What to do when an edit to a dated post duplicates existing answer?

I have had this happen to me and seen it happen to others multiple times and I am wonder what the appropriate response (if any) would be to the following scenario: Some answer will have posted code ...
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Multiple questions with three close votes are still open or three delete votes aren't deleted

I opened a question that already had 3 close votes but was nevertheless active. I refreshed my browser couple of times but it had no effect. I was even allowed to submit another close request. And ...
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Stray > in the Stack Overflow Labs website

There is an extra > character at the bottom of the page: Page URL: This should be fixed
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What is a short common name and tag for C++ Standard Library on SO?

I often have to write in comments C++ Standard Library which is long for comments. Is there a standard abbreviation for it, since std is not C++ Standard Library, it is a namespace. Do we have some ...
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How can I get any clue how to improve the question?

I just got a downvote and close request for the cache last function return value question. What could be wrong with this question so that I can improve further questions? I really can't see the ...
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47 votes
15 answers

2024 Moderator Election Q&A – Question Collection

Stack Overflow is scheduled for an election next week, 2024-02-27. In connection with that, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community ...
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What makes these questions so different that one of them is bad and the second one is good?

Here are two different questions: What is the best and fastest way to generate data way with std and ranges? C++: compile-time "dominoe update" using fold expressions Both have a lot in ...
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37 votes
2 answers

Flagging answers with links to download executables from unverified sources. Yes or no?

I recently reported this answer as the user had posted a Google Drive link to an installer executable for Unity Hub. It was declined as it is not content that requires intervention. I thought this ...
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Dissent with a user on contents of a post

I wrote a question-and-answer-post. Another user edited my question. I don't agree with the changes. I would describe the dissent as being about style. I rolled back the edit. The user edited the ...
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1 answer

Why was this off-topic question about port forwarding in Kubernetes/Minikube reopened?

This question, "Enabling Dual-Protocol (TCP and UDP) Port Forwarding on the Same Port in Kubernetes with Minikube", was closed and then reopened. It was deleted and undeleted and have a ...
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Could we have a `kamal` tag? [duplicate]

Kamal is a pretty new project, but it is gaining some traction. It's used to deploy web applications, mostly Ruby on Rails applications.
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Are "First Question" reviews supposed to take 5-10 seconds?

A particular individual has given me cause to pay attention to them, in multiple ways. One way is the following: Their actions log is full of "Looks OK" reviews spaced about 10 seconds apart....
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-39 votes
1 answer

How can we discipline unscrupulous mods?

The other day, I spend several hours to explore a certain aspect of Spring Security and post a high-quality self-answered question. I believe I achieved my goal: the answer is detailed and thorough. ...
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Was SO RSS feed blocked for robots recently? (2024-02)

Example:{user_id} When going to my feed (, it works well. But, since a few days, my GitHub Action that used to fetch ...
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Low contrast for "Author" label in a Discussion when using high contrast dark mode

The label that says "Author" in Discussions is very difficult to read in high contrast dark mode. The background is light blue. The CSS style uses var(--blue-300) which is rgb(126, 184, 241)...
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Make the flag dialog in Discussions draggable [duplicate]

Currently, if you open the flag dialog in a Discussion and want to see something in the post that is behind it, you have to close it then reopen it. Make the flag dialog draggable like it is in the ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Add Discussions to SE-wide search or, at least, SO search

Tl;dr - can Discussions be included in network-wide search, please? Failing that, can we have some other way to search Discussions? Berthold - CM said that right now there isn't a way to search ...
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2 answers

Why was my question on the attributes of OpenAI models closed?

I'm a bit scared to ask, but: can anyone help me understand why my question (OpenAI models available for fine-tuning: are they instruction-tuned?) was closed? Do you have any feedback how to make ...
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Reputation changes after +100 site bonus displayed wrong. Upvotes temporarily displayed with 120 too much rep

I recently achieved more than 200 rep. This triggered the +100 site bonus for stackoverflow, meta, and superuser. When I checked my stackoverflow reputation activity I saw my latest upvote rep gain to ...
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-18 votes
1 answer

Who is doing the spellcheck when I write a question or an answer on Stack Overflow? [closed]

I noticed some problems with spellcheck while editing some posts. Apparently the plural of the word 'octant' isn't supposed to be 'octants'. And although both 'color' and 'colour' are acceptable, only ...
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2 answers

Did a bunch of corners get rounder recently?

For some reason things look different to me since yesterday-ish. Corner rounding radii seem to have increased... The focus outline for the question authoring UI's title field and tags field The focus ...
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1 answer

How should I flag a clearly off-topic question?

