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Why does Stack Overflow not upload pictures? [duplicate]

I upload the image within the question, but it does not appear "cannot be opened", so I upload the images as posts on Facebook, and then I refer to the image link in the question here in ...
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Is there a reset on You have reached your question limit [duplicate]

I recently maxed the limit of asking questions is there a way to reset it? yes, I deleted some questions since I found out the answer on my own and just confused when asking some Questions it is ...
10 votes
3 answers

What do to with newly created tags that refer to class names or method titles?

Recently I've been buzzing around the 10k tools > Stats > New tags section in order to intercept tags in need of curation as they are created. (Examples of what I'm doing: 1, 2). It was asked ...
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Should community bot delete questions with accepted and upvoted answers

It isn't very encouraging when a community bot deletes the question having upvoted and accepted answer. I think it should be left to the humans and bot should only be able to delete unanswered ...
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1 answer

How many new users start off asking good questions?

Asking a good question on Stack Overflow can be tough, especially for new members. How many users' oldest recorded questions are currently not closed, have no downvotes, and have at least one upvote? ...
136 votes
4 answers

The [hyphen] tag has been burninated

I recently came across the tag hyphen, defined as: The hyphen character, also known as the dash or minus sign. To me, this seems equivalent of having a tag like ? or even e for that matter. Is there ...
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4 answers

Is it ethical to ask for a Google sheets file, when answering a question, even when such request violates a user's privacy?

Commonly, in google-sheets and google-apps-script, the answerer usually asks for the questioner to share a Google sheets file. Some requests in the last 24 hours: How can I combine multiple ...
8 votes
2 answers

Are [xml-entities], [html-entities], and [character-entities] actually one entity?

There are three very similar tags: html-entities, with 1335 questions xml-entities, with 54 questions character-entities, with 45 questions These all seem to describe the same thing: the method of ...
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Do votes on opinion-based answers hurt your reputation? and if they do, should they? [duplicate]

I see in some of my answers on opinion-based questions that I got down vote and I wonder if its affect my reputation? I do like to know what people think of my answer and always open for criticism but ...
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2 answers

What is "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question"?

In 'Questions' section of Stack Overflow, my questions are listed showing below. However, for the 4th question, the message "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this ...
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1 answer

Should we burninate the [question-answering] tag?

Currently, the question-answering tag has 172 questions and 56 followers. The tag is about the computer task of mechanically answering questions posed in natural language. The tag is misused as most ...
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1 answer

What flag should I use for questions having a link to a photo of the real question? [duplicate]

Time and again, I come across questions like this. What I do not understand is which flag am I supposed to use. I usually go with very low quality, and at times it gets accepted too (I guess that ...
28 votes
3 answers

Teaching new users how to accept an answer

This keeps coming up time and time again. I answer someone's question, they upvote it and say thanks, but they don't accept the answer. I see many other questions answered by other users that never ...
31 votes
9 answers

Ask Wizard Test Results and Next Steps

Three months ago we ran an experiment testing a new Ask Wizard on Stack Overflow. The Ask Wizard is planned as the first phase of the Staging Ground project (see here and here for more info), and we ...
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1 answer

Can you embed a StackBlitz environment in a Stack Overflow question? Should you?

I've seen a lot of questions about embedding Stack Overflow questions on other websites, but I'm thinking the other way around. Is it possible to embed, say, a StackBlitz instance inside a question, ...
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3 answers

Please reopen this question that was improved by the community

A couple years ago, this question was discussed on Meta. As a result, substantial improvements were made to its content, and the dominant community opinion seems to be that it's now good enough to ...
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What does "pending edit" mean in the review queue? [duplicate]

I recently got enough privilege/reputation to review posts. Considering all the help I got from SO, I am honored for such a role, and I have been motivated at first in doing reviews. But I got stuck ...
5 votes
1 answer

Please reconsider this known-good audit [duplicate]

I failed this audit today: The rationale for me closing, as lacks details, was that it included the error messages as an image, not even inlined, ...
29 votes
2 answers

Should I vote to reopen when I believe the reason for closing no longer applies?

When browsing the reopen queue, I often find questions closed as too broad or unclear what you're asking that were afterwards edited. Let's say that from my point of view, the question is indeed ...
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0 answers

What should I do when external search results for a missing canonical are full of misleading junk?

tl;dr: There's a seemingly missing Python canonical that's a natural pair for an extremely popular canonical. The corresponding search terms turn up garbage questions; the most popular results (still ...
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0 answers

Change the label of the Cancel button to Hide

I propose to replace the inscription Cancel with Hide when the filters are same as when Filters block opened. Because it doesn't cancel anything. In the question / answer editor, for example, the ...
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0 answers

What does "01011" mean in the Collectives page image?

There is an image on the Stack Overflow Collectives page. In the image, there are some binary codes are displayed. One of the binary codes, I'm able to convert as text is "to-do". But there ...
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1 answer

Congratulations! You've earned -> User did not earn this badge

I'm curious to know what happened with my curious badge. I've received a "Congratulations!": But once clicked on "Learn more", I read "F. Hauri ... did not earn this badge.&...
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0 answers

Why is Stack Overflow for Teams not accessible to me? [duplicate]

I'm tried to create a team for my colleagues and students, but I get a message like "Sorry, this product is not accessible to you". I know that a similar question was asked and the answer ...
7 votes
0 answers

Merge [azureml] and [azure-machine-learning-service]

The tag azureml has had as its tag wiki excerpt since January 2021: please use the [azure-machine-learning-service] tag instead! Hence, a moderator should merge the two tags, and not leave behind an ...
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0 answers

Why was my question closed as a duplicate about mutating state when that's not what I'm trying to do? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: UseSelector is not being updated after dispatch with state change (reduxjs/toolkit) It was closed as a duplicate of Why can't I directly modify a ...
-25 votes
1 answer

Can I upload videos when I upload posts in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I would like to upload a recorded video about the my problem coding when I upload the question post. How do I upload an video in this post? Should I upload the video to another site and bring its link?...
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0 answers

Notify others about post being edited [duplicate]

(This question is probably related to users <2k rep only.) I'm often facing this issue in the edit review queue, but it happens "in the wild" too sometimes. When you start editing the ...
6 votes
1 answer

Where is the dividing line between what database interactions are on-topic vs off-topic on Stack Overflow?

