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Question closed? What happened to "on hold"?

I have just closed a question as "unclear", and it says "closed" in the title. I remember that it used to be "on hold" for a few days, reflecting the hope that OP could ...
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Another slap in our face with this newest Stack Overflow blog post [closed]

"Are LLMs the end of computer programming (as we know it)?", ask our overlords at Stack Exchange Inc, through the person of Ben Popper (sp?), the Director-of-Content, and Ryan Donovan, blog ...
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Cannot select next badge to track

Today, I earned a badge and I wanted to pick the next badge to track myself. To my surprise, the list is unresponsive when I tap the desired (any) badge option.
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Suggestion: Ban repetitive disruption by high-karma accounts [closed]

Issue: Many repeat bad actors on the website aren't new users, they're veterans. Because of this, they have high karma and can do many power user actions such as comment anywhere. Bringing the ...
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Stack Overflow for Teams: Take the tour link just refreshes the page [closed]

The Stack Overflow for Teams "Take the tour" link does nothing but refresh the page. Is it supposed to make you take a tour?
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Is it ever ok to put an image of code in a question? [duplicate]

I have been staunch in my opinion of Posting images of code I will 100% of the time either downvote the question or flag to be closed. My question is, am I being too rigid? We've given plenty of ...
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Should questions with high scores require more close-votes to be closed? [duplicate]

I have been searching the site of how they define "good" and "bad" questions. Considering that you only need 3 people to believe a question is bad, it makes sense to define it well....
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Other undelete votes are not properly counted/displayed when a post owner self-undeletes a post

Yesterday I cast an undelete vote on an answer. This undelete vote is shown in the timeline, although it is unattributed so normal users can't tell whether it was an undelete vote by the post owner or ...
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Why is it so difficult to earn reputation nowadays? [duplicate]

I am a fairly new user on Stack Overflow, and recently I have been having some trouble at earning reputation. It is difficult for me because I am not really an experienced developer, but I try my best ...
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Is there any check to keep moderators and users >2,000 reputation from editing questions? [closed]

Just see what a moderator is doing on Stack Overflow: I am new to Stack Overflow. After viewing some edited questions, I noticed that some users with 100k, 59k, 39k, 11k, ... reputation just edit ...
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Isn't teltonika tag (a company) advertising too much for it?

I came over a post tagged teltonika This tag has this description: Teltonika is a company which provides different devices to Overcome the challenges of IoT (Internet of Things) and achieve its full ...
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Why is it difficult for new users to use Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I recently was blocked from posting questions on the website due to my questions receiving negative feedback (such as downvotes), and I read the message that Stack Overflow provided for me, and they ...
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Stack Overflow calendar is broken [duplicate]

The daily visit calendar in Stack Overflow is not working. Uncaught TypeError: $cal.datepicker is not a function Maybe $cal is not initialized. I keep getting this issue for a week.
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Only Android-source questions in [python] tag

I tapped on the python tag (URL: and got a list of questions which were only tagged with [android*]: (The screenshot is low quality because I wanted ...
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What is the current use case of this Stack Overflow as a Q&A website? [closed]

The following is just a prerequisite to prevent incorrect duplicate tags or removal reasons. Free feel to skip. [skip start] Question 1: Similar topic. My question has wider reach. The irony of this ...
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"dataframe" or "data frame" spelling in pandas? [closed]

What is the correct spelling of this word when it is used in the context of the Python pandas library: "dataframe" or "data frame"? Many Stack Overflow posts have different ...
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Is there a new template based tool for helping to ask questions?

This morning I have run into several questions that seem to use some kind of templating system to help users ask questions.
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Why wasn't this spam post deleted even after getting a helpful flag?

Last week, I flagged this post as spam, along with its answer. The reason for that being that all 16 answers of that user pointed to the library they wrote and most answers were unattributed up to the ...
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How can this question be improved? [closed]

I posted this question and within minutes it was downvoted and closed due to not being "focused on one problem". I believe I made the particular issue in question clear without deviation, ...
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Has Stack Overflow become more hostile over the years? [closed]

I have used Stack Overflow for 10 years and I see a trend towards intolerance and general narrow minded application of rules, particularly in certain subareas. When browsing I see questions asked 5-10 ...
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How to reopen a question that was closed as being not a programming question even if code is not needed to make it a programming question?

Older header: Wording of "time-series" is understood as trend analysis although just a mix of some monthly/weekly/yearly/timeless columns as input is meant A question of how to build an ML ...
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Which tag should we use for Python pandas questions about SELECTing rows and/or columns?

Three questions below have a common "topic" - they discuss different ways by which we can select rows and/or columns in a pandas data frame in Python. What should the tag be that describes ...
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SO getting bombarded with Pascal's triangle [duplicate]

Today SO is bombarded with so many low-quality, zero effort questions. Primarily about Pascal's triangle in Python. I suspect we have semesters in this part of the world (India). Here are the links: ...
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What do you do when a bot posts a question? [duplicate]

There is a question which looks fine. Then all of a sudden the comment reponses look like they have been writen by an AI, and then even say they are an AI! Then you realise the name is some kind of ...
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New users posting spam with links in Collective discussions

I have noticed a huge influx in spam posts, especially in the discussion section of the PHP collective. Most follow a similar format, with big headers at the top and then a link at the bottom. They ...
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Quality of discussions in collectives [closed]

In particular I'm looking at the mobile dev collective here, maybe this is uniquely bad. But looking at the discussions- on the first 2 pages of discussions, more than 80% are downvoted, most of them ...
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Unfocused question triage for beginner programmers [duplicate]

Too often I'll see sincere and genuine questions from learners who possibly don't have the knowledge to ask more focused questions or just need some pointers for where to look next for more ...
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What does 'Notice added' mean in the edit history of a question?

