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Peer voting on questions and answers is the primary way users gain reputation, and also how many items are sorted to the top.

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52 votes
1 answer

I'm generous with upvoting, but can't earn vox populi badge?

On two different days I maxed out my vote quota, but only 38/40 votes appear in my stats, so I haven't earned my badge. And I'm not voting for junk just to earn the badge, either -- I'm new and I've ...
3 votes
2 answers

What to do if answers are incorrect; but have some advices

I asked a question and got some answers, after reading all answers, I could find the correct way; because all answers have good advices and introduce good references. So they seems to be useful and I ...
24 votes
1 answer

Why are the upvote/downvote icons less dark?

It's seems to be something new and here is the screenshot to illustrate the new one versus the old one: Why was the color changed? It seems less prominent now. The previous one was better and ...
-34 votes
1 answer

Super upvote button to reward very high-quality and helpful questions/answers

Sometimes I see a question/answer that is of much higher quality (or helped me a lot) than the average SO question/answer, and I'd like to reward the author with more than just 1 upvote (but it's not ...
0 votes
1 answer

Why does vote-casting automatically upvote a comment?

A bit weird question here. I have noticed that upon my vote-cast to close a question due to a custom reason reported by another user, the same comment appearing in the comment section has been upvoted ...
1 vote
0 answers

"An error occurred please retry your request" not undoing upvote

Attempting to upvote an answer, I got the "An error occurred please retry your request" message. This didn't undo the upvote in the UI, however, even though the vote never went through. The behavior ...
-57 votes
3 answers

Reputation points for the questioner whose answer gets voted up

When an answer gets voted up, the person who has asked the question should get reputation points added, because at the core of Stack Overflow it is the huge cache of questions by the questioner which ...
-23 votes
1 answer

What is the intended purpose of (public) up and down-votes on questions? [duplicate]

Can someone explain in plain words why do we really need publicly visible votes on questions? According to Why is voting important?, voting signals to the rest of the community that a post is ...
-31 votes
1 answer

Was there ever a version of SO that considered using grades (A, B, C, D, or F) instead of votes?

This is just a discussion, not a request for change. I am curious if a grading system has/had ever been considered. Pros: Most if not all people are familiar with at least some form of grading. ...
39 votes
2 answers

Should I downvote/comment/edit/ignore questions with a snarky tone?

Related Questions, but Not Duplicate New poster on Meta. Looked at When is it justifiable to downvote a question? but didn't see an answer here; there are "Is it OK to downvote questions because of .....
27 votes
2 answers

What should I do about an answer that was edited to contain both good and bad advice?

I occasionally see a bad answer that has bad advice (and often comments to that effect) but then the author of the answer inserts an Edit: _good advice here_. How do I vote on such an answer? The ...
-22 votes
1 answer

First vote of a serial voting situation

Recently a serial voter voted all of my questions, and the votes were reversed before 24 hours. That's where I came across this article. Serial voting could happen for a variety of reasons, such as ...
109 votes
3 answers

Are people voting less these days?

I feel like decent questions are receiving fewer upvotes these days (but interestingly, bad questions are receiving many downvotes and close votes). I'm not saying this is a bad thing for the site, I'...
109 votes
2 answers

I found users who appear to have been serially upvoted, why hasn't this been reversed?

I recently stumbled upon the Data Explorer and figured I'd give it a try to practise my SQL. I wrote a query to fetch all users that had received serial voting (here defined as having more than 10 ...
-9 votes
1 answer

The list of votes cast should point to the specific revision the user voted on

Let's say I voted on this question a year ago. When I check the list of votes I cast, I see it in the list, but pointing to the latest revision, not the one on which I voted. To know what was the ...
59 votes
2 answers

Experiment request: Temporarily stop showing characteristics about a user in the question preview to certain users

Judging from my overall experience on Stack Overflow and what I've seen happening with others, it might be that users' votes are confounded based on the reputation of the post author, or based on ...
12 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow Teams, team upvoting [closed]

I'm a bit confused on Stack Overflow's policy for upvoting team members. To the best of my understanding the policy before was that voting for question of your teammate can appear like Voter-fraud, ...
5 votes
2 answers

How are cast votes calculated?

