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For questions about the Winter Bash (holiday hats) to celebrate the end of the year 2020, which will run from December 16th 2020 to January 4th 2021.

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Was "Quarantine Hair" hat designed to be gender-inclusive?

The Quarantine Hair hat is quite clever but I paused: is this hat gender-inclusive? I happen to have short hair in my profile photo (I identify as she/her), but the hair-hat does seem slanted toward ...
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1 answer

The number of accounts created during the private beta doesn't seem to match the user IDs

One of the questions on the Winter Bash 2020 quiz asks how many accounts were created during the first year of Stack Overflow beginning on the day the site was created, on July 31, 2008. The resource ...
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Did I not get the Cordovan hat because I "cleaned up" too fast?

Note: I don't believe this is a duplicate of Can we lose hats?, since I never got the hat in the first place but am wondering whether I "destroyed" the requirements for it before they could ...
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Why do some developers take Winter Bash dead serious?

There were plenty of questions regarding the hats on Meta Stack Overflow and some developers take Winter Bash dead serious and play hours. I'm just curious to know, do we have any prizes for the ...
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Why am I not getting the Milliner hat?

I have 11 hats now over a few sites (Which I'm very proud about) and I knew that you can get the Milliner hat if you have a 11 hats. But I haven't received the hat yet. This is the hat I'm talking ...
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Winter Bash Leaderboard's search is not working with umlauts

When trying to find myself at the Winter Bash Leaderboard I noticed that the search can't deal with umlauts. When I search for Bill T I can find myself, but if I type Bill Tü I no longer get any ...
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Winter Dash 2020, Wearing a hat that is not owned [duplicate]

Yesterday I had for example 12 hats, then the next day it decreased to 10. After that I wore a hat like this because of the glitch effect when I wanted to wear a hat. But I don't have that hat in ...
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I earned the right to run fast and jump for joy on Winter Bash—what does this mean?

I see in the drop-down notification menu for Winter Bash that I have earned some right, but what does it mean?
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2 answers

I've enabled dark mode, where's my hat?

I saw this hat: My first reaction was, "SO has a dark mode?!" So I hunted out the setting and turned it on. I didn't like it. So I pretty much immediately turned it off again. Where's my ...
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Why was I awarded the Matryoshka hat when I don't even have close-vote privileges?

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have just been awarded the Matryoshka hat: I can't even vote to close or open any questions apart from my own, and I've only voted to reopen a single ...
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Can we lose hats? [duplicate]

This morning I had 10 hats, and now 8; I know I lost at least one secret hat (Balalaika). I think the other is the one I wear (Disciple). Is this possible or is it an update bug?
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2 answers

Did a gust of wind make me lose my hat?

Yesterday I "won" a secret hat in the shape of a flag (sorry, I only remember the initial of his name "V") but today it is no longer on my list of hats. Since it is a secret hat, ...
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What is the frequency of Winter Bash 2020 Leaderboard updates?

What is the frequency of Winter Bash 2020 Leaderboard updates? Stack Overflow Leaderboard still shows me with lesser number of hats which I've collected almost 24 hours ago.
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2 answers

Can I earn secret hats by playing Hat Dash?

I know this is supposed to be a secret, but... I've finally made it to the Hat Dash leaderboard, but was disappointed to find that I got no secret hat from it. My question is, can you get secret hats ...
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How can I deal with Winter Bash hats blocking page controls?

As I do every now and then, I went to Adrian Mole's profile to see what they've been getting up to recently. Next to the "Profile" button there's usually an "Activity" button that ...
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Hat position is fixed on page, doesn't move down when you Run a code snippet

When a code snippet is executed it expands to show output, and everything below it moves down -- except for hats on profile pics: Initial view When running On closer inspection, there appear to be ...
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Can't see my hats on mobile version

I was looking at SO on my mobile, and for some reason I kept looking and couldn't find any thing about winter bash on SO on my phone, I can't see the winter bash logo on the top right, and the number ...
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Winter bash icon keep having a [1] in front of it even tho I already clicked on it [closed]

I came across a bug, in the top right of the screen I always see this: An extra 1 on the winter bash icon, it doesn't go away een if I click on it.
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In Dark Mode, highlighted Winter Bash announcements have the wrong color

With dark mode enabled, all highlighted Winter Bash notifications in the Winter Bash menu have the wrong background color: This applies to all new notifications, but it is especially noticeable on ...
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Can we have masks for Winter Bash 2020 instead of hats?

Since Winter Bash 2020 is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to have masks this year instead of hats. Masks would seem very 2020.
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Winter Bash 2020 - is it around the corner? [closed]

Are we going to have Winter Bash 2020 soon? Frankly speaking, I am quite tired of this year and want this holiday season. Probably, many people here share my feelings :)
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