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The yearling badge is a badge awarded to anyone who has been an active member for a year with 200 or more reputation.

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What is meant by ‘active member’ in the description of the Yearling badge?

The description for the Yearling badge, states the following: Active member for a year, earning at least 200 reputation. What are the conditions for a user to qualify as an “active member”? While ...
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It's raining 'Yearling' badges [duplicate]

I am getting a new batch of these roughly every 30 minutes after I've made my first post on Meta Stack Overflow a couple of hours ago. Any thoughts on that, anybody?
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I've earned four "Yearling" badges in the past 48 hours [duplicate]

On Meta Stack Overflow, I received the "Yearling" badge four times in the past 48 hours:
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Earning Yearling badge does it get me 200 reputation? [duplicate]

I earned recently the Yearling badge, as the message says in the achievements : (active member for a year, earning at least 200 reputation), am i supposed to get 200 reputation? because i did not ...
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What are the conditions for the yearling badge?

Will I get the Yearling badge if I: am inactive on Stack Overflow am less activity have not posted anything on SO thus far visit the site once in a week visit the site once in a month visit the ...
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Yearling badge not awarded since assocation bonus

Since I got the association bonus, November 6 2015, I didn't get the yearling badge. As I understand it, the association bonus doesn't count for the yearling badge. So I understand I didn't get the ...
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I have been awarded the Yearling badge twice in less than 2 years

I have been a user in stackoverflow for 518 days. And today I got my second yearling badge! Is there something wrong with the way this badge been given or the badge documentation is wrong? Active ...
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Why are we getting yearling badges for a site that is 1 day old?

The title says it all, why are we getting yearling badges on MSO for a site that is 1 day old?
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