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It is not common, but questions and answers can be deleted by their owners, through automatic processes, or by moderators.

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Tweak the "X votes remaining" popup when voting to undelete

If I click the "undelete" button to cast a delete vote on a post that I didn't delete, a popup appears with a message like: Vote to undelete this post? (29 votes remaining) This wording is ...
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How to recover useful answers from automatically deleted questions

TLDR: Stack Exchange automatically deleted useful reference information. How do I recover it? About five years ago, I asked a question about .NET Localization. It received a bunch of upvotes and some ...
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Can someone undelete my question?

I just read this post that says users with high reputation can undelete questions. I hope I'm doing things right, since it's unclear to me how am I supposed to ask for "undeletion". My question was ...
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Why can't I undo my delete vote?

I chose to delete a question and now I can't undo the delete, I can delete (have a option) again although it seems irrelevant Is this behavior of unable to undo delete vote is by design? Why should ...
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How to request reopen/undelete a question deleted by community?

I have a question that has been deleted by community moderator. I had improved the question by adding more details. I requested by raising a flag but it was declined. So shall I ask a new question ...
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Recovering a deleted good answer on my own question

I asked a question earlier which got an answer from a well-respected (I'll speak for myself) contributor to the Haskell tag. The answer contributed to my understanding of the problem and generated ...
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When to undelete a question that was deleted by the OP?

This question Why local classes can't have static data members? was a duplicate. I should note that I did not find the duplicate immediately either and if I had not been so surprised that it was not ...
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Objective-C productivity question deleted too hastily

How to be more productive in Objective C was just closed and deleted within an hour of being posted. That's understandable -- there were a number of things wrong with it: the tone was somewhat whiny, ...
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Why was this question deleted by Community? "How do I get the window coordinates in SwiftUI?"

The question I'm referencing is here: I previously asked how to improve this question. However, while and before I improved it, it received 9 downvotes. ...
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