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disambiguation of [loki] in favor of [grafana-loki]

There is a tag loki. From tags description: Loki is a C++ library of designs, containing flexible implementations of common design patterns and idioms. Loki was written by Andrei Alexandrescu. It ...
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What is the time limit for reporting CoC violations? Can past violations be reported?

A few years back I got attacked by someone with privileges that first vandalized (i.e. changed content to something quite different) one reply I wrote and then apparently with the help of a few ...
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What changes were made to the Code of Conduct on May 31, 2023?

There is no clear delineation of what is new/changed and what is the same among the "updated" code of conduct announced on May 31, 2023. What was changed/added?
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Why I can't ask for recommendations for software libraries? [duplicate]

We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more. Edit the question so it can be answered with facts and citations. You can edit the question or post a ...
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How can a user show "code" on a visual tool?

In this question, the OP is using an automated tool - one that records actions and then can be adjusted. There is no "code" to be provided. Yet, it has been closed, requesting a minimal, ...
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Can't search on my Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color

I am using Stack Overflow quite a lot (for questioning and answering). Recently, I bought an Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color with has a 7.8″ E Ink color screen with a resolution of 468x624 (in portrait mode). ...
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How can I find questions that I haven't voted to close?

I'd like to find a way to get a list of questions that have a particular tag and that have zero answers aren't closed and that I have not voted to close It's easy to use the advanced search help to ...
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Should we add an "entity-framework-core-7" tag?

There's a new (November 2022) release of EF Core — version 7, which has some major differences from previous versions (e.g. it doesn't support lazy loading, as for now). Should there be a specific tag ...
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Continuation of the voting button design rollout [closed]

Please continue to process the voting button design rollout by reverting¹, then applying abstraction. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever. If you asked me what I'd wish, then I would say: ...
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Does the policy change for AI-generated content affect users who (want to) flag such content?

There was a post announcing new policy regarding AI Generated content: What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content? So far I haven't seen any announcements regarding changes in Temporary ...
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Is it possible to change Stack Overflow overall text color to custom? [duplicate]

I would like to have the (high contrast) text color instead of piercing white to be kind and soft greenish like in military jets and such are used. Is there some kind of overall setting to make it ...
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My question was closed, what did I miss?

My question, found here: What is a simple, fast method to draw triangles to bitmap in C#? .. was closed. As far as I can tell the close message only says it invites opinion. I don't think this is ...
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Misdelivery of [package] and [java-package] (disambiguation/deduplication needed)

There are two tags that deal with Java packages: package and java-package. The java-package tag is clearly and specifically for questions relating to Java packages. The package tag, on the other hand,...
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If I cannot ask more questions, what alternative do I have to get more chances for future questions? [duplicate]

I understand that trying to make a very good question can be hard. But the issue I face now is how and when I will be allowed to post more questions at all. Since the questions used at least seem not ...
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Selected voting buttons on meta could use more contrast

I noticed that as of today, the design change to the +/- buttons which I recall seeing discussed a while ago has been implemented. The circles around the up and down arrows does (in my opinion) make ...
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The tag [non-nullable] and [nullable] should be synonyms of [nullability]

I am reasking Make [non-nullable], [nullable] and [nullability] synonyms because the old question originally asked a different question (Make non-nullable synonym of nullable) so the voting on the old ...
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Should we merge tag [fbconnect] into [facebook]?

Since facebook-connect is a synonym for facebook, I think it makes sense that fbconnect should also be a synonym since they refer to the same thing. Guidance says: fbconnect is an abbreviation for ...
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Does SO allow blocking users who troll? [duplicate]

How can I block users who negate my question and have it closed? Here's my only question I posted. Within minutes it's closed. Does stackoverflow allow blocking users who troll in the name of keeping ...
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Are questions asking about the purpose of a particular snippet of code within a non-documented library within the scope of the site?

Are questions asking about the purpose of a particular snippet of code within a non-documented, well-known library/package/repository (e.g. DeepSort) within the scope of the site?
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Half of the New Privilege message is in a language I don't speak

I just earned the "access moderator tools" privilege, but the message under the achievements dialog is a bit odd: I don't speak Spanish and (as far as I know) never indicated to Stack ...
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Can we properly sort all this [cargo]?

The tag cargo is currently defined to be about some Java EE tool, but it's often used to be about the Rust tool rust-cargo (currently 77 questions [rust] [cargo]) or a site builder (31 ...
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Reviews - No code first-question, with a to-do list to be accomplished

While doing my daily reviews, I came across this question. It seemed to me some sort of "Please code something for me, I will not write anything". I chose to share a feedback (this is a user ...
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Abusive admins are deleting requests to reopen the question together with supplemental reasons to reopen it [closed]

The following question asking about a regex to truncate an alphanumeric string to two decimal places and remove non numeric characters was closed citing that the answer was provided in another ...
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In the automated closing message, should it mention the existence of alternative SE sites when a question is closed for seeking recommendations?