I'm just wondering how the votes cast on the profile page are calculated. The title implies that it's counting the amount of votes cast, but I don't think that is the case for closures I have a ...
-34 votes
1 answer

Meaningless negative votes [duplicate]

Is there any mechanism to control (with penalty, restriction, suspension, rollback of some privileges,...) meaningless negative votes?? For example, today I encountered a situation which it seems ...
61 votes
1 answer

Can moderators see a user's votes? [duplicate]

A line in a question posted by a moderator, recently, caught my eye: That line was edited out by a (normal) user, but the edit was rolled back by another user. I've always been under the ...
4 votes
0 answers

Voting takes me to the main page

I have tried to vote on some posts on MSO the last hour, and in some cases it takes me to the Meta Stack Overflow main page. The strange this is that with answers, the one above or under the answer I ...
74 votes
2 answers

Is it okay if I give an upvote to all the answers of my question?

I asked a question on Stack Overflow and I found that all the answers are good, and I learned from all of them. Is it okay to give an upvote to every answer? Or is that bad for some reason?
-13 votes
1 answer

Upvote or downvote? Guideline is somewhat confusing [duplicate]

Probably this has been already discussed but I failed to find a thread, so let me ask again. The upvote tooltip says This question shows research effort; it is useful and clear and the downvote ...
65 votes
1 answer

What should I do if I suspect voting with multiple accounts?

I recently stumbled upon a question which I thought to be legitimate, but it had a score of -6 with only 6 views and no comments. Inspecting OP's reputation changes shows 6 downvotes within 40 seconds ...
-5 votes
4 answers

Is it fair to downvote answers that use a certain library for questions tagged with just [javascript]?

There seems to be a trend where some users will downvote any answer to a javascript question when the answer makes use of a library. Their reasoning is that since the question is just tagged with that,...
2 votes
2 answers

How could a vote be removed without editing the post?

I downvoted an answer. I could see this: A few hours ago it was still there: Now, if I check out that answer I can see: There is no edit on it. The downvote could've been removed within 5 min after,...
-33 votes
3 answers

Make posting on meta anonymous for some period to increase objectivity

I have noticed what I consider to be a rather pernicious effect on meta where by certain groups or individuals seem to vote in groups. Might it be an idea to anonymise questions and comments - for ...
18 votes
3 answers

What is the purpose of viewing vote counts?

I reached 1k reputation today :-) and I received the established user privileges. This means that I received an expanded user-card and the ability to view vote count privileges. I am however ...
27 votes
1 answer

What is the time limit to undo upvotes/downvotes on posts?

If I want to undo my votes on any question or answer, within how much time can I undo, from the time I voted? Is there any specific time span within which I have to do that?
-5 votes
1 answer

Transient upvote changes?

I've noted that on a recently asked question, I had two upvotes on my question, and then about a half hour later I had zero upvotes. No entires I could see on the reputation log.. Hard to tell if ...
-11 votes
3 answers

Downvoting an answer because the question is unclear [duplicate]

Looking at this question, the OP's intentions are not entirely clear. I have provided an answer based on what I interpret to be the aim, but (I believe) I have been downvoted because: "there is no ...
-31 votes
2 answers

Where can I write a complaint about overeager downvoters in a particular tag?

Someone always downvotes questions with the perl tag. This occurs too fast after posting; I suspect it is done automatically. I have asked about this problem on Telegram ...
9 votes
1 answer

What is the best way to deal with people asking many zero-voted questions?

My example is someone who posted about 250 questions and 40 answers, but most of the questions are pretty simple and not very highly voted. Indeed about 60 questions have positive scores, about 30 ...
10 votes
1 answer

What does an answer with a score of zero with up-votes and down-votes do for Unsung Hero?

