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The process by which users can vote to delete a post from the site.

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Should low quality novice questions be deleted? [duplicate] This question is a typical novice question. Or maybe a bit worse than typical. It started as: Please help me ...
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10 votes to delete a question?

From what I read in on the help pages, I understood that there are 3 votes needed for deleting a bad question. Yesterday I had the following scenario: Found a low quality question that was voted with ...
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You have deleted 5 answers today, further deletes are blocked

I have decided today to just delete some of my zero-voted answers that I found redundant (better answer was there). I did not delete those that were alone (the only answer) or at least could help (not ...
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Can we have a delete review queue?

Are there any plans to add a delete review queue to Stack Overflow? We've already canned the 10k flag queue. As a higher-rep user, I'd like to find some queues I can contribute to that others can't. ...
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Can I delete a question of mine if I find it very trivial? [closed]

I feel my questions have been very trivial sometimes. Can I go ahead and delete them?
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Are we abusing our delete votes on Meta?

Someone posted this rant earlier today: Stack Overflow encourages people not to think So many rules that may work for 90% of the time, but there will always be edge cases where they fail. ...
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Why close (and not delete) low quality question?

I just started reviewing low-quality posts. While for answers there's an option "Recommend Deletion", for questions there's only "Recommend Close". So, if there's a question with very low quality (e....
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Is it OK to flag exact duplicate answers as Very Low Quality?

Is it OK to flag exact duplicate answers as Very Low Quality? One of my privileges as a 20k+ trusted user is the ability to vote to delete answers with a negative score. The help center says that I ...
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16 votes
1 answer

What questions should be deleted?

The relevant Privileges page says: Closed questions that are of no lasting value whatsoever should be flagged and deleted. On the other hand, the Deleted Questions section of the FAQ says: ...
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1 more vote from other users is needed to delete this post?

Since I recently reached 10K reputation, I'm itching to delete questions. BWAHAHAHAHAH! Well, actually, no. But still, I've found something curious when voting to delete. I see a question in the ...
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How can we delete an old question with no significant value?

I just wanted to vote to delete this question: ASP.NET Editable Tree View, but for some reason I can't. Okay, the question has upvotes, and that is probably the reason why, but OP has already left ...
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Vote to delete this post? (-1 votes remaining)

I have just exceeded 21K rep and that means I would get another delete vote for the day. I thought I would go around and see if I can cast a vote on some post. This screen was awaiting me: Instead ...
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53 votes
3 answers

Deleting an accepted answer

I gave a wrong answer to a question, but the asker accepted it. I added a second (correct) answer, because completely changing an already accepted answer felt wrong to me. What can be done, if the ...
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2 answers

Send notification when question is closed or deleted

By chance I found out that an old question of mine has been deleted. Given that it was very old and highly upvoted, I didn’t lose any reputation and—according to current standards—it was indeed off ...
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17 votes
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Zero delete votes remaining?

After voting to delete some questions via the 10k review tools, I came across this: I casted the third delete vote, but the question still hasn't been deleted. It displays that there are zero votes ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to handle own, unanswered question with an unrelated answer?

I have question on Stack Overflow where I found the solution by myself. It's nothing related to the tags or topic but a simple programming bug (mmapsize becomes larger than screen size for the given ...
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1 answer

How to recommend deletion on a post outside the review queue

I've been in this situation a couple of times before, but I usually just decided to flag the post for moderator attention, but I'm really wondering if there's any better way: if I see an answer that ...
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Is the "pending delete-vote" list complete?

One of the moderator tools is the "delete votes" list. Does the "most votes" list (after expanding the small triangle) contain all posts with delete votes, or is it just a small sample? If so, how ...
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What is the best way to proceed with a question for which I don't need an answer anymore?

I've asked a question on SO, and after days of study on the topic of the question I've understood that what I've asked is not exactly what I need to know/to do with my C# code. So, even if someone ...
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Negative deletion votes count

I have faced this strange issue: As you can see, I've got expiration alert (red box in the bottom) and confirmation dialog which indicates that I have -4 deletion votes count. I'm not sure how ...
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Moderator Tools and Deleting Questions section is inaccurate

On the privileges page once you're 10K+ you can vote to delete closed questions with score of -3 or lower... Which I find a bit inaccurate because a simple search [vba] is:question closed:yes ...
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Why can I not perform the delete operation on my question [duplicate]

I have a question on SO and it has some down votes. So I want to delete my question, if it is not good or not clear then why can I not delete my question? It shows me message that your question has ...
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4 answers

Closed questions must not be deletable before they are reopened for X duration

There is an intrinsic flaw in the SO, whereby closed questions are subject to being deleted because the available answers are of poor quality. Suggestion: Question cannot be subject to being deleted ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Is encouraging users to delete their (incorrect) answers considered a good behavior?

Whenever I have comments on my answers that there is something wrong and possibly even downvoted, I try to correct what was incorrect and if the answer is beyond repair, or someone has given already ...
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Deleting own answer (bug?)

I just tried to delete an answer I'd posted on SO (it wasn't very good). Surprisingly I needed to delete it three times before the system would delete it even though I was logged in. Prior to today, ...
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