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Questions tagged [welcoming]

Questions related to the Stack Overflow aims of becoming more "welcoming" to newer users. Use this for discussions about potential policy changes, and not to deal with specific incidents (except as mentioned as part of broader discussions).

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The question asking experiment in "Unconvering SO toxicity" by Alex Ziskind [duplicate]

A year ago, a YouTuber named Alex Ziskind published this video: Uncovering StackOverflow's TOXICITY One can discuss all sorts of aspects of that video. But - I don't want to do that, nor do I accept ...
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Another slap in our face with this newest Stack Overflow blog post [closed]

"Are LLMs the end of computer programming (as we know it)?", ask our overlords at Stack Exchange Inc, through the person of Ben Popper (sp?), the Director-of-Content, and Ryan Donovan, blog ...
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Replace question downvotes and closure with a roomba-enabled "no community value" flag

I know how to mitigate the "fall of Stack Overflow". The site should be made newbie-friendly Or, rather, question-friendly. I realize that such a blunt suggestion is likely to be met with ...
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How about an interactive welcoming tutorial?

Some students say: without a clear understanding of the community’s rules, it was hard to get started. [...] it seemed like the site punished people for not knowing how to engage with the community ...
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Is starting an answer with "Welcome to Stack Overflow" discouraged? [duplicate]

I posted this answer on a question asked by a new Stack Overflow user. Since the Stack Overflow user was new, I decided to start my answer with “Welcome to Stack Overflow!”. However, my answer was ...
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Did I just get told off by email? If so, what did I do?

I just received an email from Stack Overflow with the subject "Stack Overflow - Guiding question askers - Part 1", which appears to be (quite patronisingly and passive-aggressively IMHO) telling me ...
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2 answers

Why do people downvote questions from people with only a few reputations? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Why do we separate ViewModels per Activity/Fragment? This is a question I got from a professional website and I couldn't answer the question. The ...
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Under the radar: unmonitored tags

So here's a systemic problem I've noticed for a while: tags without active moderators are generally much worse than tags that do have active moderators. A lot of the "unwelcoming" atmosphere on Stack ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Another new user complaining about the site being unfriendly and elitist ... what to do differently?

Screenshot: The fire-script of the 'MachineGun script (js)' does what he wants (from The answers of https://answers.unity....
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175 votes
21 answers

How can we stop failing the users who we actually want to join, and remain as, members of our community?

For context, please read this excellent answer by Scratte, one of the very users this question is concerned with. What was your reaction to that answer? Sadness? Shame? Despair? Because those were ...
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3 answers

When do we stop blaming the community?

After a contribution hiatus from SO for reasons of time, meta drama, and general lack of quality, I have "come back" during my downtime. And basically, nothing has changed. All these welcoming posts, ...
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Have the comments posted on Stack Overflow by itself become more friendly over the years?

Looking at the graph showing the historic evolution of the percentage of unfriendly comments made (red line) as detected by the Unfriendly Comments Robot v2 (UC-R2) taken from this answer of Did Stack ...
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"Do you consider yourself a member of the Stack Overflow community?" Question

Since when the "welcoming wagon" started, I have this little question in my mind: Are answers to "Do you consider yourself a member of the Stack Overflow community?" really coherent to what we ...
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Dissecting a specific instance of an unwelcoming complaint

Here's an interesting situation I came across recently that I thought could be an object lesson in what is wrong with Stack Overflow these days. (None of this is particularly new, but examples help to ...
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Did Stack Exchange cut the number of negative comments nearly in half between the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2019 and January 21, 2020?

Franck Dernoncourt asked, over on Skeptics: Did Stack Exchange cut the number of negative comments nearly in half between the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2019 and January 21, 2020? It's not ...
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46 votes
9 answers

Is being welcoming mutually exclusive to question quality?