The question is: Why people of India faced poverty in large numbers? (it's deleted now). It is clearly off-topic, but there isn't any "off-topic" flag. How should I flag it?
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9 votes
3 answers

Highly upvoted question asking for a general and a specific solution, where the answers to each are very different

Stack Overflow question How can I reverse a Java 8 stream and generate a decrementing IntStream of values? (previously titled as "Java 8 stream reverse order") states that it is asking both ...
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What should we do about Discussions that would be on-topic for another site?

There is a flag for Discussions that should be asked (in some form, maybe after clarifying edits) on Stack Overflow; these Discussions are usually deleted with a comment to post on the main site. ...
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1 answer

I wish to delete my own answer but a Mod just undeleted it. Do I have any rights, here?

I have an answer which I wish to delete. I wrote it a while ago. I have enough points to do this, and I did do this. I just noticed that a mod recently undeleted that post. Does this mean that I've ...
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How can I display shaded pages? [duplicate]

I dropped a pen on my keyboard, and it made the displayed post to show some cool shaded borders: I refreshed the page, and it went back to normal: What did I accidentally press? I am using Microsoft ...
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Add support for keyboard shortcuts in Discussions

I often use keyboard shortcuts to navigate lists of posts or have quick access to actions like voting. However, there is currently no support for keyboard shortcuts in Discussions. It is jarring ...
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When viewing questions sorted by Active, it would be nice to see how a post was modified

99% of the time I'm using SO, I am viewing questions of specific tags and I almost always have the questions sorted by "Active". Under the question excerpt is its tags on the left and a ...
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0 answers

Add check to website link field in Edit Profile page

On the Edit your profile page, there is a "Links" section where there is also a field to add a website. This is a feature request suggesting that the team add a check to see if the website ...
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-36 votes
2 answers

Is it OK to upvote unhelpful posts made by new users?

I am a new user and I cannot tell you how bad I wanted to comment on posts. When I finally unlocked the privilege to vote and comment I was so happy. I want to upvote posts for new users so that they ...
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Where should I ask about general application structure and component coupling?

I have a general question about best practice for application structure and component coupling in a JavaScript web application. Where is the appropriate site to get advice about this? I'm pretty ...
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31 votes
1 answer

Is the Markdown editor of Discussions worse?

I don't understand why the Discussions editor ("stacks editor") is different from the one we currently use on Stack Overflow [Meta] (where the rich text real-time preview is below but ...
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1 answer

Why does the number of monthly SO questions in the past differ by up to 19% in Data Explorer query, depending on when it runs?

I have a newsletter where the total number of monthly SO questions is a data point for technology popularity. Here are JVM languages and their competitors, for example. I also query the total number ...
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0 answers

Meta in Address Bar [duplicate]

I haven't visited the site for a while; I'm using a mobile browser. Why do I see the "meta." prefix before the domain in my address bar?
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-38 votes
2 answers

Are your questions also closed immediately, either because to simple or too intricate? [duplicate]

Increasingly, Stack Overflow has become unusable for me. No matter what I post, someone quickly closes my question. This could be due to the question not being perfectly crafted, the question being ...
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1 answer

What kinds of questions are allowed on this site? [duplicate]

I am pretty new to forums and Q&A sites. I also have a whitelisted browser with very few sites for learning about C# and Windows Forms. What kinds of questions are allowed on this site? Do they ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Make deleting discussions more intuitive

In my question asking "How to delete a discussion?" I got an answer that: You can delete Discussions (even with a reply), but it's not exactly intuitive how. [description of how to do that ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How do I delete my Discussion?

The problem is: I don't have any button to delete my discussion (it has some replies). So, is it possible to do that? Or is it intended to be that way?
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15 votes
6 answers

Should answers be general or specific?

In the answer from Colombo to this question, they provide a comprehensive general answer and suggest that the original poster can work out the solution from there. R newbie asking about loops I ...
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2 answers

What should the Discussions flag reason “should be a question” be changed to?

This question is carrying on conversation and points from this one, but framing the central focus a little differently. The flag reason “Should be a question” feels both inaccurate and misleading. The ...
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Followed discussion threads in profile page show with empty title, and in followed page with null user

In my profile page, in the section for followed posts, where it displays an entry for a discussion thread (one of the comments under the discussion) I'm following displays the answer icon (is that ...
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1 answer

Why doesn't the OP earn any reputation when their discussion becomes upvoted?

People on SE earn reputation when their answer gets upvoted/accepted. But why doesn't the OP earn any reputation when their discussion becomes upvoted?
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-17 votes
1 answer

Why is my discussion downvoted?

I have a discussion with even some replies. It seems not to violate any rules. Recently it has been downvoted. What ...
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-32 votes
1 answer

The question asking experiment in "Unconvering SO toxicity" by Alex Ziskind [duplicate]

A year ago, a YouTuber named Alex Ziskind published this video: Uncovering StackOverflow's TOXICITY One can discuss all sorts of aspects of that video. But - I don't want to do that, nor do I accept ...
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