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Why I stopped loving StackOverflow

I have noticed that over time, StackOverflow became a place where I don't feel safe and comfortable. I can write a question with a lot of source code, logs and clear question, though I will expect a ...
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Save question in more than one list

Simple suggestion. It could be nice to have the possibility to save a question or an answer in more than just one created list.
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Group save question to easily change list

I would like to propose a new feature to the "save question and answer page". When I save a question, it automatically moves it to the "For later" list. Then if I save a lot of ...
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Should I "plagiarize"?

(FYI—I used the word "plagiarize" loosely. I fully understand that CC BY-SA lets me use the content. This is an ethical and local conventions question, not a legal one.) I looked at a few ...
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Add "contains"/"overlap" checks in the ask-wizard to prevent duplicate content

With the implementation of Can you prevent users from using same content in ask question wizard? last year it is not possible to add the same content in the two textareas on the Ask Wizard. You get ...
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Send users in a question ban to the Staging Ground when asking a question

This is something that has been raised a few times, both on announcement posts and in the private Team; however, I am posting a formal request to make it so that users that are in a question ban are ...
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Increase reputation required to post a Discussion

This is very similar to a prior post I made, however, that was off the back off a massive spam wave that was hitting Discussions at the time. I am, however, specifically requesting, again, that the ...
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Can my C++ question be undeleted & reopened?

Here is a link to my question. There are a couple of other questions on the same topic as mine, but they don't answer my question. My question was an attempt to understand how to read a std::optional ...
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Opening notification tab with removed notification doesn't clear them

I recently got notification while I was on SO. I clicked on the "Inbox" button, but there is no new notification even if the "1" is already displayed and keep to be showed. Here I ...
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Add "by views" sorting option to search

I would like to have a "most viewed" and "created date" sorting option when searching for questions on the site (as shown in the image). This will also then open the door for ...
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What's the point of reviewing close decisions on answered questions [duplicate]

I'm spending some time to review close decisions on questions. I was asked to check this one: Injecting DbContext in ASP.NET Core - concrete type or interface? I understand that it is subjective, but ...
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Were my comments overly provocative?

This Stack Overflow answer seemed to come off immediately with a very harsh stance against a JavaScript feature. In fact calling it "trash". Okay, I'm cool with that, but I'm therefore going ...
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Cannot get tables to be formatted as tables in Discussions

Table markdown is not supported in Discussions. Here's an example: Have a singe "Report" table reportedEntityId reportedEntityType 1 Post 2 Post 2 Comment As shown above, while the ...
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Why was the threshold to mark an SG post as off-topic/duplicate changed from 2 to 3? Can it be changed back?

The Staging Ground's environment is a bit different. Typically, two users can together vote a question as being off-topic or as a duplicate. This means that reviewers can expediently handle questions ...
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Strange -200 "voting reversed", -426 "voting corrected" yesterday - a glitch?

At some point today, I looked at my "chalice" icon, and noticed that yesterday, I lost 200 reputation. The cause: "Serial voting was reveresed". I scratched my head, as over the ...
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How to handle Staging Ground comments that are helpful to answering the question

I encountered a comment on this Staging Ground post which is not about improving the question, but rather, potentially helpful in solving the problem: 400 means Bad Request, and the request is bad. ...
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In high contrast mode only the "Cookie settings" link in the footer is underlined

When high contrast is enabled, usually all links are underlined. Except for the footer where they are not underlined. Except for "Cookie settings" which is underlined.
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When will the 2024 survey results be released?

It's been a month since the 2024 survey closed. When will the results be available? Am I missing something? I don't think so because there's nothing in the Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey page. ...
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How do I submit my Staging Ground question for re-evaluation?

I am a new user, and I have a question in the Staging Ground. A reviewer voted to "Require Major changes". I have replied to all comments raised by the reviewer, and I want to submit the ...
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Is it plagiarism if my solution is reposted with a minor change that makes it work with an older version?

Backstory: Some years ago I posted a solution for an old, unanswered question. Nothing happened for a couple of months, but then the question author commented on my answer to note that is doesn't work ...
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Started bounty on someone else's interesting question, then question has been closed before end of bounty

I have found this interesting question (I am not the author) : Cut a video in between key frames without re-encoding the full video using ffpmeg?. It was quite upvoted, which shows interest by other ...
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Should [translation] be a synonym of [language-translation] or vice versa?

Isn't any form of translation from one language to another, regardless if its a human language or a machines language? Also the language machines use is created by humans therefore you could argue it ...
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Why was the content of the tag descriptions reduced? [duplicate]

It seems like the content of the tag descriptions was reduced. E.g. when I open a question containing a JSON tag and hover the tag, I can only read "JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a ...
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Can someone post a question on staging-ground while question banned?

