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Questions related to the Stack Overflow aims of becoming more "welcoming" to newer users. Use this for discussions about potential policy changes, and not to deal with specific incidents (except as mentioned as part of broader discussions).

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Display a message to the OP the first time they receive a downvote

Here's the feature request: When a new user receives a downvote on a question they asked for the first time, the system should display a message, only visible to that user, similar to the existing ...
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The "contact us" link is hidden behind a "sign up" banner for people who don't have accounts

I was testing something in as an unregistered user and spotted that the "contact us" link is hidden behind the "sign up" banner: Can the link be moved to the top of the "Company" list? People shouldn'...
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Could reviewers get linked to guidelines / best practices on the review queues pages?

I recently got access to review queues on SO (for Triage, First Posts, Late Answers) and have since reviewed around ~100 submissions in Triage and First Posts, each. When someone called me out on a ...
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Improve comment experience for new contributors: tip about editing information into the question

Similar to my experience telling users to use @ to ping, I also often find myself explaining how to use the [edit] link to include additional information in the question, itself, instead of in a ...
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"Do you consider yourself a member of the Stack Overflow community?" Question

Since when the "welcoming wagon" started, I have this little question in my mind: Are answers to "Do you consider yourself a member of the Stack Overflow community?" really coherent to what we ...
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Have the comments posted on Stack Overflow by itself become more friendly over the years?

Looking at the graph showing the historic evolution of the percentage of unfriendly comments made (red line) as detected by the Unfriendly Comments Robot v2 (UC-R2) taken from this answer of Did Stack ...
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Prompt new users to try Stack Snippets

I've been using SO for a fair while now and only just learned today about how to make Stack Snippets. My initial impression was that code entered into a message/post would automatically become a ...
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Stack Overflow's Public Relations Mistake About "Welcoming" and How to Fix It by Implementing an Index of Examples as Reference Material

I read Jay Hanlon's post on Welcoming and, in spite of a number of problematic mistakes, I think I understand what Stack Overflow is trying to say, but I do not think they know how to say it. In fact, ...
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