Disclaimer: This question is not about what is the appropriate response to take as an individual when a question is seeking recommendations or is off-topic like this question. It's a question about ...
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code formatting lost after edit, revert would not fix it

I made an edit to this answer, (changed "unicode" to "str") however when I saved the edit, the code formatting was lost. I quickly reverted the edit, however the code formatting ...
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Understanding Question Closure on Stack Overflow: A Concern and Feedback on Current Community Policies

I recently posted a question about implementing reusable background services in Flutter for Android and iOS. However, it was closed with the reason "This question needs to be more focused." ...
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Useful answer deleted by anti-experts, please restore [duplicate]

Someone tried to speed up their code using a certain function. Instead it got slower and they asked why. I wrote an answer that: Informed them why, namely that that function doesn't stop early like ...
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Why is my question closed, but the close reason is not true? [duplicate]

I've got a good-quality question: My question. But it is closed as needs debugging details, and my question provides all the needed debugging details. Why is this close vote accepted?
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Need help formulating a question

I have a problem and wonder how to solve it. However, due to unclear solution, I'm pretty sure that the formulation will be considered as making slacking off, making others do my job. So is not the ...
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Should 'I don't know' be discouraged from titles? [closed]

I've noticed a few questions today with titles like this: 'I don't know why function x isn't working', 'I don't know what is wrong here', 'I don't know how to fix this.' Should the 'I don't know' ...
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Addressing and Handling Questions Relating to Violating Platform Policies of Other Platforms [duplicate]

Every once in a while, a question on the discord.js tag relating to self-botting and or mass spamming is brought up. The users ask for help debugging code that is intended to initiate a bot client on ...
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How to prevent users from posting images instead code

Every day there are a lot of images of code that appear in questions, which is, unless absolutely necessary, against the rules. My question is: Why doesn't SO make it harder for users to use images? ...
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How to get unbanned from asking question on Stack Overflow? My question was deleted and I'm unable to edit them to improve! [duplicate]

My account was banned for asking some wrong questions on Stack Overflow. I've been trying to fix my karma but not sure how to do that. It says edit your questions to fit with guidelines but when I'm ...
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Why is the Stack Overflow cookies consent screen persistent [duplicate]

I'm getting annoyed by the fact that this new Stack Overflow cookies consent screen stays persistent and hinders my experience, every time I open a new page, it just goes ahead and opens up again, how ...
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Why is a downvote on high-quality question? [closed]

I have got a high-quality question: The question. It is high quality. Can anyone help me?
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What's the problem with this question?

I asked a simple and straightforward question. It has four downvotes, but no comments to say why. What's wrong with it?
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Should there be some kind of lock for accepting an answer? [duplicate]

The regular activity cycle on Stack Overflow involves a user asking a question, then, provided the question is of good quality, other users having understood the question can provide an answer to that ...
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Site asks on each new window to choose cookie settings whether I click one or not - how to stop it from asking again and again? [duplicate]

Today, I had a strange thing in the Cookie settings that I have never run into before. I had to click on the cookie settings again and again, at each new window that I surfed, although I was in the ...
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Roomba'd questions are appearing in search (again)

This has now been fixed twice. As of approximately 2023-04-10, the date some of the first questions were deleted, the bug has regressed. Demo search; note that the search is inaccurate, and does ...
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The case of the excessive space in burnination banners

Burnination notices have gotten some excessive spacing at the top and bottom: This has also applied retroactively to completion banners: I have not checked the featured burnination notice, but I ...
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Messed up buttons in Tag Watching & Ignoring settings

Issue Go to your user page > Settings > Email Settings > Tag Watching & Ignoring (Page: Possible fix(es) Both buttons are being ...
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What can I do to get question privileges reinstated on my SO.main account? [duplicate]

I've recently been banned from asking questions on the SO main site. I looked through the help page, and tried to address the problems in my questions, but the majority of my posts have been received ...
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Missing margin around "post your answer" button

When I'm not logged into my SO account, under the "Your Answer" field, I see the post your answer button, along with some text to the left of it (I'm not using an RTL layout) that has no ...
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Can a C++ tagged question be closed as a duplicate of a C tagged question when the answer applies to both the languages

I come across many c++ asked/tagged questions for which there already exists many duplicate posts but sometimes those posts are tagged with only c. For example, suppose a user asks a C++ tagged ...
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How can I find out why this flag was declined, when the question is deleted?

I raised a "not an answer flag" for this answer: Remove line break from br for mobile/tablet devices. I'm curious because it was the only flag of mine rejected this month. However, I can't ...
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Latest Chrome breaks Stack Snippets (113.0.5672.126)

I've just upgraded my Google Chrome to version 113.0.5672.126 (Official Build) (arm64) on macOS 13.2.1. But afterwards, all Stack Snippets stopped working I've uninstalled all my extensions I've ...
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Why was this question reopened when there were already many duplicates explaining the problem which could be used to solve OP's problem?

I recently closed Why does my code work without inheritance but not with inheritance in C++? as it has plenty of duplicates (around 6) of which I can found in the first search on Google. But then some ...
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Provide a "grace period" to undo/retract bounty assignments (in case of misclicks)

When you upvote or downvote on something, you have a few minutes to change your mind. But when you award a bounty, it's just one click and it's done. There isn't even a confirmation! I've just ...
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"Code not properly formatted as code" when attempting to blockquote a table

In a recent answer, I was attempting to cite a specific line in a table from the official documentation. Due to its formatting, I thought it would be better to format the quoted section as a table. ...
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I waited nearly one hour, but my post has only five views

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to convert labels shape from (x,1) to (x, ) I waited nearly one hour, but my post has only five views. I created this account, because my main ...
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