Can someone post a question on staging-ground while question banned? I imagine they could, and can't check it myself.
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Table containing array/list errors as "code that is not properly formatted as code"

Summary The following table fails formatting checks when I attempt to include it in a Stack Overflow answer. I am not sure how to format this table to avoid an error from Stack Overflow. Expected ...
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Unable to delete older filters

Answering possible questions, yes I read the question How can I delete my custom search filter? and no, it DOES NOT WORK for me. When I try to delete my own filters from here created long ago, they ...
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Is ChatGPT and LLM killing Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Last few months I have been using ChatGPT LLM for coding, debugging, troubleshooting. Earlier I used to google / post my question on Stack Overflow. But now I have instant solution to most of my ...
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Why do some tags have a different description on-hover versus the description shown when you click on them? [duplicate]

Regarding tags at the bottom of a question, I've never noticed a difference between the on-hover tag description and the description shown when you click on that tag. But today, I noticed that some ...
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What causes single backticks on every line of code?

There is an issue where code blocks contain single backticks around every single line, rather than triple fences around the entire code block. This destroys the formatting. An example can be seen in ...
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Stack Overflow AI logo bad contrast

In dark mode, the "Stack Overflow AI" logo in the left sidebar has a bad contrast:
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Are there circumstances when flagging a non-rude/non-spam but hopeless question on Staging Ground is warranted?

I came across this question on Staging Ground, and I saw that a reviewer had diligently and politely made 3 relevant comments asking for improvements. And this actually troubled me, because the ...
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Should all questions with the [ios-app] tag on MSO be closed as the app has been dead for years?

Just over seven years ago, I asked a question on MSO about the misbehaviour of the iOS app for Stack Overflow (tag on MSO ios-app — question iOS app does not show the previous edit message when re-...
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Why is asking for the advantages of a technology acceptable, but asking for disadvantages is delete-worthy? [duplicate]

This question is high voted and answered. This question sits at -1 and is deleted. Yet, the difference in their titles is only three letters. The first question is What are the advantages of running ...
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Cannot turn off following and get weird message popup

Until now I could unfollow questions only from my profile (some time ago. Previosly could do it on the question also). But today instead of removing the unchecked question (by clicking the x top right ...
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A question "became hot network question" 32 times in a row, all within 28 seconds

The question How can I write a std::apply on a std::expected? has become a Hot Network Question. That's fine, there's nothing wrong with it being a hot question. The fact that it is a Hot Network ...
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Why did I become blocked from writing new posts? [duplicate]

Why have I been blocked from posting more questions? I've posted 14 questions so far, and all have been received very badly. In my opinion, my questions themselves and how I posted them is quite nice. ...
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Why is editing a staged question so different from editing a posted question?

I tried to fix code formatting of this staged question I didn't manage to get the formatting right, because there is no preview, and the top bar ...
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2 answers

Bounty awarded to the wrong answer

The bounty to Cannot get ProjectContext for Project Online from Sharepoint Office 365 and get a 403 in .NET 8 was awarded to the wrong answer. My answer is the accepted one, and also with the most ...
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"Save to" dialog is broken (for moderators)

When clicking the small bookmark button to save a post — either question or answer — a confirmation notice appears. If you have custom save lists, this notice includes a "Manage" button ...
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Should we burninate [class-names]?

The tag class-names has 79 questions in it, has no wiki or wiki excerpt, and is used for questions where the questions refer to different things. Running through the burnination criteria: Does it ...
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Is it okay to ask questions about specific APIs with explanation?

My question that I'm trying to find an answer to is, in a broad sense, How to use Google Drive/Form's authentication process. I would provide more details such as what I'm trying to do, what I have so ...
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Staging ground questions appear on homepage while review suspended

This is more of a nitpick than anything, but I figured it's worth noting. Got review suspended (no stigma here) and I'm still able to see recent activity for staging ground questions on the homepage. ...
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Even asking a good question and answering it yourself causes downvotes => moderator intervention? [duplicate]

I'm a regular member of Stack Overflow. I have experience in Delphi, C++, Java, Python and now I'm working with C#, based on XAML. Despite my Delphi experience, I'm having some issues with XAML ...
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"Ignore tag" button is missing as of today

I just went to ignore a tag but the Ignore tag button is missing from the popup. Why? It used to look like A, but now it looks like C for me and might look like B for you. As far as I can tell, there'...
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2 answers

TSX syntax highlighting doesn't appear to be working

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How can I change a TextInput's selection and fire its onSelectionChange event in unit testing? I have some code blocks in my question and my self-...
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New tag watch redesign uses the full wiki (without formatting) in the modal instead of using the tag wiki excerpt

The new "watch tag" design has apparently rolled out to Stack Overflow (only). Where previously, hovering a tag on a question would show the wiki excerpt (which is designed precisely for ...
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Collectives Update: WSO2

The WSO2 Collective will be decommissioned on July 17. Questions and answers that were part of the Collective will not be affected, apart from the removal of collective-specific markup. All published ...
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Users with more than 1,000,000 reputation make scrollbars in UI

On Linux, superfluous scrollbars may be visible in the UI at: I imagine we didn't have any 1M+ rep users when the stylesheets for this page ...
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Why were my comments deleted but not the comments I'm tagged in and responding to?

When this question was first posted, it was almost immediately upvoted, which shocked me because a question requires at least a ?. I posted a comment asking why someone would upvote it because there ...
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What details are missing in this question?

The question How to create a layout for a quote with image and caption? (closed) has -4 votes and was closed for lacking details. What details are missing?
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