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I seem unable to get rid of the "Personalize your profile" popup

I have clicked "Finish setup", entered a tag I am interested in, clicked "Done", but the popup keeps popping up, and when I click "Finish setup" again, the tag I chose is ...
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Merge [html5-filesystem] and [origin-private-file-system]?

Despite what the cited one-off mailing list post said in 2014, it looks like the idea of an in-browser replica filesystem really did eventually take off, and is now adopted by all major browsers. (...
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Why does the developer's survey banner keep showing up?

Over the last couple of days, I've been seeing the banner that invites me to take the developer's survey even though I already have taken it. What's up with that?
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Staging Ground editor loses cursor (on mobile?)

Multiple times in the recent past, I have tried to edit Staging Ground posts, but had to give up because the editor basically lost my text cursor. Sometimes, I am able to continue in the blind, and ...
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Better render ins and del tag

Currently, the <del> tag is rendered like <s> which makes it barely visible. The <ins> tag is entirely ignored, just like <u>. Suggestion: render both like the diffs in ...
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Staging ground edit did not make it to the published question [duplicate]

This question from staging ground did not match the one that got published: The author made an edit I suggested to remove a request for advice on a ...
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Should I rewrite "rhetorical answers" if it still does not solve OP's question?

My 'Not an answer' flag was declined on this answer: Can you check if your variable isHidden,inside renderCell, is getting recalculated on toggle? My visible button is not working, how do I solve it?...
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Should we have a standard pattern for the edit section of a post? [duplicate]

I have come across many posts that have something like Edit or Update Some of them come along with a date/month/year, which is fine, while some don't. I happened to read this post recently (just ...
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How to improve self-answered question

I posted and self-answered a question. The question I posted was minimal, but I put a lot of work into the answer. It was closed because of the rule that self-answered questions need to meet the ...
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Edit button on old revision doesn't edit right revision

I was on staging ground. I checked revision history, and I would like to get the text from some specific revision (not the actual one). So I clicked on the button "Edit this revision", and ...
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Why was this good answer from a 1.3M-rep user deleted by the Community Bot? [duplicate]

I asked a GitHub-related question a year ago, and @VonC helpfully answered it 5 months later. Both my question and his answer have two upvotes. Last month, the Community Bot deleted his answer. Any ...
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"An unexpected error occurred while performing review" when approving Staging Ground post in "Major Changes"

Previously, I requested Major Changes to this post trying to get the author to ask for a more minimal reproducer. As the author said they weren't able to reduce it more and I think it looks like a ...
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Why were "no longer needed" flags declined?

Comments to this answer are confusing because the answerer actually already addressed the issues with edits. They are, thus, no longer needed and should be removed. I flagged accordingly but it was ...
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Can't dupe-hammer a Staging Ground question after it was voted off-topic and submitted for re-evaluation Initially, the question was voted as off-topic as caused by a typo or not reproducible. In my view this is incorrect; rather the question simply ...
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What should we do about the [hello-world] tag?

Recently I came across a question with a hello-world tag, which was asked a few days ago. (I can't post the link of it because it is now deleted) After searching on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack ...
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6 answers

Answer containing special characters to allegedly prevent AI from training on it

I came across this answer that says: The following text is special to prevent AI from training on it. і𝗍 Ρ–π‘ˆ Ρ€ΠΎπ‘ˆπ‘ˆΡ–α–―β…ΌΠ΅ 𝗍о ԁі𝗋Сс𝗍ⅼу π‘ˆΠ΅π— 𝗍հС Π°ΤΤπ—‹Π΅π‘ˆπ‘ˆ о𝖿 Π° π‘ˆΡƒο½α–―ΠΎβ…Ό Υ½π‘ˆΡ–ΥΈπ—€ ⅼіո𝗄С𝗋 π‘ˆΡπ—‹Ρ–Ρ€π—π‘ˆ...
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2 answers

Should I comment possible solutions in SG when the question can't be published yet

Should I comment some possible solutions in SG when the question is not yet complete (such as not including a minimal reproducible example)? If I comment, my answer may be lost after the question is ...
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Staging ground bug: editing post body does not work; edits silently discarded [duplicate]

I saw this post in the staging ground: After checking that it wasn't a dupe, I thought it could be a decent question with some editing improvements, ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How to handle Staging Ground questions that get published with unaddressed issues

I encountered this question, which has major issues and has subsequently been closed. I offered some feedback and warned the new user that their question would be closed to try and soften the blow ...
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0 answers

Reason for declined "Very Low quality" flags [duplicate]

I recently flagged several questions as VLQ. Some of them were found "Helpful" while others were declined with following message (with my emphasis): Declined - Questions should never be ...
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1 answer

Reduce [Questions with no answers] [duplicate]

At this moment there are 3,205,054 questions with no answers I'm sure half or more of these questions have been answered in the comments While there is no way to force OP to answer by themself, I'd ...
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Upvote on comments is disabled when you've already voted on the comments in Staging Ground [duplicate]

When you upvote a comment in the staging ground, the initial behaviour is the same as that on the main site; the icon goes from being a one colour to orange: If you do not refresh the page, you can, ...
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What to do with duplicate without answer in the Staging Ground?

