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Voting to close is the process by which users can vote to close a question as off-topic or otherwise disallowed by the FAQ.

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Please make the close dialog on Teams draggable [closed]

Recently, we've got the ability to close questions as off-topic in Teams. This is neat, but when trying it out, I noticed the close dialog is not draggable. On public Q&A sites, the dialog has a ...
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Question blanks out if edited while looking at vote to close dialog

I've had several occasions now where I'm looking for a duplicate of a question. While I'm searching through the results looking for an appropriate duplicate, the question is edited (I get the "...
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Force a bad question asker back to the wizard [duplicate]

Is there a way to force/suggest a bad question "asker/OP" to use the new wizard The Ask Question Wizard is Live! I am one more likely to ask someone to improve a question or even edit it myself then ...
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Are comments to questions that you vote to close harmful? [duplicate]

The question that prompted this is already closed and downvoted so no further actions need to be taken and I'll post a link for context. I was the first close voter and my comment was, to the best of ...
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Question and self answers (not canonical) that start with an off-topic question

I recently wrote a Q&A on Stack Overflow. This question and answer pair were not actually intended to be canonical (at least not as a dupe target). Questions and self answers are encouraged on ...
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Off-topic option: include Unix and Apple sister sites on off-topic notification

Now, for one of the off-topic reasons we have this: "Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve tools used primarily for ...
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Close a question when it gets 3 (or 4) leading 'Close' votes? [duplicate]

Five 'Close' votes* from regular users are needed to close a question (or put it 'on hold') (reference). *Close votes can be of types: 'Close' (can be cast from inside or outside the review queue); ...
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Odd looking “Close” button on messages after close voting [duplicate]

Likely the same reason as this other bug report but I'm used to reporting cases like these, to have a record of all the places a bug occurs. This can be closed as a dupe.
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Let's remove the migration path from Main to Meta

Related (not duplicates): I also hate low quality / non-researched / clueless Meta questions that get migrated from Main Don't lock (meta) posts after a failed migration I saw it happen again - ...
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Should question with describing a problem but without any effort be flagged as Too broad?

This question: Transform NA values based on first registration and nearest values was in "Review Close Votes" queue. I selected Close - Too broad option, because question has only description of ...
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How can I vote to close a question without instantly closing it with a gold badge? [duplicate]

Closing questions as duplicates is a great feature, however for some of the questions, I would prefer to vote to close instead of instantly closing it as a duplicate since I am having a gold badge in ...
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Should a user delete their own question caused by a typo before closure?

I asked a question whose root cause was a typo in my code... Yeah, unfortunately I'm human. When someone commented, telling me the correct word, I immediately asked if I should delete the question ...
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Should I close question as Typo-Error if problem was missing reference? [duplicate]

I see questions where problem is just missing reference (dll, nuget) or missing namespace in code. Hence, either code cannot compile or an exception at run time. Are these questions on-topic? Or can ...
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Raise a duplicate flag after a retracted closure flag [duplicate]

Let's say I flagged a question for low quality, being unclear or too broad. I retracted the flag since the author improved his question and I now notice (because the author elaborated his question) ...
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Increase close and reopen vote weight for tag badge holders

(This is one of the suggestions that were listed in What does our long term community need? What does our long term community need to feel valued?.) Subj (I believe it's clear without further ...
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Can anything be done to mitigate the negative experience caused by bogus close votes? [duplicate]

I've recently been noticing a lot of questions with close votes, almost exclusively with 'unclear what you're asking' as the reason. In almost all of these cases, it's completely clear to me what the ...
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Couldn't the "Punishment fit the crime?" [duplicate]

As a new user on Stack Overflow, we probably all experienced a "bad first question" type of post. The flags, the downvotes, the close votes. The "New Contributor" system works okay, but it doesn't ...
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Was I wrong to vote to close this question on the basis that it seemed to be asking for recommendations?

I voted to close this question, where the opening line starts: Is there a C# PDF manipulation library that will allow me to reference all annotations and what not, insert text and other components, ...
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Daily votes cap for trusted users is just nonsense and doesn't improve anything

Again I am asking to remove the daily vote cap for up-/down votes and close votes for trusted users (let's say +10k) of the site. Besides the vague "we like to prevent you from exhaustion" ...
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Do something with old close vote reasons

Recently, I found a couple of questions with closure reasons that are no longer available to 3k+ users today, case in point this question's "not constructive" close reason (which I believe would now ...
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Why can't you vote to close again after you voted to retract another close vote? [duplicate]

Sometimes I closed a question as off-topic or something..., But then I realized that it's a total duplicate, so I retract my previous vote, and then try to vote for duplicate (so basically change ...
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Allow close votes on Stack Overflow meta questions using an appropriate duplicate question from Stack Exchange meta site [duplicate]

Why can't we close meta.stackoverflow questions with duplicates from meta.stackexchange if the duplicate is a near-perfect fit? If I am remembering things correctly, meta.stackoverflow was the site's ...
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Make closing as duplicate easier on mobile web [closed]

If I want to close a question as a duplicate on the desktop site I get a window like this: Where the question can be scrolled, and the button "Vote To Close" is always visible. So closing a question ...
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Is it Spam when a questioner requests replies be posted on a different site?

Regarding How can I convert my Excel VBA Macros to EXE File?, the user posted this in comments: I have posted this same thread on the below forum. Please check there and then reply over there. Thanks....
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How do I close a question as a duplicate of more than one question?

