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The process by which users can vote to reopen a question if it was closed.

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We’re lowering the close/reopen vote threshold from 5 to 3 for good

It’s my birthday today and I’ve got a gift for you. 🎁 We’re lowering the close/reopen vote threshold on Stack Overflow from 5 to 3. About a month ago, Shog shared the results of our experiment ...
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Experiment (ENDED): closing and reopening happens at 3 votes for the next 30 days

This experiment has concluded and the affected settings have been restored to their previous values. Results are available here and here. -- Shog9, 2019-09-07 For the next 30 days, we'll be ...
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Threshold experiment results: closing, editing and reopening all become more effective

Editor's note: This has been implemented. This post details the outcome of an experiment that reduced the thresholds for closing and reopening questions to 3 votes on Stack Overflow. Warning: ...
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Declaring a Review strike until efficiency improvements are implemented

Reviewing (together with interlinking existing content) is one of the key tasks for the SO community now that the site is past its initial growth stage. And the infamous overload of review queues and ...
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Make it possible to retract reopen votes

It is possible to retract close votes by clicking on the close button again and then clicking on "Retract close vote", but it doesn't seem to be possible to retract reopen votes (clicking ...
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We need to improve the chances of reopening closed questions

The situation It’s a well-known fact that closed questions tend to stay closed. This makes sense: most questions are closed for a good reason. But sometimes the asker puts in the work, edits the ...
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Why was my question closed as "opinion based" when I'm asking how to solve a specific issue in a specific framework in a specific language?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Highlighting the SEND button in MFMessageComposeViewController I asked a specific question on how to highlight a UI component within a predefined ...
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Increase close and reopen vote weight for tag badge holders

(This is one of the suggestions that were listed in What does our long term community need? What does our long term community need to feel valued?.) Subj (I believe it's clear without further ...
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Give high-rep users extra weight on close votes

As a person's commitment to the community increases, I think we should make it possible for high-reputation users to fast-track the closure of certain questions. See here for some of my rationale. ...
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A Second Chance: Rework the Reopen System

In the wake of the famous blog post, I'd like to propose a rework of the reopen system. The problem: Poorly asked questions by newbies often get downvoted and closed. Sometimes, helpful users try to ...
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How to open the corresponding review item when viewing a question/answer?

When browsing on Stack Overflow I often see questions with pending close/reopen votes, that I disagree with. But I can't express my disagreement because the corresponding review task is inaccessible ...
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Can we get an update regarding the closing/reopening experiment?

Half a month has almost passed since the experiment ended and I know Shog left a couple of comments on the post since it ended but it was mentioned that the results would be compiled over the ...
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Should the message in "on hold" dialog mention more about review queue?

Sometimes I can see some users ask how to reopen a question (e.g. this and this), and the current "on hold" dialog is something like: ...please edit the question. But as a user, besides knowing ...
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Allow "keep open" voting outside review queue

The "close votes" queue contains a lot of questions that have some close votes, but not enough to close them. Maybe some of them could be removed from the queue by adding a "keep open" option to ...
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Which edits push closed questions to the reopen review queue?

So far I was working under the assumption that any edit will push a closed question to the review queue. After all, we advise question-banned users to improve their old questions, and that would not ...
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Add a warning message when editing closed questions

Editing closed questions automatically puts questions in the reopen queue. But only upon the first edit. People tend to edit such questions with minor and insignificant edits preventing the original ...
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Don't cause the reopen vote of the user, whose edit pushed the closed question into the reopen queue, to invalidate the review

The current behavior is like this: A question gets closed A user edits the question pushing it into the reopen queue That same user later votes to reopen it The reopen review is invalidated This ...
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Review open votes audit feel like boobytraps [duplicate]

Yesterday I failed an audit for the low quality post queue and asked about it here. Hans Passant gave a very nice comment, which I'm trying to follow in the queues now: Just always assume that ...
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Should I edit on-hold questions?

Should I ever edit a question if it is on-hold? The OP is supposed to edit the question anyway when it is on hold, so an edit by another user is bound to be overthrown by the OP's new edit. And if ...
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Getting questions reopened frequently feels impossible

How to loop through elements of forms with Javascript? is wrongly closed as a duplicate. It's a question tagged with javascript and has a good vanilla JavaScript answer but is closed as a duplicate of ...
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The Stack Overflow mobile app should allow re-opening a question

The option for voting to close a question is available, but should we want to vote to reopen, the feature is not there: Now this feature is missing in the Stack Exchange app also. Moving forward ...
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Why is this question closed for "There are either too many possible answers"?

See: What does "CG" in CGGeometry, CGPoint, CGRect stand for? This question only has 1 possible answer and that is Core Graphics. It's in Apple's documentation. Shouldn't the question be ...
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Reopen of "on-hold" questions on editing can be improved

If I understand the existing SO logic correctly, currently the first edit to the question throws it into reopen queue. And then we get reopen reviews like this:
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What's with all the reopens?

I opened up the review page and noticed that there were 123(!) posts in the "Reopen" queue. That is an unusually large number, but whatever, things happen. As I'm going through them, none seem like ...
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Has the Reopen Votes queue gotten longer lately? If so, why?

I seem to remember not so long ago (within the past year or two) the Reopen Votes queue would generally stay in 3 digits, generally hovering somewhere between 500-900 items. These days, it's been ...
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What should be done if a question has its duplicate deleted?

