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The WebSockets technology is used on Stack Overflow to give you real-time updates of a page, like achievement and inbox notifications, new/updated questions, and updating scores. Use this tag e.g. for bugs related to WebSockets; use the main site if you have programming questions related to WebSockets.

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How does Stack Overflow real-time updates work?

How does Stack Overflow fetch updates regarding posts? For example, whenever someone updates their answer or the author changes the question, you'll see notifications on the screen like this post has ...
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Stack Overflow HTTP passing through some workplace firewall

My workplace uses a strict HTTP firewall that only provide scanned versions of original websites, and not the original website itself. There is no way to bypass it since it is enforced on the system ...
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The ' new activity ' bar in the search is not showing up anymore, is it because of the "Testing new traffic management tool"?

Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2 Google Chrome 103.0.5060.66 64bits Mozilla Firefox 102.0 (64-bits) Brave 1.40.109 Chromium: 103.0.5060.66 (Official Version) 64 bits Android 8.0.0; SM-G935F Build/R16W ...
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How does Stack Overflow not have "x questions with new activity" on the home page?

It is known that Stack Overflow (main site) does not have "x question(s) with new activity" banner due to the traffic being heavy. It is also known that such information is delivered via websocket + ...
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Stack Overflow homepage not loading new questions

The Stack Overflow homepage used to load more questions without reloading the page. Now, I have to reload the page to see new questions. This happened after the change they made to the design of the ...
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Not showing notification when new question arrives

I visit Stack Overflow daily using Chrome on Windows 7. When I click on PHP tag and then newest tab so it doesn't give a notification as daily gives when new question arrives. I have pinned Stack ...
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Why do stale Stack Overflow tabs use so many resources?

I have a tendency to leave a lot of browser tabs open. I just noticed in Chrome Task Manager that the tabs on Stack Overflow that I haven't looked at in a while are over 2 GB memory and 100% ...
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Is there a way to reset the web sockets?

If I send multiple (for ex.) 1-question-123 -124 -125 I get back realtime updates for those questions, already tried, and it works. Stack Overflow refresh the page each time you enter a page, so the ...
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Posts flickers if text is selected

For one or two days, I've noticed that questions on Stack Overflow are frequently flickering: disappearing for a short while and then reappearing. I first thought it did it when a new edit or ...
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Can't connect to websockets URL

In all my browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) I am getting an error about not being able to establish a connection to the server at wss:// I have disabled all plugins, ...
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Websockets for tags I searched for

If I input tags on the tag page and connect them with any then I get new questions notifications through the web socket. Example link But if I search for tags and connect them in the search box with ...
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WebSocket connection for updates tries to switch to insecure

There is currently a bug in Stack Overflow JS that leads to realtime updates failure. I load SO pages through HTTPS; e.g. Active questions for a tag, like
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SE keeps loading because is switching protocols

At my work computer, I sometimes get this weird situation where the quarter circle in the Chrome Tab keeps spinning. I've checked the network activity, and it shows that ...
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