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Peer voting on questions and answers is the primary way users gain reputation, and also how many items are sorted to the top.

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21 answers

Updated button styling for vote arrows: A/B testing has concluded

This experiment has concluded. We've gathered and analyzed the results in Results of the voting arrow experiment. This week, we're rolling out a test to update the appearance of voting arrows for ...
-41 votes
2 answers

Why do some bad questions not have negative votes?

Take a look at this question: Import .bk file into oracle db It is terrible with the user having done no research either. But yet it did not get any downvotes, and I am wondering why. Is it because ...
81 votes
1 answer

Getting to Know Stack Overflow's Voting Culture

There are few topics more controversial than voting, either on the Main site or here on Meta. Whether expressed in rants on Meta or rants in comments, users frequently get angry, confused and ...
-31 votes
1 answer

Serial Downvoting Reversal mechanism not working

I downvoted this question and upvoted it in a flash of an eye. I thought about downvoting to undo the action, but then I left that job for the serial voting mechanism to do its job and reverse the ...
-46 votes
0 answers

Automatic upvote question when upvoting a related answer [duplicate]

Can a question be automatically upvoted, when a user upvotes an answer to that question? In my opinion, if you find a useful answer to a problem, it's also thanks to the questioner who writes that ...
-19 votes
2 answers

Popup to propagate upvote to question when upvoting an answer

When I find an answer that is useful for me, I like to upvote it. In the same way, I like to upvote the question too, because it made it possible for that answer to be written in the first place. ...
12 votes
2 answers

How can I determine when I cast a specific upvote?

Is there a way to filter the profile votes list to determine when I voted for a specific question and answer? The reason I'm asking is I just ran across an eight-year old question showing that I ...
2 votes
0 answers

Inaccurate reputation increase in profile reputation tab [duplicate]

I understand that normally one upvote would reward 10 reputations to user, however, I noticed that when I clicked into the reputation tab under my profile after getting upvotes, the reputation ...
0 votes
0 answers

Inconsistent vote tracking in Achievement view with respect question/answer vote summary

If I click on Recent Achievements icon on the top right menu, I see two answers have been downvoted: but If I go to one of the answers for example: If I click on the activity of my answer and then ...
57 votes
4 answers

Downvotes research: why do we need that?

In this blog post The Loop: Our Community Roadmap for Q3 2020, the issue of downvoting has been mentioned. It reads: Downvotes research (July) Receiving downvotes on Stack Overflow can be a ...
6 votes
0 answers

Reputation bug when sorting votes by time

I've been seeing this voting bug pretty frequently. When viewing ?tab=reputation tab and sorting by "Time", the upvote score is incorrect. For example, according to my tab I earned 60 points ...
-8 votes
1 answer

How do I report bugs in Stack Exchange (e.g., a voting bug in Area 51)?

How would I report bugs in Stack Exchange (e.g., a voting bug on Area 51)? See printscreen after voting:
-36 votes
5 answers

Why aren't incorrect close votes discouraged with technical measures?

Time and again I have seen that someone adds a close vote incorrectly (sometimes they mark it as opinion-based even when there is a clear objective question, sometimes they mark it as a duplicate of ...
-4 votes
1 answer

Vote counts and badge's vote counts aren't the same

This seems to be a bug. I can't possibly have made 223 votes and 227!
9 votes
0 answers

Add datetime type information to a post that I voted on

Would it be possible to have somewhere the information on when we upvoted or downvoted a post (in case of post was edited by OP or someone else)? For example, see the tooltip below. It's a feature I'...
-10 votes
2 answers

How can we discourage over-downvoting on questions?

Some people go a bit over the top downvoting. It isn't exactly welcoming to new users. My process is this: Is it a good question? Upvote. If not: Spam? Flag. Otherwise: Very obviously bad? Are you ...
200 votes
20 answers

Is it okay to downvote answers to bad questions?