I usually feel a question about databases is off-topic on Stack Overflow if it's about: Database server installation, maintenance (including backup/restore), troubleshooting Usage of tools and/or ...
266 votes
6 answers

Should I remove 'fluff' (like greetings, signatures, "thanks", etc.) when editing questions?

When I edit questions I typically focus on style, grammar, and spelling. However, in the process I often also remove 'fluff' like: This may be simple but, ... or Can you help me with this? I ...
164 votes
1 answer

What was "the Joel Data"?

As mentioned in the answer to What was the first question asked that still exists on Stack Overflow?, the first (now deleted) question is "Where, oh where, did the Joel Data go?" I'm sure that Joel ...
2 votes
3 answers

`[description](url)` - prepend by default `https://` if not protocol specified

Using the inline link notation, [SO](, results in: SO The protocol must be specified, as per the answer by @codeer. I would like to request the syntax that does not require ...
-30 votes
2 answers

Render links of these formats [duplicate]

I would like to have links like: [Google]( to render as [Google]( and [Google Drive]( as [Google Drive]( [Google]s( ...
4 votes
2 answers

Was my question correctly closed as a duplicate?

My question: GCC/CC unable to compile C project with multiple files (mac os) The question appeared to be quite specific but in the end I was just invoking gcc incorrectly. It got a correct answer in a ...
1 vote
2 answers

Was my question correctly not reopened after editing?

My question was closed because I needed to provide "details and clarify the problem I was solving". So I edited with more details, addressing some of the comments. I submitted for review, ...
7 votes
0 answers

Bug in the "reputation" view of my profile

There is a bug in the "reputation" view of my profile : in "today"'s posts, a ghost entry is displayed (note: reloading the page with Ctrl+R at the moment of the screenshot did ...
7 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to add a CSS compiler/transpiler (Sass or Less) in stack code snippets?

We need to support a CSS compiler - Sass and Less. If CSS compilers are not supported on Stack Overflow code snippet which must be included. If it can't be supported in stack code snippets, allow ...
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0 answers

Sass in stack snippets [duplicate]

Most of you have probably seen stack snippets, like the one below. function clickMe() { alert("Button clicked!"); } button { background-color: rgb(29 78 216); border: none; border-radius: ...
-10 votes
0 answers

Propose Update for Quality-of-Service (QoS) Tag

I believe the qos tag needs to be updated to meet modern uses of the word. Originally it described networking and/or telephony, but in modern usage it seems to indicate general resource requests and ...
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0 answers

Grammatical error in new 'Introducing: Trending sort' info box [duplicate]

Upon coming to Stack Overflow for the usual reasons, I noticed the following panel on the top answer: In particular, the second paragraph begins as follows: Trending is based off of the highest ...
14 votes
2 answers

Is a question tagged [untagged] an oxymoron?

The question No question should be [untagged] indicated there were two questions (in 2018) so tagged and the answer implies it's a rarely used exception and that: The tag itself is blacklisted for ...
49 votes
3 answers

Now playing -- [hacking] II: The Revenge

Apparently, the hacking tag was burninated in August 2014, but has come back again. What, if anything, should be done?
-9 votes
0 answers

Ban timeout reached though I'm not unbanned [duplicate]

I have this ban: The help page says: you'll get the chance to ask a new one 6 months after your last question. My last question was asked six months ago: I am still banned, and I have also ...
-4 votes
0 answers

Despite correctly formatted code, post receives "format error" from Stack Overflow

This is part of a question concerning C# that is was trying to post on Stack Overflow. The code part is from Microsoft. (I assume they know how to format their code.) However, Stack Overflow says it's ...
-189 votes
16 answers

Updated button styling for vote arrows: currently in A/B testing

This experiment is now live! You may start seeing the new updated visuals on vote arrows. The experiment will run for about two weeks (or until we've collected enough data). This week, we're rolling ...
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0 answers

Web development CMS popularity / split technology popularity by development type

I would like to have a statistic for web development, that shows which CMSes are widely used today. So one can compare for example Drupal vs. WordPress. In the Stack Overflow Survey 2021 & 2022 I ...
4 votes
0 answers

Disable the location (site-chooser) option when asking a question in Stack Overflow for Teams

I would like to request a feature to remove the location (site-chooser) option when asking a question using Stack Overflow for Teams. Although it defaults to the team's environment, it would be best ...
18 votes
5 answers

Should we edit a question to transcribe code from an image to text?

Context: "How to call a method from a class referenced as a string?" More general context: how do we educate occasional users, or new users, to the best practices to follow when posting a ...
6 votes
0 answers

Why is my Meta Stack Overflow reputation different in the Stack Exchange sites menu? [duplicate]

I am curious... why is my Meta score different than my Stack Overflow score in the Stack Exchange Sites dropdown menu? Is this a bug? It's not out of sync for either of the site profile pages. I've ...
114 votes
14 answers

What makes you improve this site so much?

First, let me say that this is not intended to insult anyone; I am just wondering why you all put in so much effort in editing, flagging, improving, and - if that's not enough - even discussing ...

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