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The WebSockets technology is used on Stack Overflow to give you real-time updates of a page, like achievement and inbox notifications, new/updated questions, and updating scores. Use this tag e.g. for bugs related to WebSockets; use the main site if you have programming questions related to WebSockets.

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WebSocket connection for updates tries to switch to insecure

There is currently a bug in Stack Overflow JS that leads to realtime updates failure. I load SO pages through HTTPS; e.g. Active questions for a tag, like
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Websockets for tags I searched for

If I input tags on the tag page and connect them with any then I get new questions notifications through the web socket. Example link But if I search for tags and connect them in the search box with ...
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How does Stack Overflow not have "x questions with new activity" on the home page?

It is known that Stack Overflow (main site) does not have "x question(s) with new activity" banner due to the traffic being heavy. It is also known that such information is delivered via websocket + ...
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Can't connect to websockets URL

In all my browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) I am getting an error about not being able to establish a connection to the server at wss:// I have disabled all plugins, ...
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