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For questions about the use of wildcards in Stack Overflow, e.g. when searching.

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Question got filtered by ignored tags even though it shouldn't as there are no matching tag (or wildcard tag)

The question How do i add an Extra JsonProperty to an existing JsonDocument? has/had as of writing this post the following tags: c# system.text.json I have several ignored tags configured, including ...
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There seems to be a problem with wildcards in watched/ignored tags

First off, be careful if you try to experiment with this. Somehow I inadvertently removed all my wildcard tags from watched tags and I can't put them back. I was trying to add a tag with a wildcard ...
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Searching: exclude all but one tag. [duplicate]

Whilst reading this question: We need to improve our [communication] I wanted to get some number regarding the amount of questions using communication as their only tag. I decided to do a search using:...
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Not able to use wild cards in tab filters [closed]

It is possible to use wild cards in favorite and ignored tags as shown below, which I find to be a very useful feature. But it's not possible to do the same in a tab: If I click the "save" ...
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