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Peer voting on questions and answers is the primary way users gain reputation, and also how many items are sorted to the top.

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Daily votes cap for trusted users is just nonsense and doesn't improve anything

Again I am asking to remove the daily vote cap for up-/down votes and close votes for trusted users (let's say +10k) of the site. Besides the vague "we like to prevent you from exhaustion" ...
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Hovering over one's own up-vote or down-vote should show when it was cast

I have come across some questions recently where I saw that I up-voted either the question, an answer or both, like this one - Sort array by firstname (alphabetically) in Javascript, and out of ...
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How to improve "daily vote limit reached" situation?

I don't expect everyone to have the issue. Many people mostly upvote because they are free and barely downvote because they don't want to lose points. Once someone passes through the psychological ...
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Search for questions/answers you voted on

Currently the only user operators search has is user:*id*, infavorites:*id*, and intags:mine. I suggest a new operator invoted: with the options invoted:all, invoted:up and invoted:down. These would ...
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Why can't we see when we last voted a question by hovering the vote arrows?

This is a fairly small request, but every so often I find myself looking at an answer that I already had voted on in the past. Whenever I do see that I previously voted an answer I like to click on ...
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Can we have upvote/downvote notifications on meta posts back?

Reputation on MSO is copied from SO, so votes on posts don't affect it. I'm guessing that as a side-effect there are no top-bar notifications when someone votes on my post. Although meta-voting is ...
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Heat maps of average score and page views of questions by time and day of week

I came across this blog post that did analysis of the most popular times and days to post on Reddit, and had the idea to try it myself for SO. I parsed roughly 2 years worth of XML data from the ...
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New design: "X votes" should be "X score"

Apparently, we have a new design for the question list. The left block, containing a summary of the question's "statistics", looks like this: That line that says "38 votes" is ...
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Have we considered these ideas to be used with/instead of vote lock-in?

Yesterday I asked about editing in order to fix an accidental vote. That got me thinking and reading about vote locking. It appears that Shog9 has the definitive answer as to why the vote-lock ...
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Where can I see how many votes I have left for the day?

I know there are 40 votes limit per day. I only got reminder when less than 5 votes left. Is there somewhere I can see how many votes left today?
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Why am I not warned if I upvote a new answer before trying to accept it?

If I upvote then attempt to accept an answer immediately after it is posted to my question, I get a message that says "you can accept an answer in x minutes." If I attempt to accept then ...
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18 votes
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Getting voting errors, even when logged in

Yesterday I got the following error when I tried to vote on a post: An error has occurred - please retry your request. Screenshot of the error Didn't happen every time, but every once in ~5 times. ...
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What's the point of not being able to re-upvote a comment?

Why can't you re-upvote a comment that you upvoted and then un-upvoted? You can upvote and un-upvote questions as many times as you want (which I assume is because question edits aren't time-sensitive,...
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Vote system favors easy questions

I have observed, that the number of votes on an answer often is reciprocal to the research effort and competence needed to answer it. This has the following reasons: Questions on a broad subject, ...
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How can we improve the c# tag to properly clean up of duplicate questions?

This is a very common scenario in the c# tag: Someone posts a rather simple question, it quickly gets one or two answers (usually very brief answers) that just “show the code” without explaining much....
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Why can't I upvote a locked question but can upvote its answers?

I wanted to upvote a classic question, but I've seen it's not possible. I found a related question (not exactly the same and still unanswered): A locked question is locked because it has ...
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How does a directly quoted answer get so many upvotes?

This answer, is a direct quote (and says so) of another highly upvoted answer. Shouldn't the reference at least been in a comment and at most duped as it ...
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I want to see all deleted posts in my voting history

You can see your own voting history from your profile, if you click your profile and under the Activity tab, votes. If you reach 10K reputation, you gain the privilege to see deleted posts. Now in ...
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Add a way to sort answers based on recent votes

TL;DR: instead of merely sorting answers by all-time score, add another way to favor answers which were upvoted recently to appear on top. The problem Imagine following situation: A question is asked ...
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Bug with voting sidebar?

I was searching around on meta when I came across a What should I do about a user that I'm trying to help and is calling me stupid: I noticed that you couldn't vote on the question. I found it ...
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Why can't I undo my upvote casted long time back?