I'm interested in people's ideas about this statement: Being welcoming is not mutually exclusive to question quality. I first saw a variation of it in a comment from the CEO. Respectfully, we ...
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45 answers

An account of my meeting with the Stack Overflow management team

Recently, Prashanth Chandrasekar introduced himself on Stack Overflow Meta and engaged with us. I, Aaron Hall, a moderator, wrote up my synthesis of where I think we currently stand, and I offered to ...
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Why was question 58112290 removed?

I tried hard to understand the reasoning behind closing this question. I couldn't get it, so I am asking for help here. I'll post it here because some users might not see it. Java Thread - Thread ...
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5 answers

A prime example of the culture issue facing new users of the site

A new user posted a now deleted question, How to save random generated numbers. In essence, it is asking how to store a random number into a variable. Given the OPs statement: "I have not really ...
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Improve comment experience for new contributors: tip about editing information into the question

Similar to my experience telling users to use @ to ping, I also often find myself explaining how to use the [edit] link to include additional information in the question, itself, instead of in a ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Improve the comments interface for new contributors (and reduce work for curators): how to "ping"

I spent some time in the "First Questions" queue the other day, as well as fielding a number of posts from new users in my tags during the last week... And I found myself regularly telling the ...
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5 votes
3 answers

The question was closed as "unclear what you are asking". Why?

I am curious to know why this was closed as "unclear what you are asking". I would need to match the average score to a letter grade. That means if (90 < avg && avg < 100) { ...
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149 votes
4 answers

Does the company still want this to be a library of knowledge?

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It's built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we're ...
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Prompt new users to try Stack Snippets

I've been using SO for a fair while now and only just learned today about how to make Stack Snippets. My initial impression was that code entered into a message/post would automatically become a ...
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6 answers

Is this how we want to treat newcomers?

I'm not totally sold on the whole "Stack Overflow is a mean site" thing. But yesterday a new user posted a frustrated question to Meta asking why every question is either closed or ignored, and they ...
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StackOverflow has a problem with the way they welcome new users [duplicate]

I keep seeing all these low-quality, unresearched posts on SO. And a large majority of them are from 5 reputation and lower. Eventually these new users learn but not after taking a beating of ...
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Add the "Insufficient information" banner when new users are answering a question for the first time

I think a good idea to help new users be more accustomed to the site would be to add the "Insufficient information" banner when they click "Answer this question" and they haven't answered a question ...
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161 votes
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Feedback on the blog post: Is this the actual mission and goal of Stack Overflow now?

I've perused the new blog post — What a very bad day at work taught me about building Stack Overflow’s community. There are some decent points being made in there with respect to the amount of ...
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625 votes
19 answers

The Stack Overflow I wish to build and participate in is no longer supported

tl;dr: There is no tl;dr. If you don't wish to read the entire thing, then don't worry about it. I was hoping my month off would've cooled me off a bit or at least given me a different perspective ...
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3 answers

How should bare links in comments be flagged? [duplicate]

I just flagged a comment that simply consisted of several links and nothing else, something like:* idownvotedbecau....
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-18 votes
1 answer

Is Stack Overflow too pedantic about "undefined behaviors"?

Today I asked this question, which I was expecting an answer explaining why, possibly involving analysis of the generated assembly. It didn't took more than a few minutes before a C gold tag badge ...
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A fact-based refutation of an assertion from that "Stack Overflow Isn't Very Welcoming" blog post

I'm sure everyone here knows of that infamous post. I'm also sure that everyone knows that, when asked to provide hard evidence for this claim: Too many people experience Stack Overflow¹ as a hostile ...
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19 votes
4 answers

What really amounts to "be nice to new contributors"? [duplicate]

This is the post that made me thinking: Python - Array - homework. Screenshot for <10k users: I totally agree with all the comments that Stack Overflow is not a homework forum. However, when I ...
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What's wrong with this question that asks why true>false evaluates to true? (Deleted; screenshot for <10k users) There are a few problems with it that I think would be solved by editing it - for ...
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Identify answers that just copy content from the question and say nothing more