Sometimes I'll find two questions that could be duplicates of the OP's question, and I don't know how to vote the question as a duplicate of both the other ones. I've tried to separate them by comma ...
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Why is the number of daily close votes limited at all?

As a follow up to my question Regain daily number of close votes from approved question closures where someone answered that there's no approved data that this would have any impact, I am teased to ...
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Should we close old moderator election threads?

Right now, we have a lot of old announcements related to long-past moderator elections. Some of them have been closed as "can no longer be reproduced" (e.g. Autumn 2015 Community Moderator Election, ...
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Casting a different close vote after retracting one [duplicate]

This is a generic question (however I can provide a specific example if needed). There are often cases when question should be closed for lacking MCVE. However, reasonable OP will take this into ...
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Can a mod take a second look at my flag? [closed]

I flagged this question with the message: This question should clearly be closed (either Too Broad, or looking for software recommendation), however I can't flag it due to the open bounty. Per ...
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Include OP's name when they agree community's suggestion to close as duplicate (per my sole VTC)? [duplicate]

I was the only one who cast a VTC on a question, and then it was promptly closed by community. I just learned from here: Why does this question show as “marked as duplicate by Community♦”? ...that ...
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If I voted to close, should I downvote all answers? [duplicate]

If I voted to close a question, I usually mean "this question doesn't deserve answers". So it seems natural to vote all answers down. However, voting should always refer to the content; if the ...
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what to do when the question is so trivial/RTFM that it doesn't even have a proper duplicate? [duplicate]

Note: I rollbacked the edit from RTM to RTFM because everyone knows what RTFM is (as long as you don't say "read the full manual" loud, it's fine). The context is this homework question: Python Set ...
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Do fast close habits comply with the Code of Conduct?

In the code of conduct I read: If you're here to help others, be patient, and welcoming As I understand it, it does not just apply to what we write but also to what we do: namely voting to close ...
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Should users without relevant tags vote to close "unclear" questions?

I'm not ranting or anything. This is a genuine question. I asked this on the main site. It was closed for being "unclear". Now, only 1 out of the 5 users actually have the tag of the question (Stata)....
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Regain daily number of close votes from approved question closures

Apparently there aren't enough close voters to sanitize the site's quality regarding VLQ and off-topic questions. I am restricted to have a fixed number of close votes in a daily (UTC) scope. I've ...
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Downvote hell and meta issues [closed]

MSVC Align variable data on executable file output (< 10K screenshot) According to the townspeople, this is "unclear what is being asked". I believe the truth actually is "I dont know the answer ...
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Close voters call to arms: let's make this September welcoming

"It is September once again... and once again students are asking their homework problems..." How about we help site newcomers learn to properly ask questions by spending few minutes in review queue ...
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Company biased closing of a unwanted question

I recently wanted to link an answer to a question I already answered before. But I couldn't find it. After an intensive search I found it, but I realized that is was closed and then deleted. Until now ...
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A gibberish question closed as "unclear"

qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq That question (title is a bunch of "q"s and body is a bunch of "."s) was closed as "unclear what you're asking." Is it a proper ...
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Penalized for ancient history?

I'll preface this with saying I've got nearly 30,000 rep so a few -2's are no biggie, but that said: I asked this question 9 years ago: Something like TryParse for dates/times in c++ (non-Windows)? ...
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Can I calculate how effective my close votes are?

From my point of view, with the giant close votes queue leaving so many close votes attempts to a state of "aged away", I'd like to know if my close votes actions are meaningful or meaningless. ...
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If the author of a question agrees to a duplicate and casts a self-close vote, the question should be closed

I just asked a question How to detect third party login is 2fa enabled. It only took about five minutes before one person voted it as a duplicate. After checking the duplicate, I agree that this is ...
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2 answers

Should this question really be flagged?

I stumbled upon this question: Granted, it's not a very good question. As pointed out in comments below, it is technically not even a question, but it is very obvious what the question should have ...
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Increase the number of votes required to close a question to 6

Currently, it takes 5 close votes to reach the closing threshold. Each person with >=3000 reputation can cast 50 close votes per day. Problems: It's not difficult to reach 3000 reputation. One way ...
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Failed close-audit on mysql installation/initialization issue [duplicate]

I am relatively new to the close vote queue and just failed an audit regarding this question. Am I wrong in regarding it as belonging on SuperUser? We have of course many sql questions on the site ...
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In close queue, prioritize questions triaged as unsalvageable to unconditionally stay on top

The system can prioritize questions in the close vote review queue based on various criteria as explained here. I propose that if the question has been triaged as unsalvageable the system should ...
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What if there is no reaction to close requests?

I came across Exception in thread “Thread-0” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/joda/time/ReadableInstant yesterday evening. The title seems good, but the rest of the question is written in ...
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Enabling easier elimination of posts by new users that disregard documentation

It is evident that SO tries to remove hurdles and make it easy for newcomers to post questions. While this surely reduces the "friction" that new users encounter, it has the downside of ...
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Should we vote to close dupe questions or dupe pairs question/answer?

This question is a possible dupe and 2 users, Hack-R and Henrik have voted to close (which it was, given Henrik's gold tag badge). When looking at the original question and answer, I realized that ...
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Is a close vote causing the question to enter the close review queue?

When you cast a close-vote, does the action cause the question to enter the close review queue? Or only flagging a question does that? IMO casting a close vote should add it in the queue as well - ...
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