I'm referring to this, (screenshot for <10K) question in particular, where the question was clearly not of the best quality, but my answer to it addressed the issues with it. Is it okay to downvote ...
24 votes
2 answers

How can I obtain a screenshot of a post that doesn't show my personal voting choice?

If I want to share a screenshot of a non-deleted post on Stack Overflow but, for some reason, don't want to disclose in the screenshot my personal voting choice (while still keeping the score ...
76 votes
3 answers

Votes cast has upvote-like symbol and is confusing

I've cast 1,152 votes, fine. But the icon beside it in my honest opinion seems to indicate that they are upvotes. It's like I've upvoted 1152 posts, when I've clearly not. I've predominantly ...
-56 votes
1 answer

Bring back acceptance rate

I see some users no matter how much you help them, they still neither Upvote or Accept any answer, and this has got to stop! We need to know their acceptance rate.
10 votes
0 answers

Change tooltip for up/down vote button on feature requests

This is a very minor issue (and only affects SO meta), but the feature-request tag reads: "On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, ...
83 votes
1 answer

What does it mean when it says my vote is "recorded" but "does not change the publicly displayed posted score"?

I have less than 125 reputation, and when I upvote and then downvote the same post, this message pops up: Thanks for the feedback! Votes cast by those with less than 125 reputation are recorded, ...
13 votes
2 answers

How does vote locking work?

I often get the message "You last voted X minutes ago. You're vote is now locked unless the Post is edited." Or something similar. When and how do votes get "locked"? Is it after a certain amount ...
-30 votes
2 answers

Is it OK to ask others to upvote own answer as a "thank you"? [duplicate]

Sometimes I have a situation that a single comment solves the whole problem. The person who asked the question is thankful for the solution and often says that they will delete their question (because ...
40 votes
2 answers

Downvote in order to be able to vote to delete. Is it acceptable?

After reaching 20K, when browsing Stack Overflow (main or meta) I sometimes encounter posts that I believe merit deletion, but the "delete" link is not available because the post is not downvoted ...
-30 votes
2 answers

Community reward for correct and unaccepted answers?

It is frustrating to witness something like this answer. Someone invested time and effort into someone else problem, and it seems too much to ask for a button click. I know life isn't fair. And the ...
16 votes
3 answers

Can we make the answer score and up/downvote buttons sticky so it scrolls with you for long answers?

Currently, if I'm reading a long answer and by the end of it decide it was a good one and is worth an upvote (or the other way around and a downvote), I need to scroll all the way back up to the start ...
88 votes
10 answers

Is the intensity of meta working in our favor or to our detriment?

I was musing over a comment I've made this morning: I didn't vote on this but if I had to guess the reason you're getting downvoted is that people are intensely sick and tired of discussing ...
12 votes
0 answers

Results of the vote arrows styling experiment

TL;DR: Overall, the experiment was a success with a positive lift in overall votes in the variant group, however, we will not be graduating the experiment. In June, we conducted an experiment to test ...
93 votes
1 answer

How can I view the history of my voting, like upvotes?

Sometimes I want to return to some of the answers I have upvoted. Can I access the history of my votes?
70 votes
2 answers

Is it dangerous to patrol a tag with issues?

I recently got a hobby of watching a certain problematic tag, where about 95% of the questions are basically crap. I added it to my favorite tags, so I can go about downvoting, voting to close and ...
81 votes
2 answers

Moderator invalidating votes because they were mostly for one person

Over the holidays I have reviewed over 300 kotlin tagged questions with my team to bring them up to date as Kotlin has left alphas and betas and moves towards release of 1.0. We want content to be ...
-6 votes
2 answers

Is it against site rules for a sock-puppet to up-vote their own puppet's meta post? [duplicate]

We all know, and it should be obvious that sock-puppet accounts exist and in fact are allowed, as long as they don't perform actions that a single account couldn't do, such as up-voting itself (its ...
188 votes
11 answers

Can we remove vote lock-in?

