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Questions tagged [vote-to-reopen]

The process by which users can vote to reopen a question if it was closed.

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Increase close and reopen vote weight for tag badge holders

(This is one of the suggestions that were listed in What does our long term community need? What does our long term community need to feel valued?.) Subj (I believe it's clear without further ...
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Should the message in "on hold" dialog mention more about review queue?

Sometimes I can see some users ask how to reopen a question (e.g. this and this), and the current "on hold" dialog is something like: ...please edit the question. But as a user, besides knowing ...
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Reopen of "on-hold" questions on editing can be improved

If I understand the existing SO logic correctly, currently the first edit to the question throws it into reopen queue. And then we get reopen reviews like this:
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"Nominate this question for reopening?" message misleading

When I try to reopen a duplicate question where I can use my dupe hammer, I still get the same message: Nominate this question for reopening? The word "nominate" here suggests that the question ...
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Allow close votes to counter re-open votes

Some times, you see a (recently) closed question that has gotten a couple of re-open votes, like this: If you agree with the closure reason, there isn't anything you can do in cases like these. This ...
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Adding a threshold for closing/reopening duplicate question to limit "robo-reviewers"

We all know that there are a lot of users who blindly click on buttons inside the different queues in order to simply get higher stats and earn badges. We have some way to prevent this using audits ...
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Reopen votes aging time isn't directly mentioned in the help center

Quote from cast close and reopen votes: Close votes age away harmlessly if the threshold is not reached after several days. If the question has at least 100 views, close votes will age away after 4 ...
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What percentage of questions here that qualify for an automatic reopen review on closure due to popularity get reopened as a result?

One (apparently little-known) way that closed questions can be added to the reopen review queue, in addition to the usual methods of receiving a reopen vote or an edit with the review box checked, is ...
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Add an ability to revert my vote to re-open the question

I voted to re-open a question closed as duplicate Json Datetime issue, because two linked questions were about different language. Then I realised that the question is still a duplicate - of the third ...
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Can we see details of "Not suitable for this site" close reason in the Reopen votes review interface?

Note: this could be duplicate of this question, but that one was about the old interface and is no longer relevant. In "reopen votes" review interface, some questions are marked as "Not ...
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Unable to see whether a reopen request is approved after reaching daily review maximum

For ordinary items, I can see reviewers who approved or rejected them, even after daily maximum review number is reached. example However, if the change happens to be a rollback, the only message ...
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Do rollbacks push posts out of reopen queue?

We have all edited questions that are closed, when trying to improve grammar, etc. This pushes the post into the Reopen Review queue and most of the time that is just extra work. My question is if you ...
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legitimate reopening for a closed as duplicate question?

This question: write json float in scientific notation was closed as a duplicate of python: json.encoder.FLOAT_REPR changed but no effect I have analysed the original question, and it is exactly the ...
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Reopen review queue showing wrong revision message?

I was reviewing the reopen queue and encountered this review. I saw that the post was added to the queue because it was edited, and the diff is shown to me. I can also see the revision summary being ...
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Does the Reopen queue have review audits?

I'm doing reviews in the Reopen queue and I have never encountered a review audit. Are there any review audits in the Reopen queue as there are in other queues? Do audits depends on the size of the ...
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What if your opinion conflicts with site audits?

Recently I found a question How to search a string with spaces and special characters in vi editor [closed] which was given to me as an audit for re-open votes. I think this is a genuine question as ...
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How to check the amount of questions get reopened via the reopen queue

Is there a way to check the amount of questions on Stack Overflow that actually has been reopened by users' reopen votes? I didn't find the right field to query with on
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Revision reopen review queue shows "No changes to display" for a revision with changes

On the revision tab for this review, it shows the edit comment (added 12 characters in body) but not the actual revision (No changes to display). Looking at the actual revision history, it's obvious ...
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Can we avoid white-space only edits to make posts get into Reopen votes queue?

It seems that white-space only edits (example) don't make a difference about a post being closed: a duplicate stays duplicate, off-topic doesn't become on-topic, too broad don't get more specific etc. ...
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Can I really do anything with a question marked as duplicate?

The problem I have is users not taking the time to properly read a question and then posting another answer from somewhere else which doesn't really answer the question. This is then marked as a ...
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Let's do something better with all those high-voted old closed questions

The reopen queue seems to be flooded with old high-popularity open-ended questions. I just NoActionNeeded'd and downvoted 20 of them. Instead of putting posts in the queue to consider reopening when ...
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Should edits not be put on the reopen queue immediately?

I asked a question (here) that was correctly put on hold. I edited the question, but realized it really needed more work and edited it multiple times. I was thinking I had five days to fix it and at ...
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If I vote against reopening a question and later edit it, is my earlier negative vote canceled?

I got this question in the review queue for reopen votes. I initially found it unclear so I voted to leave it closed; but later I read it again and finally understood what the author meant. I edited ...
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Could we please stop dupe-hammering this question?

This question has been dupe-hammered twice for two different answers, neither of which apply. The original problem is someone is spawning some threads, spawning another thread, having the first few ...
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Why this reopen votes review is finished with 2 reopen and 2 leave closed votes?

I was reviewing reopen votes queue and got this one: I decided to go to the question page to read more carefully both the question and the answers to ...
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Has the threshold for reopen vote expiry been changed?

There is a question (closed by gold-tag hammer) that I wanted to be reopened. Right now it has only 18 views. I first voted (as did at least one other user) a couple of weeks ago. I noticed today that ...
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How can I avoid duplicating my own question?

Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, but I get arm-twisted into duplicating my own question How to implement Master/Detail classes using Generics and inheritance. Now I try to find help here how this can be ...
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How do I know if edit is good enough to cause reopening of question

Having recently posted the question it was put on hold as primarily opinion-based. That seems right, because I had a ...
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Objective-C productivity question deleted too hastily

How to be more productive in Objective C was just closed and deleted within an hour of being posted. That's understandable -- there were a number of things wrong with it: the tone was somewhat whiny, ...
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Reopen question bug

When reviewing a question to be reopened if you: Click reopen Cancel the confirmation dialog You will now see additional information about the question including any comments that are normally ...
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Is it possible to get a list of reopen requests or reopen votes?

I have just written a question. The question was closed as it was marked as a duplicate, but the proposal in the duplicate causes such a performance drop, that it becomes unusable. Therefore I have ...
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If I have sufficient rep, I should be able to edit a closed question and cast a reopen vote at the same time

This feature request comes from this question, especially this comment. When I edit a closed question, there’s a checkbox below the edit area that reads: This edit resolves the original close reason ...
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Review the following question to consider reopening it

The following question: Calculating partial months salary costings for employees on a project in excel [closed] was closed 3 days ago since then I made significant changes to the question (I am ...
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