While going through the edit history of a question, I came across the following messages in the history: Notice added Reward existing answer by USER Notice removed Reward existing answer by USER ...
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Seeking clarification on question ban and downvote [duplicate]

Yesterday, I posted a question that was downvoted, leading to a ban on my account. After thoroughly reviewing the guidelines, I didn't find any aspect of my post that violated them. The downvote came ...
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How do I get notified by email when I receive replies to my question? And how do I respond to those replies? [duplicate]

When someone replies to my question: How can I be notified by email that a reply is waiting? How can I reply to them? I see no REPLY icon next to their name which would let them know I have a follow-...
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What's the status of the AI-generated content policy banner test?

Testing an "AI-generated content" policy banner on Stack Overflow says: The A/B test went live the morning of 21 Sept 2023 [...] a two-week A/B test It's way past October 5th now... almost ...
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How does the new search experience powered by AI work? [duplicate]

I enrolled for the "New search experience powered by AI". How does it work? Will it provide the solution using the AI on the back end on Stack Overflow itself like on other platforms? OR ...
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How can we handle bounties and A.I.?

Some weeks ago, I had a question, and as I didn't get answers, I offered a bounty. As this bounty did not yield responses, I added a new bounty of 500 points. After some time, some answers were given ...
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Do duplicates of "sin/cos/tan expect radians instead of degrees" needs to match the language?

For example, currently Why Sin(30) = -0.9880316240928618 in java, a Java question, in which the root cause of the question is about using degrees instead of radians in the sin() function, but now it ...
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Stack Overflow name not visible in dark mode [closed]

In desktop view, the name Stack Overflow isn't visible in dark mode: Please fix it.
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Who can modify a locked post for me? I found an invalid URL that needs to be updated

The question is this: Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide There is a link to Git guide, but that does not work. It should be Git guide (without underscore) I have sufficient reputation ...
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Is the Staging Ground (un)officially abandoned?

It's been some time since the 2nd Beta Test ended and we've had little to no news in the months since (including on the Teams site for the SG). Since then, we've had Communities (and its discussions &...
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Why does the Community user still have a 'Not a Robot' badge?

The Not a Robot badge has the following description: Met a Stack Overflow employee at an event where Stack Overflow was an organizer or participant with 50 or more attendees. This badge can be ...
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How can I manage historical answers for different versions?

Answers to question How do you alias a type in Python? trickled in with time, and are bringing in new functionalities by version. In order to make the answers stand out with the version the answer ...
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How to prevent question asking in Collective discussions

In the PHP collective, we are seeing a lot of discussion posts that should have been questions. These posts generally include a lot of code, which is a flag (in my mind) that they should have been a ...
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Aren't the suggested objectives of 40 to 80 items to review per day in review queues too ambitious?

Low quality answers, Suggested edits, First questions, Triage... To the member willing to help, each review queue suggests to study from 40 to 80 entries a day. I'm impressed and praise those who ...
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How come Server Fault is no longer a migration destination? [duplicate]

The current options are Meta, Super User, TeX - LaTeX, Database Administrators, and Cross Validated. Many times I want to refer a question to Server Fault, but it is no longer an option. Why are TeX - ...
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Why did community bot delete my question? [duplicate]

This question It's been 5 months I had asked this question, and it had got deleted. Can someone tell me what exactly is wrong in this question?
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"DreaminCode" links redirect to a gambling site. How can we handle posts that link to this domain?

I noticed this edit which I rejected had the edit comment as: ATTENTION. the link redirects you to a scam slot machine site Sure enough, it does. I flagged this post in question for a mod to review....
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Is asking "How to do X?", but tag some external libraries, a hint of recommend external libraries?

For example the original version of Merging PDF files from list of files with full path : input1.pdf ; input2.pdf ; output.pdf doesn't ask for recommended tools for merging 2 PDF directly, but tags ...
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How can I help explain in a spam flag how/why something is spam?

I recently used custom mod flags to flag something as spam and to include an explanation to help the handling mod to faster understand why/how it's spam. My flag was: spam. look at the website's &...
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R question is a 'known good' audit despite not showing an attempted solution - Why doesn't it need 'Debugging details' in 'Triage' Queue?

Recently the question Take paired differences of pairs of rows asked about obtaining pairwise squared differences from numbers in a data set in R. What got my attention about this question was that ...
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OverflowAI Alpha invitation emails were distributed in error Nov 28th

Stack Overflow is currently in the process of rolling out invitations to access OverflowAI alpha to 200 users per day. Today, the process we use to grant access to the OverflowAI Alpha did not work as ...
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It wants to join a community with the wrong account [duplicate]

I have a Stack Overflow account with years of reputation. Then I made a mistake. I joined Meta, and the math group, and a few other groups under the Stack Exchange umbrella, using a newer email ...
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How can we use Stack Overflow for Teams with a Cyrillic search engine? [closed]

I want to use Stack Overflow for a small team, but I have a problem. I need a Ukrainian search engine, but it doesn't work. Can somebody give advice for using Stack Overflow or similar? I expect that ...
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