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The process by which users can vote to delete a post from the site.

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Send notification when question is closed or deleted

By chance I found out that an old question of mine has been deleted. Given that it was very old and highly upvoted, I didn’t lose any reputation and—according to current standards—it was indeed off ...
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Tweak the "X votes remaining" popup when voting to undelete

If I click the "undelete" button to cast a delete vote on a post that I didn't delete, a popup appears with a message like: Vote to undelete this post? (29 votes remaining) This wording is ...
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Deleting answered question

My first question on SO was not a good one. It attracted four answers, but none actually answered the question (IMHO). Neither the question nor any answer has received a single up-vote in two years. ...
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Why doesn't a vote to the delete button show I already voted?

I noticed quite a few times that after I voted to delete a question (or an answer), the button for it shows as "X more votes are needed to delete this post" when simply hovering over it. If I click ...
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Historical question needs closing/deleting

Here's a question that can be abridged as follows: "Source control, recommend me a free one plz" I'm currently the accepted answer. My answer was link-only to a document that is now over ten years ...
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Quick delete for obvious unsalvageable questions

You need 5 close votes, 3 downvotes and 3 delete votes to delete a regular question. Spam etc. can of course be handled with moderator attention. However there are many cases where the question is ...
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Delete voting shows an out-of-context warning

I was handling some of the delete requests for the Cleanup 500 old terse answers that either have hidden value or indicate awful questions when I was met with a somewhat frightening pop-up: that ...
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Circular duplicates should not prevent vote to delete

Some !!FUN!! happened with a couple of questions, QA had 3 close votes as duplicated against QB, and QB was hammered as duplicated of QA (that's another bug). When both questions were finally closed, ...
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Some Reviewed Low Quality Answers are not being deleted

There's an odd thing going on with some NAA/LQP reviews. The reviews are being completed and the flags are clearing, but the post is not being deleted. Hat tip to CertainPerformance for noting the ...
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Possible contradiction in whether to delete a question (with answers) closed as a duplicate

Today, I asked a question ... after doing a search that yielded no relevant questions ... that was flagged as duplicate. It was very helpful to go to the duplicate post, but I ran into contradicting ...
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Negative deletion votes count

I have faced this strange issue: As you can see, I've got expiration alert (red box in the bottom) and confirmation dialog which indicates that I have -4 deletion votes count. I'm not sure how ...
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Vote to delete this post? (-1 votes remaining)

I have just exceeded 21K rep and that means I would get another delete vote for the day. I thought I would go around and see if I can cast a vote on some post. This screen was awaiting me: Instead ...
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Why can't I undo my delete vote?

I chose to delete a question and now I can't undo the delete, I can delete (have a option) again although it seems irrelevant Is this behavior of unable to undo delete vote is by design? Why should ...
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Is the "pending delete-vote" list complete?

One of the moderator tools is the "delete votes" list. Does the "most votes" list (after expanding the small triangle) contain all posts with delete votes, or is it just a small sample? If so, how ...
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Deleting own answer (bug?)

I just tried to delete an answer I'd posted on SO (it wasn't very good). Surprisingly I needed to delete it three times before the system would delete it even though I was logged in. Prior to today, ...
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Discussion-Like answers on a old question

In the review queue I found this Q/A which to me seems more like a discussion. My intuition would say, most of the lower answers (those that start with an @[username]) would qualify for being an ...
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Cleaning up and closing "Where to download" questions

I just realized that there are lots of "Where to download" questions around which are seeking for off-site ressources and which are still open (there already was a similar call for VS2010 questions). ...
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Don't show confirmation popup when voting to delete a question if you already voted

When someone votes to delete a question that they have already voted for, a similar dialog appears: Once confirmed, this appears: Can the error message be shown directly instead of showing the ...
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'View duplicate questions' button shows more than just duplicates

When voting to delete a question that has linked duplicates, a dialogue appears: The 'View duplicate questions' button points to the 'Linked Questions' page, which contains more than just ...
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Someone voted to delete my answer - what's wrong with it?

After reading this and a few others, I can't fathom what's prompted the deletion vote on this answer I posted yesterday. I took time, went into detail about the two most common reasons why OpenCart ...
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Should famous questions stay around?

In the reopen queue, I came across What tools to automatically inline CSS style to create email HTML code? [closed]: Quoting to make sure content stays visible, even when that question might get ...
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What should I do if I can't vote to delete because the question has duplicates, but they are off-topic?

This question has already accumulated 8 delete votes, which seems to be fair enough. But when I tried to cast a delete vote to actually delete it, I couldn't, because the question is the duplicate ...
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Should I delete my question if it was resolved with a comment that isn't related to the original question?

I asked this question today about LINQ-to-Entities left joins that (I thought) was specifically about the syntax of using DefaultIfEmpty(). A commenter proposed an avenue that is totally unrelated to ...
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