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Collectives: Looking back

Note for context: this post is part of a series about Collectives on Stack Overflow.  To read the full series, begin at this primary post. This is a post that’s certainly overdue. As we look ahead to ...
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How can I appeal against deleting a duplicate answer I made of one I accidentally posted in the wrong place?

I accidentally wrote the answer to the wrong question, and then I replaced it. Then I wrote the answer to the right question. It was accepted and had two upvotes. But a moderator deleted it for no ...
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11 answers

We’re bringing advertisements for technology courses to Stack Overflow

Beginning in late January, we’re partnering with two online course providers to present sponsored technology course recommendation advertisements on Stack Overflow. This is a pilot study for this type ...
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Collectives and sponsorship

Note for context: this post is part of a series about Collectives on Stack Overflow.  To read the full series, begin at this primary post. This post is to provide detail and clarity around the ...
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Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned

Use of ChatGPT1 generated text for content on Stack Overflow is temporarily banned. Please see the Help Center article: Why posting GPT and ChatGPT generated answers is not currently acceptable This ...
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Collectives: The next iteration

The Collectives product is moving into a new stage of iteration and development. This post and the companion posts linked below are meant to offer a holistic view of Collectives, why it’s a focus for ...
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"This question already has answers here": [question asked three years later]

A small quibble with the word "already". A question I asked a long time ago was closed because it's a "duplicate" of another question. It comes across as a little accusatory, ...
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2 answers

Collectives: Overview of features and community management

Note for context: this post is part of a series about Collectives on Stack Overflow.  To read the full series, begin at this primary post. In this post, we’ll be: Doing a brief review of Collectives ...
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Collectives: How did we select the initial collective topics for launch?

Note for context: this post is part of a series about Collectives on Stack Overflow.  To read the full series, begin at this primary post. As announced here, there will be two new collectives ...
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I received a question ban without seeing any warnings

Update: I am now unbanned! I finally did get that warning too. Thanks! Update 2: Rebanned... I recently got question banned (without knowing that such a ban even existed). While I understand the ...
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1 answer

Stack Overflow is adding a 1st party targeting cookie

We have created a new 1st party targeting cookie, “prov_tgt”. This cookie collects the information we will use to serve targeted course advertisements. You can find this new cookie in the list of ...
43 votes
4 answers

Are all generative AIs banned?

I recently came across this answer. The answerer's profile acknowledges that We are an AI Generated response community, we are real humans who want to help people. The answer has an explanation and ...
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1 answer

'Live Search' on Teams interprets everything as simple text search

The new search dropdown in Stack Overflow for Teams, showing search results as you type, is very nice, but it's not really intelligent; when typing user:me, the result isn't one of my posts, but ...
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0 answers

Why did I get cookie notice for SO only, but not for other SE sites? [duplicate]

Just got cookie notice on, but not for any other SE site when I'm participating (even didn't get it for Why did I get this notice for SO only? Especially interesting ...
-25 votes
1 answer

My closed question had nothing to do with the duplicate [duplicate]

I asked a JavaScript question and didn't get any answer in a few days and I put a bounty on it and got a great answer. Later that day, it was closed as a duplicate. The referenced answer was about &...
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Rename [google-maps-styled] to [google-maps-styling]

The google-maps-styled tag has no usage/wiki but it is about the styling options that are available when displaying a map with the various Google Maps APIs / SDKs. I would therefore suggest to rename ...
253 votes
6 answers

Introducing a new close reason specifically for non-English questions

As was proposed and justified back in December, the Stack Overflow moderators have [finally] rolled out a new close reason (under the "community-specific reason" category) for questions that ...
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0 answers

Rename [google-sites] -> [google-classic-sites] / [google-sites-2016] -> [google-sites]

The request is to realize a coordinated rename of two tags: google-sites to google-classic-sites google-sites-2016 to google-sites Screen shown to users having a consumer account, i.e. ...
11 votes
0 answers

Change tooltip for up/down vote button on feature requests

This is a very minor issue (and only affects SO meta), but the feature-request tag reads: "On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, ...
402 votes
5 answers

The "Ask Question" button must be easily accessible

Being a blind user, it has taken me quite a lot of time to find the "Ask Question" button. The button is firstly a simple anchor element. Secondly, it isn't placed near the top of the page. Within ...
28 votes
1 answer

Let's not put badge tracking everywhere

Well, this is a great feature. Surely users love when they are getting their next badge and which one but whats the reason behind putting it at 3 places? So we already had this at two places... Now ...
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0 answers

Misleading instructions for Closed question [duplicate]

My Stack Overflow question was closed with the following message: I chose the second option, "post a new one", and invested serious time and effort to improve the clarity of my question ...
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0 answers

Developer story has inconsistent job duration calculation [closed]

I'm editing a Jan 2017-Mar 2017 job experience entry. Based on the formula used elsewhere to calculate job creation, I would expect this to be marked as 3 months; however, it's instead marked as 2: ...
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0 answers

Comment upvote button design is broken in Mobile view [closed]

In Stack Overflow mobile view, this is how the comment upvote button is rendering: I upvoted the first comment, and it's in blue. But I didn't touch the other two comments, and they're also in blue. ...
7 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow blog issue gives users the ability to reply to unapproved comments [closed]

Following a direct link to comment that is unapproved (like this comment), shows an option to reply. Is it a feature or a bug?
6 votes
0 answers

In a Stack Overflow job listing, the “Express interest” and “★ Save” buttons' text are vertically misaligned [closed]

