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It is not common, but questions and answers can be deleted by their owners, through automatic processes, or by moderators.

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How can I restore an answer deleted as duplicate by a ♦ moderator?

I answered Ignore NaN when adding input values in JavaScript And then realised there was a duplicate when the question was marked as such. I liked my answer and copied it to the duplicate https://...
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Rule proposal: one delete/undelete per post

This has now been crafted into a community rule It's becoming more and more evident that there are some users who feel very strongly about deletion on both sides of the issue. It's part of a larger ...
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Why am I not allowed to vote to delete or undelete another user's post more than once? [Obsolete]

Moderator note: The Stack Exchange software will no longer permit multiple delete or undelete votes as of Oct 26, 2021. This rule is now officially obsolete under these changes. A question or answer ...
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Assisting with [godaddy] deletions

There's 618 256 closed posts left in the [godaddy] tag. I have 7 14 daily delete votes, so that would take me 89 19 days to vote on all the remaining posts. Can the community help out with delete ...
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How to undelete an answer deleted by a moderator [duplicate]

I have asked a perfect question and got the solution. I posted it on the blog which is published on my company's website. I gave the link and explained the main components of the solution. It was even ...
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How many duplicates (if any) are enough to justify deletion of a question?

A user asked this question recently. There's no doubt it's well-written, but it's extremely poorly researched. This question has been asked and answered hundreds of times (at least in my 5 years in ...
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How do I undelete my answers?

I have many deleted answers. How can I undelete them? I've seen other answers that say you can undelete them, but I don't know how to do this.
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Why are we able to vote to delete or undelete over and over again? [duplicate]

Currently a delete/undelete war is going on on on this question:, which I've posted ...
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Should potentially useful self-deleted questions be undeleted?

On this question the OP was greeted by a barrage of mixed comments, both positive and negative. In response to that the OP edited the question to add a link to a post that holds an answer that doesn'...
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Request to undelete a question

I like this question (BTW, here it is from the Google cache), but it was deleted recently by the OP. I don't see its duplicate. I don't have enough reputation to undelete. Is there a way to request ...
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Deletion/undeletion battles - should moderators step in?

I think I'm not the first person to realize that there are often deletion/undeletion battles going on in a certain tag that has been discussed recently in a separate meta post. I was going through the ...
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Can I undelete my own self-deleted post?

For editing let's say comments in Stack Overflow, one has 5 minutes to do so. How does it work for deleting posts? Is there a time limit to undelete a post that one has deleted or can it be undeleted ...
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Can we rescue the information in this question somehow?

This question was deleted: Can I dynamically call a LGPL/GPL software in my closed-source application? I agree that it is off topic for SO, there is no denying that. However, it is linked to in the ...
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How did this user undelete a post deleted by review?

This "answer" was posted yesterday. It is NAA as the OP herself acknowledges (Not able to comment over there so, writing here.). The post was deleted from review and then undeleted by the OP as shown ...
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Why is a "link-only" post deleted rather than giving the opportunity to add more detail? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is .NET Core == .Net Framework 5? The reason for deleting my answer was: "While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the ...
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Why was this 7 ½-years-old question deleted 18 months ago, even though it has tons of upvotes and views?

I was looking at MySQL clients for Windows when I got to this question by a link found somewhere else. Luckily I have +10k, so I was able to read it and it was kind of helpful. The question has 235 ...
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Request to undelete a moderator-deleted TempleOS question was deleted. It concerns a fringe operating system called TempleOS. The guy who wrote the operating ...
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Does the delete/undelete vote feature need to be revisited?

Compared to Downvote, Close-vote, and Reopen-vote, the Delete-vote and Undelete-vote lack some significant features For a question/answer, the Downvote, Close-vote, and Reopen-vote can be cast only ...
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Why are answers that recieved bounties from sockpuppets deleted, instead of just removing the bounties, and why can't they be undeleted? [closed]

It is not an objection, I just post this question to know and discuss about a solution to some deleted posts. More than 15 months ago, I was cheating on Stack Overflow to earning more reputations, On ...
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When should we overturn an owner's decision to delete their question?

Thumbing through recent undelete votes, I noticed a few cases like this: Where the user asking a question voluntarily deleted it, and a few people have voted to undelete the question. We are, of ...
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Flag dispute - Should answer be undeleted?

A link-only answer was posted to the question What is the difference between LL and LR parsing? There is a great recent article about that:
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Do posts with "undelete" votes go into any review queue?

Related questions include Should potentially useful self-deleted questions be undeleted? and its duplicate, Should I undelete a question with answers that was deleted by the original OP? I recently ...
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Post deleted by mods for "self promotion" : should I vote to "undelete" the post after complying?

I created an open-source Swift library for parsing PDF, after having faced the problem myself. I thought it would be useful to let people know about it, and so I replied to people asking for a good ...
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Vote to undelete when nobody can find my question

I have a deleted question that I have voted up for undelete. But I need two more votes until undelete it. But how can anyone vote it up when nobody can not find my question? If I log out, there comes ...
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Why would a question be deleted if it's on topic and not extremely low quality?

According to the help center post on deleted questions it states: Questions that are extremely off topic, or of very low quality, may be removed at the discretion of the community and moderators. ...
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Show reasons for deleting a question

When questions are closed, they're closed for a stated reason: too broad, off topic, etc. But when a question is deleted, there's no reason stated on the question page. Why is this? It makes it ...
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When to undelete a question that was deleted by the OP?

This question Why local classes can't have static data members? was a duplicate. I should note that I did not find the duplicate immediately either and if I had not been so surprised that it was not ...
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How to undelete an answer? [duplicate]

I posted a question here yesterday and had some conversations with people who attempted to answer. Someone with a username 'rkhb' answered my question and he gave a correct solution to my problem. ...
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Should a question remain open simply because it's cited as a source in a published work?

While reading Mark Seeman's book, "Dependency Injection in .NET", I discovered he'd quoted a question from Stack Overflow that related to explaining DI to a person in very simple terms, and he'd cited ...
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