I flagged a (now-deleted) answer on this question as NAA, because it was literally nothing more than the code snippet copied from the question, and pasted into the answer box. It was identical, except ...
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-28 votes
4 answers

What should be done to change people's perception that Stack Overflow is hostile? [closed]

Another user told me to search for questions about "hostility" on Meta Stack Overflow and that is exactly what I did. Many people seem to think that the Stack Overflow community is hostile, unfriendly ...
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32 votes
11 answers

How can the example "unwelcoming" comments be improved?

So the new welcome wagon rolled in and brought us more examples of comments considered "not welcoming". While I did participate in the survey and found a few comments that I found not welcoming, I ...
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1 answer

Comment rating bot, which bucket am I in?

I just read the new blog post about the comment rating experiment here: Welcome Wagon: Community and Comments on Stack Overflow In the post, they separate raters out into categories of recruited by ...
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158 votes
10 answers

Can we be more welcoming by managing expectations?

I've just cleared the First Posts review queue. Only one of the questions I could assess did not merit a vote-to-close or a VLQ flag. How "welcome" do you suppose those newcomers feel? We already ...
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36 votes
3 answers

Should I do the Comment Evaluator 5000?

So it turns out that my invite to the Comment Evaluator 5000 from two weeks ago ended up in my spam bucket. When I discovered it, I went to the evaluator and started answering questions. But in the ...
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1 answer

A tale of two comments

Not too long ago there was a question where someone had found code elsewhere and wanted it modified. At the core of the code was a (Get-Date).AddDays(-1) (which is PowerShell for "subtract one day ...
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93 votes
12 answers

Be nice, be nice, be nice, yes, but what if the question is horrifically egregiously bad?

So yes, it is being drummed into us to always be nice, but good lord almighty, what to do when you run into horrific, terrible, and just plain lazy homework dump questions, questions such as this ...
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Add the ability to mark questions as "answered here" (a.k.a. duplicates of answers) [duplicate]

TL;DR - Make the dupe dialog accept links to answers, and when that happens, have the dupe banner added by the system to link to that specific answer, not the question. Consider the following ...
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243 votes
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Display a message to the OP the first time they receive a downvote

Here's the feature request: When a new user receives a downvote on a question they asked for the first time, the system should display a message, only visible to that user, similar to the existing ...
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11 votes
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Can we make receiving a downvote a more welcoming experience? [duplicate]

People tend to take downvotes personally[citation needed]. It seems that new users are more likely than established users to feel negative about a downvote, and since new users are less familiar with ...
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52 votes
2 answers

How do people join communities these days? [closed]

I remember a time before Stack Overflow. Not much, and not well; there are certainly people with more and longer experience of those dark days than me (I've even heard that there was a time where ...
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Can humour play a part in comments, and are these comments so rude and unwelcoming? I just got a reminder to be nice

I just got flagged for being rude and unwelcoming. No dramas there though; I sometimes get a little pointy. Also I understand what Stack Overflow is trying to do in light of those silly blog ...
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Can we statistically detect changes in friendliness from the Welcome Wagon, new CoC, New Contributor Indicator, etc?

Can we statistically analyze the success of the Welcome Wagon, new Code of Conduct, and related UI changes? I did some analysis I'll provide as a self-answer below, but new answers and edits are more ...
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50 votes
3 answers

Changes to "How should duplicate questions be handled" FAQ?

I came across an answer to an obvious duplicate recently, along the lines of: As answered here var date1 = new Date("7/13/2010"); var date2 = new Date("12/15/2010"); var timeDiff = Math.abs(...
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95 votes
6 answers

Are "You clearly don't understand X" comments unwelcoming?

So, there was a question asked. I offered some comments to try to help the OP. They definitely weren't answers but were suggestions on different approaches they might want to take. I'm deliberately ...
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