It appears that the purpose of votes getting locked in after a few minutes is to prevent people from gaming the system with "tactical downvotes." It also appears that pretty much everyone agrees this ...
5 votes
0 answers

Voting corrected for a single vote [duplicate]

Today I got -10 with label "voting corrected". Its page says: When a single user continually votes (up or down) on many of your posts within a short period of time, the system considers ...
0 votes
3 answers

Why was my question about a difference in behavior between .NET 4.7.1 and .NET 6 poorly received?

I recently got question banned and as a result I am very careful when writing a question. Today, I was once again downvoted when asking what I felt was a solid, well written question. As I have ...
-10 votes
2 answers

Undo/change votes on old answers

I've noticed a trend going on over the years. As newer answers come in (for example, the ever changing .NET Core libraries and specifications) I keep getting bogged down by answers that are no longer ...
-21 votes
4 answers

How many downvotes is "enough"?

This is the lowest-scoring answer on Stack Overflow Were all the downvotes necessary, though? A downvote says, "Hey, this answer is low-quality, not useful, and/or wrong." 5 - 10 downvotes ...
198 votes
2 answers

Who keeps upvoting these terrible questions?

Who keeps up-voting terrible lazy questions, questions that show absolutely no evidence of effort? Please stop doing this. – Hovercraft Full Of Eels 17 hours ago (Screenshot for <10K) Many times ...
319 votes
73 answers

What can we do to encourage downvoting?

Downvoting is a bigger privilege than upvoting and it plays a crucial role in keeping the content on this site clean. Downvoting is our most powerful tool for us, non-moderator users. Downvotes are a ...
-7 votes
1 answer

Is it okay to request a newbie user to accept and upvote? [duplicate]

There are multiple questions related to this case - here and here. Some of them suggests that it is okay to comment with the SO link. But, I have my doubts due to the following reasons. Today, I ...
35 votes
0 answers

New design: "X votes" should be "X score"

Apparently, we have a new design for the question list. The left block, containing a summary of the question's "statistics", looks like this: That line that says "38 votes" is ...
-49 votes
2 answers

Why does Stack Overflow encourage people to downvote?

Why does Stack Overflow encourage downvoting newbie's questions which don't meet their quality standards? So by doing that, does it provide any answer to their questions? It might be protecting ...
1 vote
0 answers

How can I deal with questions in which the user asks something unknown?

Today I asked this question: Generate a random number that guarantees a mean different from the average It clearly seems that I didn't know how randomness worked as someone stated in one comment. At ...
-18 votes
1 answer

I don't understand how reputation works [duplicate]

There's somebody with one closed question with a score of zero and 27 reputation. I clearly don't understand how reputation works. Could someone explain it to me?
34 votes
5 answers

What are the company's expectations with regard to deceptively simple questions? A case study in the complexity of answering "beginner" questions

I ran across How to find a string from a ZIP file using Python today. With all the changes in SO's mission emphasis (now much, much more on "welcoming" than in the past), I find myself ...
-15 votes
1 answer

Retracting the downvote even if the answer was not edited [duplicate]

At the moment it is not possible to retract a downvote when the answer was not edited. I have DV-ted the answer by mistake (I wanted to upvote it). But system does not let me change it. You last ...
2 votes
1 answer

Should "Hot Meta Posts" also include highly active but controversial meta posts with many downvotes?

On meta, there are many times where downvotes don't reflect that the question/answer is badly written, factually incorrect, or generally off-topic, but that there is some form of disagreement between ...
2 votes
4 answers

Should a feature request be voted based on its priority?

If people come to meta to post a feature request, should it be voted taking into account how important it is compared to other requests? The only question I've found that could in any way relate to ...
175 votes
3 answers

Can we talk about the voting culture here on Meta?

I'd like to start with saying that I emailed @Shog9 back in August with the text below, because I'm not a particularly good writer, and I was hoping he'd be able to write up a nice post here. A couple ...

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