"Save" isn't vertically centered.
-25 votes
0 answers

Answer deleted with no explanation [duplicate]

I recently asked a question on Stack Overflow. While the quality of responses has gone down in recent years, I was quite happy with the answer I got to this question. But, inexplicably, a moderator ...
76 votes
0 answers

Developer Story: Open source should allow issues or PRs to be selected [closed]

Currently when adding a new "Open source" item to your developer story timeline, it only allows a repository to be selected. It could be that I contributed an awesome PR or issue to a project that I ...
9 votes
0 answers

Developer Story - Let us order the list? [closed]

On my developer story there's a list of accomplishments (not sure what it's called). Mine's got literally 10+ screens of open source contributions until it gets to my work experience. I'd really like ...
137 votes
0 answers

Let me comment my top answers in Developer Story [closed]

In the Developer Story, you can add summaries or comments to most of the entry types, even to blogs and videos. However, you can not comment on the top answers you chose to show. Often, you don't just ...
18 votes
0 answers

A way to filter "remote" yet US/Canada-only jobs out [closed]

I'd like a way to filter US/Canada-only jobs from remote jobs listing. I often tend to avoid seeing jobs with salary given in USD, but not every offer provides such information. Those jobs are also ...
7 votes
1 answer

I can't access my account on

Every time I try to log in, I receive this error screen: I already tried to change my password, but nothing has changed. If I try to log in with my Google account (the same email) the error is ...
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Rename [googleplacesautocomplete] to [google-places-autocomplete]

Almost all Google Maps and other related Google libraries tags are now following the same naming convention, for example google-places-api, google-directions-api, google-geocoding-api etc. I would ...
410 votes
36 answers

Introducing Outdated Answers project

In our blog post last month on our Community & Public Platform strategy & roadmap for Q1 2021, we announced an initiative to address outdated answers on Stack Overflow. Today, I'll give you ...
37 votes
1 answer

Let's [scrape] these tags off the bottom of our shoe

There are so many scraping related tags right now: web-scraping - 47,235 questions screen-scraping - 4,126 questions scrape - 1,181 questions scraper - 277 (as of Dec 31, 2022 is a synonym of web-...
10 votes
2 answers

Kind reminder to remove noise

When reviewing suggested edits, I noticed that many edits are proposed only to remove noise, which I consider to be trivial. I think we can pop up a reminder when the post contains the word "thank" (...
57 votes
3 answers

Change image upload modal to always show URL input field

Every day I find posts that have linked to an off-site image instead of embedding the image in the post. I usually go in to make the edit of embedding the image but realized that 99% of the time I'm ...
157 votes
2 answers

Require new users to check the preview before posting

Following on from Highlight the preview on the Ask Question page, whether or not we do that, I wonder if for new users, we may want to (softly) force a review of the preview before allowing them to ...
127 votes
2 answers

Please implement clause 7b of the CC-by-SA license

Inspired by recent events, I'm more than a little distraught at what happened, and I'd like to see some provision to be made to allow an SO user to disassociate themselves from a post. Quoting the ...
38 votes
3 answers

Should we burninate the [interview] tag?

The interview tag has 22 questions. A selection of them are duplicates or closed questions. Only 1 question is now left in the interview tag. It has been closed. It is asking for help with interview ...
5 votes
2 answers

Get rid of google tag

google tag has no questions, no wiki and no synonyms. Can we get rid of it? google sounds like a much too broad tag and I see no reason for it to exist.
25 votes
1 answer

Sack the [career-development] tag

There is, apparently, a career-development tag. It has two questions, both of which are closed and likely to get roomba'd soon; there is no tag usage guidance or wiki. Questions about career ...
28 votes
1 answer

Throw out the [in] tag

Stack Overflow has an in tag, without any questions to its name. I understand that unused "zombie" tags are removed by an automatic process that runs at 03:00 UTC every day, but the in tag ...
27 votes
2 answers

Should we burninate the [i] tag?

Recently I started seeing Python questions tagged i (example: How to create a background mask from numpy array?). They seem to involve iteration like for i in collection. When I hover over this tag in ...
15 votes
1 answer

​[how-to] burninate this tag?

Seriously? We have a how-to tag? Well... we shouldn't. Let's go through the criteria: Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? Absolutely not. ...
129 votes
1 answer

I have found 16,809 similar, inappropriate(?) user profiles. There are more. Now what?

I've found two pools of users whose profiles are probably machine generated. Their creation dates spike near certain days. The users don't seem to have done anything (no posts, no comments, last ...
20 votes
7 answers

Announcing the Content Discovery initiative

Announcing our Content Discovery initiative. In this post, we will explain what the initiative is all about, why it’s being prioritized, our initial plans, and how Meta can help us in continuing to ...
-5 votes
1 answer

A/B testing the separation of The Overflow Blog from the Community Bulletin (currently in testing)

Update Jan 30: Test is now active on Stack Overflow for anonymous users. Background As part of the Content Discovery initiative, we’re announcing the next experiment. In this test, we will separate ...
150 votes
8 answers

Can we have some site approved canned comments to match the new CoC and welcoming?

There's so much confusion and debate over what is welcoming and what is expected of users with the Code of Conduct changing. There's a fine line we step between being frank in our discourse and what ...
-3 votes
2 answers

What does a developer tools question need to be welcome on Stack Overflow?

I recently saw and answered a question on SO about Azure Boards. The question was later closed, but I'm not sure why. The close reason was that it is "not about programming or software ...

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