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Peer voting on questions and answers is the primary way users gain reputation, and also how many items are sorted to the top.

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Is it against the rules to vote by tag? [duplicate]

I know that voting by user is not OK. Upvoting all of a user's posts isn't OK, nor is downvoting. But what about voting by tag? What if I downvote questions for having a tag for a language I am not ...
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Minus and Plus Reputation Points for new users

Yes, I know this is an old talking point, but the current questions on meta about this don't cover my specific issue. The Scene: 1) A new user has just posted a question. The user has a reputation ...
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The spam question keeps getting downvotes after removal [duplicate]

Today I was going through the review queues and found out this question which was definitely spam. So I flagged it as spam and also downvoted. The Question score was -4 at that time and with my ...
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What were the results of the A/B experiment where negative question scores were clamped to 0?

In October 2019 the company conducted an experiment on Stack Overflow with A/B testing in which they showed score 0 if the score was in truth negative. The experiment lasted two weeks and after voting ...
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Is it a bug that I can upvote a question a second time after it was migrated? [duplicate]

This Stack Exchange question which I up-voted on Stack Exchange was migrated to Stack Overflow and I was able to up-vote it again. Thus, as of now it has 2 upvotes from one user (me). Is that a bug?
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Why can't I undo my upvote casted long time back?

I returned to a question asked after a few months and realized that the answer I upvoted is actually not correct. My skills in that particular area have improved and I don't agree with the answer ...
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How to cancel my vote to close?

I voted to close a question by mistake. But I can't cancel that operation. Since there're two vote-to-close before mine, the question is closed now. But now I feel I shouldn't vote to close that ...
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Information If Upvote On Answer Is From OP

I'd like to propose that if an answer is posted and then upvoted by the original poster (instead of accepting the answer), then the information on who upvoted be provided either only to the user who ...
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Bug with text of upvote/downvote reputation popup

I was looking at upvote and down vote requirements. I saw this. When I upvote: When I downvote: It should specify that upvote has one requirement(15) and downvote has another(125). Right now the ...
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Limiting downvoting on questions by new users who haven't had a chance to respond to requests for improvement [duplicate]

Here's a first-time question-asker at -11, fifteen minutes after he asked the question. He hasn't been back yet to see the comments. I see this sort of thing fairly regularly. I know as well as ...
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At only 550 rep, I can see expanded votes [duplicate]

I recently answered a question, which I thought was good, and upvoted it. I came back later and clicked the number, and to my surprise, it shows the votes (up and down). I'm only at 554 reputation, ...
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Attempting to downvote a -3 post on Teams makes the score display as -1 [closed]

I am in the -1 group in the current Stack Overflow experiment. On the Charcoal Team, there is this post. It has -3 score and vote count +2/-5. I have six reputation there, and thus can't downvote it. ...
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Bug in count of upvotes and downvotes [duplicate]

Yesterday, I noticed this particular answer had -1 count of votes and then I clicked on it to view the count of upvotes and downvotes it showed +1 upvote and -2 downvotes. Now today, when I revisited ...
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What's new with negative score of the questions? [duplicate]

I've upvoted a question and got notification: Then I checked question score:   So total is -1 instead of -2. What is it, why is it made and how it works? Does it affect all users or new ...
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Why are vote totals not correctly summing? [duplicate]

I revisited a question I downvoted and was surprised by the (relatively) high vote count. Expanding the votes showed that there were 5 downvotes and no upvotes, even though the total is listed as -1. ...
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Why can I no longer see that a post has a negative score?

Thanks for your vote! Your vote has been recorded and it affects this post's ranking. Since this post has reached the minimum score of 0 your vote will not be displayed. I just downvoted a question ...
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Can I warn people?

When users ask bad questions (often new contributors), can I warn them? What I mean is whenever I see a situation like this, usually a user with a high reputation comments on a question. Something ...
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Is downvoting associated with keeping the site "clean"?

Okay. So in the past, I have asked many bad questions. I mean they were bad. But one comment, on a certain question that has been deleted, said this about me: 340 up, 84 down. Not exactly stellar '...
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What is an appropriate response to answers that correctly identified a question author's XY problem when my problem really is X?

The other day I found How do you write the end of a file opened with FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING?, which is a question I had, too. (Mine was slightly different in that I am not using ...
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Why shouldn't I assume I know who downvoted my post?

I've been told not to assume that a specific person downvoted my post just because they commented at the same time the downvote came in. Why not? Return to FAQ index
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What are the company's expectations with regard to deceptively simple questions? A case study in the complexity of answering "beginner" questions

I ran across How to find a string from a ZIP file using Python today. With all the changes in SO's mission emphasis (now much, much more on "welcoming" than in the past), I find myself ...
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Why is 'unclear' the only condition that applies to both down vote and close vote?

Maybe not the most important issue in the world, but I found it interesting. If a question is off topic, too broad or primarily opinionated, vote to close it. If it shows no research or is not useful, ...
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Order search results by votes (not by score!)

Returning search results ordered by upvotes (or downvotes), possible? To clarify the difference between ordering by score, if I were searching for most downvoted posts I would want a question on +2 (+...
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Vote display minor bug: no + or - with three digit numbers [duplicate]

The "-" character doesn't appear if the vote count is three digits. Normal: Bug: This also happens with the "+" character(this question)
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I can't get out of my question ban because no one is voting for my new questions

I've been in a question ban for about 4 years, and have had no luck getting out. I've been asking the occasional question in hopes of getting votes to get out, but so far, they haven't been getting ...
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Why do we vote on meta posts? Measuring community feeling?