When a Staging Ground question has been answered in another question already, it can be flagged as a duplicate. But what about questions that have been asked already without getting an answer? ...
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0 answers

Some questions by new contributors don't go through the staging ground

The help center says: When you ask your first questions on Stack Overflow, you will be guided through the Ask Wizard. When you submit your question, it will be posted into Staging Ground. Once the ...
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It should be possible to require major changes based on someone else's comment

I.e at there was a previous comment which elaborated major changes that are required. I should be able to mark it as such based on that comment rather ...
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Editing a post and publishing simulatenously doesn't apply the edit to the published post

I edited, and then decided that after cleaning up some repetition it was decent enough to publish so selected "Approve and post on main site"...
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2 answers

About Me is too long

I wanted to edit my Stack Overflow β€˜About me’, but even making my bio shorter results in the following Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: About Me is too long I can’t even save any ...
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1 answer

Understanding downvotes and writing a good question

I would like to understand why my question was downvoted In the end I did end up solving my own problem and posted the answer which I believe would be valuable to someone else finding themselves in ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Show tag score in flair instead of badge count

Currently when you answer a question your flair shows up with your total stack overflow score and badge count. At a glance this gives superficial credibility to the answer because "this person ...
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-31 votes
2 answers

Should self-Q&A questions auto-accept the answer?

Should self-Q&A questions auto-accept the answer? After all, the answer I wrote to my own question is, in 99.9999% of cases, the answer that worked best for me.
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How can I revert refusing consent in the 2024 Developer Survey?

I was trying to take the 2024 developer survey, but I mistakenly clicked the no consent in the first question, and now I cannot go to the page again. Is there any way to change my answer to consent ...
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1 answer

How should we respond in the Staging Ground when OP ignores feedback, makes a trivial edit and submits for re-evaluation?

A particularly stark example here: I and another user pointed out that the formatting is broken and that the question is currently unsuitable because ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Voting for duplicate or off-topic in Staging Ground should also automatically subscribe for notifications from the post

Leaving a review on a Staging Ground item does automatically subscribe for notifications from the post. And the system certainly treats voting the same as leaving a review since it immediately moves ...
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0 answers

Rollback option missing only from the last edit? [duplicate]

On, I see a rollback button above all of the edits, but not above the last. How come?
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-13 votes
0 answers

Poor search results [duplicate]

I entered this search in Stack Overflow's search box [cmd] del to copy to recycle bin But Stack Overflow did not report the result the DuckDuckGo search reported below. In DuckDuckGo, I searched for: ...
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Can't dupe hammer question because I added a tag, but I could have done it _before_ the edit

Convert raw string (having escape characters) to unicode/utf8 string Convert "\x" escaped string into readable string in python When voting to close 1) as duplicate of 2), the system didn't ...
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0 answers

Attempting to decline request for re-evaluation after another user has voted as off-topic/duplicate fails

In the following scenario: User asks question, is posted to Staging Ground Question is placed into Requires Major changes status Author edits question and requests re-evaluation Another reviewer ...
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-25 votes
4 answers

Request to reopen question which got closed and deleted by a moderator

This question has an explanation of the problem and a pattern that is tried by the OP. To me this question is not unclear at ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Converting duplicate/off-topic votes after question publication from Staging Ground

As you can see in the history below, while reviewing a question from Staging Ground, I chose to "Vote as duplicate". Later on, someone else approved that question. Now it's posted and it's ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Staging Ground posts are often Locked

Painfully often when I click open a recent Staging Ground post, I am able to view it etc but not to actually commit a review action because it is locked. This seems like an odd design. Why does this ...
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-17 votes
1 answer

Can we remove "not reproducible" from off-topic reasons in the Staging Ground?

When a question in the Staging Ground lacks details for reproducing the issue, it should be marked as "Requires Major Changes" instead of being closed as off-topic. The close reason "...
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0 answers

Make reputation indicator background color different from green if it is from another community

A user with accounts on multiple community sites across the stack exchange network may gain reputation from any of these sites, given they have contributed a question or answer. The reputation ...
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0 answers

Should Stack Overflow pursue crypto? [duplicate]

I was wondering if Stack Overflow should pursue a crypto token, or maybe convert badges into NFTs or something else. Engagement will be higher and users will stop running to AI to get bland responses, ...
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0 answers

Is "Try <X>" an answer? [duplicate]

I flagged this proposed answer as NAA ("not an answer"). For posterity, here's the full text: Try running with Administrator rights. The flag was "Declined". The reason given: &...
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0 answers

The text box of the duplicate search dialog in Staging Ground is unreachable on mobile

On my iPhone 12 Mini running Firefox, I am unable to vote to close as duplicate. On the initial Staging Ground review screen, when I click open an SG question, "Vote to close as duplicate" ...
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0 answers

Dynamically change amount of shown Staging Ground questions depending on review activity

The top questions page as well as some other pages now include Staging Ground posts. However, some people are more interested in reviewing and better understand the system than others. This brings me ...
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0 answers

May I stop getting "... new item in your Staging Ground Testing inbox" notifications? [closed]

Today, I got an email notification from Stack Overflow for Teams for the Staging Ground Beta testers The relevant part of the message body is 1 For You notification a question you answered is due for ...
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Synonym proposal: [codegen] β†’ [code-generation]

These two tags are both in use for a mix of different kinds of code generation. 3,690 Γ— code-generation 247 Γ— codegen codegen seems to be occasionally used in the specific jargon sense β€œwhat machine ...
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0 answers

Would it be okay to ask why the question is being downvoted, in the comments of the question? [duplicate]

Here's a question I saw earlier today. NodeJS difference between require() and --require The answer to the question is clear to me, and seems obvious, but I could understand why someone would ask it. ...
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34 votes
4 answers

Are "Is my understanding correct" questions appropriate?

My program was crashing and I eventually came up with a theory about what I was doing wrong. Based on that theory, I made a change and now my program works. However, I want to be sure that my ...
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