If I have an answer that has equal up-votes and down-votes so it looks like zero votes: And the answer is accepted does that get me closer to the Unsung Hero badge? I would think so because of the ...
22 votes
2 answers

Does a zero-vote question affect rate limit/question bans?

I know this is a close duplicate of some other questions but none appears to ask exactly this question. Does a zero-vote question affect ability to post in future? I am having trouble getting my ...
19 votes
2 answers

Can we show a message that voting on meta is different for new users?

I know that voting on meta is different (Can we talk about the voting culture here on Meta?). But many new users, including me in the past, don't know it. I have seen that many meta questions of new ...
28 votes
1 answer

When comparing upvotes to downvotes, the minus is missing on numbers above 100 [duplicate]

I just noticed a display inconsistency : When looking at details of upvotes VS downvotes, I noticed that the minus sign is not always displayed. The pattern I noticed is that the minus sign is ...
6 votes
1 answer

Why "vote down an answer" if penalized for doing so? [duplicate]

According to the "Reputation & Moderation" portion of the "Help Center", You lose reputation when: your question is voted down: −2your answer is voted down: −2you vote down an answer: −...
-71 votes
2 answers

Make downvote button on meta disappear

Massive downvotes are demoralizing. Can we make the downvote button on meta disappear so that people don't get afraid to ask more questions about the site? As community is not in favour of making ...
49 votes
3 answers

Is it responsible to open moderator voting up to know-nothings like me?

I have absolutely no business voting for moderators. I know almost nothing about any of these people and so would be likely basing my decision on arbitrary impressions like avatar, how similar they ...
-34 votes
2 answers

Is it a good idea to use up-votes to down-votes ratio to judge a potential moderator's character?

In my opinion, it can show a person's attitude towards the community. Thoughts?
8 votes
1 answer

After a year or more, I should be able to remove my upvote of an answer

I'm looking at this post here. In 2014, I upvoted the accepted answer, and at the time it was a reasonable way of handling the problem. But now, that answer doesn't work on any Windows OS that's ...
8 votes
2 answers

Change accepted answer after some years?

I've asked a question about ASP.NET MVC 5 error pages two years ago. Although I've accepted an answer some time ago, and it was certainly a valid answer in the past, I do no longer think it is the ...
3 votes
0 answers

What to do about voting fraud? [duplicate]

I've been a Stack Overflow member for a while now, and all has gone well so far. But recently I got a downvote on each of two of my very old questions (in the same day), I thought it was rather ...
17 votes
2 answers

Should I downvote an answer that does not answer the question asked?

Should I downvote an answer if it is not related to what the OP asked for? This question How to get a JavaScript object was asked. I'm both a Java and JavaScript developer and recently used the ...
-21 votes
2 answers

Why does meta have a downvote option at all

Recently I came across a few opinion-based questions like "should I answer questions if blah blah" on meta and noticed that some answers have been heavily down-voted and criticized, the thing is, ...
-9 votes
1 answer

Can we please allow changing votes? [duplicate]

The rationale behind locking in votes is to prevent "tactical downvoting" - more specifically, to prevent people from getting their reputation back after downvoting. However, this comes at a huge ...
-8 votes
1 answer

Ask question, get answer, up-vote, try it, find out it doesn't work, answer upvotes locked until user edits? [closed]

So this is probably my fault for upvoting before testing... But should upvotes and downvotes for answers really be locked for the asker of a question? I guess from now on I'll test before upvoting....
25 votes
1 answer

Understanding the mechanism behind voting reversal

Consider a scenario with two users, User A and User B. For whatever reason, A does not see eye to eye with B, and has taken it upon themselves to show their displeasure by downvoting B's answers en-...
-11 votes
1 answer

Sudden reputation loss [duplicate]

I have lost over ~240 reputation all of a sudden. While, referring to the Help Center > Moderation & Reputation section it clearly states that if the system detects unusual voting behavior over a ...

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