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For questions about the filter which automatically scans new/edited content for forbidden words, and prevents them from being posted to the site.

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What is technically forbidden in the comment? [duplicate]

I have tried to write a comment on regexes: `(-[1-7]|[0-4])`. `-0` is not a correct expression. And I am getting a strange reaction: I have already written on Meta about obviously incorrect ...
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Why can't I include "del" in title?

I was typing out a question asking for help with the windows del command. Then it said that I couldn't use "del" in the title. Why can't I use that word?
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I would like to be able to edit questions without correcting issues with the title

This isn't the first time I've bumped up against this, but its been enough times that I'm starting to grind my teeth about it. I just made this edit: ...
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Cannot point out that what the OP is doing is rep whoring

There was that question where the OP meant it to be self-answered, but demanded 10 upvotes before they would post the solution. I wanted to point out to the OP that this behaviour is called rep ...
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Ban boilerplate comments on downvoting as well ( or at least make them one vote deletes )

Boilerplate comments that say things like "read the FAQ", "show your work", etc are banned, I think we should ban the various comments about down voting as well. "downvoter explain", "why the downvote"...
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3 answers

Should we edit all "Final Solution" expression usages on the site?

Based on this discussion results, I think it is obvious that community is mostly against these words on the site, because they can hurt someone. Currently I see the 19 usages of this expression on ...
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