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The WebSockets technology is used on Stack Overflow to give you real-time updates of a page, like achievement and inbox notifications, new/updated questions, and updating scores. Use this tag e.g. for bugs related to WebSockets; use the main site if you have programming questions related to WebSockets.

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74 votes
2 answers

Posts flickers if text is selected

For one or two days, I've noticed that questions on Stack Overflow are frequently flickering: disappearing for a short while and then reappearing. I first thought it did it when a new edit or ...
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Why do stale Stack Overflow tabs use so many resources?

I have a tendency to leave a lot of browser tabs open. I just noticed in Chrome Task Manager that the tabs on Stack Overflow that I haven't looked at in a while are over 2 GB memory and 100% ...
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14 votes
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WebSocket connection for updates tries to switch to insecure

There is currently a bug in Stack Overflow JS that leads to realtime updates failure. I load SO pages through HTTPS; e.g. Active questions for a tag, like
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