I asked a question yesterday in Meta and got a few downvotes. I thought my post was valid, so I decided to follow this answer's advise and ask people in a comment, but I didn't get any answers. I do ...
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What should I do about "pity upvoting"? [duplicate]

I've seen many bad posts that I've downvoted, yet someone else gives it an upvote to return the score to 0 (called "pity upvoting"). Take this question for example. I downvoted it because it didn't ...
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Upvote more if the answer is in function in Stack Overflow [closed]

I have a suggestion for the community: We should upvote an answer, not only by its quality but by the ease-to-adopt as well. That means that a question will more likely to be upvoted by the ...
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How to encourage users to exhibit positive behavior?

I very often see posts on various other forums regarding how StackOverflow has become a somewhat unfriendly and judgmental space to participate. This had me wondering how we can encourage users to ...
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How does changing a vote affect vote based reputation?

I understand perfectly how upvoting a question or answer affects the score of the beneficiary, and how downvoting the same affects the target and one's self. However, I don't know how changing your ...
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Do sock-puppeteers get to keep rep from answers accepted by their sock-puppet account?

I'll keep it hypothetical for now, but it relates to a real situation. In this case, the sock-puppeteer is temporarily suspended (common practice, it seems) and the sock-puppet(s) is (are) deleted. ...
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Should I upvote well-written questions in technologies I know nothing about? [duplicate]

I was reviewing a question in Triage and it "looked OK." After pressing "Looks OK," I was shown this message: Thanks! The consensus is: this post Looks OK. Please remember to upvote clear, ...
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It's difficult to read the vote count of an answer that was awarded a bounty: [duplicate]

Today an answer of mine was awarded a bounty, now that the answer's score count badge is blue, the green vote count is impossible to read: Here is a screenshot of the problem: Here's what it looks ...
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Would the following case be considered as "voting irregularities"?

Consider a hypothetical scenario. Person A does not like few people on SO for whatever reason, let's call them Person B and C. Now, what person A does is whenever any of B or C answers he goes and ...
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User Profile: Number of votes cast doesn't add up [duplicate]

When looking at my "Impact" statistics in my SO User Profile, the number of votes I have cast seems to differ depending on where I look. I've ensured that; "All" votes are showing I clicked directly ...
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Allow upvote a post for a second time after a long time has passed

I already asked the question whether it was a good idea to be able to upvote a question for the 2nd time. The main reasons not to (iirc) was to not encourage votebots and vote circles. Would it be a ...
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Getting voting errors, even when logged in

Yesterday I got the following error when I tried to vote on a post: An error has occurred - please retry your request. Screenshot of the error Didn't happen every time, but every once in ~5 times. ...
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Is there "no correlation between question content and upvotes/views"? is an AI created to generate questions on StackOverflow. Its author states: Originally, I wanted to predict the number of upvotes and views questions would get (which, ...
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Why not show upvotes in profile even without having '15' reputation? [duplicate]

Currently when casting votes on Stack Overflow with reputation less than 15, the message, "Thanks for the feedback! Votes cast by those with less than 15 reputation are recorded, but do not change the ...
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Are the Great Question and Great Answer badges still possible?

These badges feel like artifacts of the past, when posts received many more upvotes. I haven't seen any recent posts that have even come close to 100 upvotes. Am I wrong?
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Redoing downvote to counter upvote on new user

While reading another question on meta I noticed talk about downvoting a bad question from a new user, noticing an upvote come in, undoing and then redoing the downvote. Is there any thoughts/...
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Where can I see how many votes I have left for the day?

I know there are 40 votes limit per day. I only got reminder when less than 5 votes left. Is there somewhere I can see how many votes left today?
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2 answers

Do asked questions get an upvote by default?

I always get 5 reputation, whenever I ask a new question and the question also seems to have 1 vote score right when it's asked. So if questions get a free upvote whenever they are first asked, which ...
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Voting away snarkiness

Everyone knows how perceived snarkiness has been a thing for a while. Joel's recent blog post mentioned it again: an even bigger problem is rudeness, snark, or condescension that newcomers often see. ...
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Downvotes on SE Meta start showing up in Recent Achievements [duplicate]

At the risk of asking a silly question, because maybe I just overlooked this all this time: I am surprised to see a downvote on my SE Meta question pop up in my recent achievements. I don't posts on ...
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Co-worker keeps upvoting me—what to do?

I have this co-worker that is new to Stack Overflow, and he upvotes me, pretty much agreeing on anything I post, I tried to be nice to him and explained that this could lead an issue to our accounts, ...
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Is the intensity of meta working in our favor or to our detriment?

I was musing over a comment I've made this morning: I didn't vote on this but if I had to guess the reason you're getting downvoted is that people are intensely sick and tired of discussing ...
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Heat maps of average score and page views of questions by time and day of week

I came across this blog post that did analysis of the most popular times and days to post on Reddit, and had the idea to try it myself for SO. I parsed roughly 2 years worth of XML data from the ...
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How to un-upvote an answer that is now out of date?

We don't have the option to un-upvote or change up-vote to down-vote an answer without it having been edited. This prevents users from being able to modify their votes to reflect technology changes. ...
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Can we make the voting tooltip reasons more-visible?

Often times we have users who come in here asking to "require commenting to downvote" at-least in part because they don't understand what a downvote means. That often leads to someone informing them ...

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