So I was going through the Reopen review queue and came across this question (10k+), which points to another question as a duplicate, however the question linked was deleted 3 years ago (on or before ...
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"Nominate this question for reopening?" message misleading

When I try to reopen a duplicate question where I can use my dupe hammer, I still get the same message: Nominate this question for reopening? The word "nominate" here suggests that the question ...
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Should I vote to reopen when I believe the reason for closing no longer applies?

When browsing the reopen queue, I often find questions closed as too broad or unclear what you're asking that were afterwards edited. Let's say that from my point of view, the question is indeed ...
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Why was this typo question reopened?

This question (web archive for <10k users) looks to me like something that should clearly be closed: it dumps a piece of code with several typos and asks why there is a syntax error. So I voted to ...
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How to revoke a reopen vote

I voted to reopen a question closed as a duplicate because (what I thought) was the marked duplicate didn't answer the question at all. I was mistaken... What I interpreted as the marked duplicate ...
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Can I trust that questions have been closed correctly when reviewing in the reopen queue?

I stumbled upon this question in the reopen review queue: In short, it was closed as a duplicate. The edits are only simple grammar ...
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User with less than 3k reputation just cast a reopen vote

Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Also no bounties in those minutes etc. What the... ? Edit: I am able to reproduce it myself. Developer who want to know how I did it, so they can seal the ...
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-1 votes are needed to reopen this question [closed]

Came across this question, with 4 votes to reopen at time of writing: The title text claims -1 more votes are needed to reopen the question. I would guess that it's related to the close/reopen ...
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Failed Reopen Vote Queue Audit

I was going through the reopen vote queue and I failed what I would thinks is a blatant off topic question. The question The IE11/Windows 10 VM for VirtualBox on OSX doesn't start was marked as off ...
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Is it possible to know who single-handedly reopened a question?

When closing a question (using Mjölnir or not), you get to know who closed it; this information is displayed in a notice below the question. Now when the question is reopened by five people, it is ...
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Allow close votes to counter re-open votes

Some times, you see a (recently) closed question that has gotten a couple of re-open votes, like this: If you agree with the closure reason, there isn't anything you can do in cases like these. This ...
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Why can't closing votes be countered right away?

I know I can vote to reopen a question that's been judged inappropriate by others. What I don't understand is why I have to wait for five closing votes to express my disagreement with it? Why can't I ...
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Reopen votes aging time isn't directly mentioned in the help center

Quote from cast close and reopen votes: Close votes age away harmlessly if the threshold is not reached after several days. If the question has at least 100 views, close votes will age away after 4 ...
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Adding a threshold for closing/reopening duplicate question to limit "robo-reviewers"

We all know that there are a lot of users who blindly click on buttons inside the different queues in order to simply get higher stats and earn badges. We have some way to prevent this using audits ...
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"Reopen Votes" Review Queue: What's the percentage (statistics) of actually reopened questions?

I basically always select "Leave Closed". So I'm asking: How many questions are actually reopened in total? In case I'm right in my assumption that this value is very low, I would ask the next ...
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19 votes
5 answers

Should we consider answers when closing questions as duplicates?

I stumbled upon the following question in the reopen queue: Checking if a number is a prime number in Python The question the user wants answered boils down to a trivial error in a while-loop (in a ...
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Get notified when a question you've voted to reopen is reopened

I'd like (the option) to be notified when a question I've voted to reopen is actually reopened. Having to keep track of good questions that I intend to answer and to keep checking back to see if they'...
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18 votes
3 answers

Show close reason when reviewing reopen votes?

While reviewing the Reopen Votes queue, the close reason for a question is not shown. It would be useful to see the reason why a question is closed when determining whether that close reason is still ...
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Mistakenly clicked "Leave Closed" while reviewing "Reopen Votes" question

I'm reviewing (Reopen Votes) a question and mistakenly clicked on Leave Closed button but I actually wants to Reopen the question. However, what should I do now to Reopen it?
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Please allow us to rescind reopen votes [duplicate]

It is currently not possible to undo a reopen vote: Undo a reopen request? Please add a feature to allow us to do so, in the same way that we can undo a close vote. Previous questions asked "...
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15 votes
2 answers

Directly vote to not close a question

I would like to have the option to say "leave open" when I'm clicking on the close link under a question, the same way as when the question is shown to me in the close votes review queue. ...
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A user left a comment on my unrelated answer about my close vote

Just a little while ago, I got a comment on an answer of mine from a user about reopening that user's question which I voted to close. The answer is not related to that user's question. Just ...
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How did this old question end up in the reopen queue?

Today this question: Java - Connecting javascript to servlet [duplicate] showed up in the reopen queue. It was closed as a duplicate (correctly) in 2016. I'm curious as to whether there's any reason ...
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What percentage of questions here that qualify for an automatic reopen review on closure due to popularity get reopened as a result?

One (apparently little-known) way that closed questions can be added to the reopen review queue, in addition to the usual methods of receiving a reopen vote or an edit with the review box checked, is ...
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Add an ability to revert my vote to re-open the question

I voted to re-open a question closed as duplicate Json Datetime issue, because two linked questions were about different language. Then I realised that the question is still a duplicate - of the third ...
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