I returned to a question asked after a few months and realized that the answer I upvoted is actually not correct. My skills in that particular area have improved and I don't agree with the answer ...
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11 votes
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Change tooltip for up/down vote button on feature requests

This is a very minor issue (and only affects SO meta), but the feature-request tag reads: "On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, ...
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View vote on tags synonyms

Since we hit 1,000 rep, we become the Established user and one of the feaures we can use is the view vote to see the ratio of down-votes and up-votes. Unlike the case of voting on suggested synonyms, ...
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Changing a vote on an answer even though there has been no edit

A year ago, I upvoted an answer to a question. Today, I stumbled across the same answer and. Comments made since my vote correctly pointed out flaws in the answer that I had overlooked. I should ...
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Bug with text of upvote/downvote reputation popup

I was looking at upvote and down vote requirements. I saw this. When I upvote: When I downvote: It should specify that upvote has one requirement(15) and downvote has another(125). Right now the ...
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Add datetime type information to a post that I voted on

Would it be possible to have somewhere the information on when we upvoted or downvoted a post (in case of post was edited by OP or someone else)? For example, see the tooltip below. It's a feature I'...
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Voting on articles behaves differently from Q&A when you're not signed in

On article pages, e.g. this (unpopular) one, even though I wasn't signed in, I clicked the vote buttons. Instead of showing a dialog inviting me to join Stack Overflow like I'd see on a question/...
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Can I filter questions I've upvoted by tags?

Within my profile, I can see the questions I've voted on. They consist of questions related to r , python or javascript etc.. How can I filter these questions by specific tags? For e.g.: I want to ...
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When out of votes for the day, triage tricks you into thinking you have votes

I am out of votes today, but I decided to do 3 or 4 reviews in Triage. I saw a question which I wished to vote on. Normally, if you are out of votes and you click either the upvote or downvote button, ...
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Reputation bug when sorting votes by time

I've been seeing this voting bug pretty frequently. When viewing ?tab=reputation tab and sorting by "Time", the upvote score is incorrect. For example, according to my tab I earned 60 points ...
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Are votes still locked if a rollback is made by the OP?

Votes on posts are locked after the grace period. What if a user makes an edit to a post but the OP rollbacked the edit to their original revision, will the votes cast still be locked? Theoretically,...
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Replace tag score requirement with reputation requirement to suggest and/or vote for tag synonyms

Due to a favorable reception of Make the synonym system more available, I'm now making a concrete suggestion of one of the ideas sounded in it (see the link for rationale): Remove the tag score ...
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Voting takes me to the main page

I have tried to vote on some posts on MSO the last hour, and in some cases it takes me to the Meta Stack Overflow main page. The strange this is that with answers, the one above or under the answer I ...
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Why is it not possible to down/upvote questions in the close vote review queue

Why can't I down-/up-vote questions in the close review queue (what is the rational behind it)? Is it good / bad practice to open the question in a separate tab and vote on it there?
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Should +15/-10 question score be an alert?

There is a question tagged as algorithm which had bounty of 200 opened for a while. The OP has made a casting for the algorithm which would do what he wants but what he couldn't specify. This has ...
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Allow vote changes after comments

We're allowed to change our votes after questions or answers are edited. I assume this is because a question or answer which previously had inadequate details or was inadequately clear could be fixed ...
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"vote early vote often"..Wait...what votes?

Topic: Winterbash 2015: Hat: "vote early vote often" Description: "cast a total of 250 votes on any seven consecutive UTC days". My question: Does delete votes counts? Or we're limited to only up/...
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Are Voting Habits Cultural?

I live in South Africa and so I've discovered (from this question) the optimal time to ask a question is at about 5pm here because that's when user activity on SO picks up in the USA. Something I've ...
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"An error occurred please retry your request" not undoing upvote

Attempting to upvote an answer, I got the "An error occurred please retry your request" message. This didn't undo the upvote in the UI, however, even though the vote never went through. The behavior ...
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Is there an issue with this question?

Very shortly (less than a minute) after I posted this question: How can I import multiple items from a module and rename them in Python? it received 2 downvotes. No comments (I know, I'm just as bad....
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How can I deal with questions in which the user asks something unknown?

Today I asked this question: Generate a random number that guarantees a mean different from the average It clearly seems that I didn't know how randomness worked as someone stated in one comment. At ...
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Do we upvote correctness or usefulness?

Take a quick look at this answer and, especially, the discussion. Please try not to consider the technical side of this question. I am wondering who do you think is right: me, having downvoted the ...
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I should be able to undo a vote on an answer I once upvoted without editing if I put a bounty on the question

Assume I have received an answer once which I upvoted and marked solved because it contained a helpful workaround and no other answer has been received for weeks. Now, working intensively with it I ...
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Voting on MSO - Only for Badges?

From this post: You've got it backwards :) Your rep here is a reflection of your rep on the parent site. You can earn some badges here independently of the main site (as your badges there don't ...
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