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Voting to close is the process by which users can vote to close a question as off-topic or otherwise disallowed by the FAQ.

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Is it valid for a gold tag badge holder to annul other users' votes?

This is very similar to the question Is it valid for a diamond moderator to use their powers to override the closing votes of other users, in order to reopen a question? My answer to that is yes, and ...
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Closed a question after 8 years and 4 months

I asked this question 8 years and 4 months ago. When should I create a new DbContext() Today I got a notification that it has been closed and was linked to another thread with fewer and less detailed ...
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Shouldn't close voters' names be hidden also from the timeline?

I just got over 3k and gained the close/reopen vote privilege, but I'm kinda wary of using it just right now because — as the title suggests — the timeline does show the voters' names. We all know ...
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Question closed without good reasons and mainly referencing a closed one?

Today I asked this question: How to get rid of CS8601 the most elegant way (most appropriate way) It was closed. No reason given. Like very often when the question cannot be answered easily. But, yes, ...
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"Not reproducible" close vote shows different reason in tooltip

When I vote to close a question as "Not reproducible or was caused by a typo" and then mouse over the "Close(1)" link below the question the tooltip says You voted to close as '...
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My question, which I was able to reopen myself after it was closed as a duplicate, is closed as a duplicate again, without context

I've posted a question which was was closed as a duplicate. Believing it not to be a duplicate, I voted to reopen, which instantly reopened the question, because I do have a gold regex tag badge (I've ...
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Wrongly closed question

Recently I asked a question which IMHO was wrongly closed (because it was quite specific). You can even see a reply from (high rep) user tao who says he was planning to write an answer. Please check ...
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Close questions caused by confusing two similar variable names [duplicate]

In this question the problem was caused by confusing two similar variable names show and showModal. I believe it's very unlikely that this question will help others in the future, but it is not ...
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Add a delay for closing / deleting questions

Today I experienced this question on SO get closed in 17 minutes as a duplicate. The part about what yield does is a duplicate, yes, but as I wrote in the comments there are other problems the OP ...
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Close vote queue, flagged as showing "subreason.InputTitle" [closed]

I was doing some reviews in the Close votes queue and noticed that the UI had changed, with the Actions now to the right as a radio combination rather than buttons, all fine and good. However, the ...
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How many downvotes can a post get for it to be automatically closed or deleted?

I've seen a lot of posts with at least -20 downvotes, but they don't get deleted or closed. For example, this post. Would it not have been a duplicate, it most likely wouldn't have been closed or ...
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What is the purpose of "Your vote has been recorded" popup which appears after close vote?

I keep seeing a blue "Your vote has been recorded" popup after casting close-votes. I know that votes are recorded - it has been that way for years. The popup requires me to click a small [x]...
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User voted to close his own question. Should that trigger an automatic delete?

I saw a user who asked this question i wanna know more this Fibonacci's operating Principles who then voted to close his own question. What results from a person closing their own question rather ...
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Was this question correctly closed as "needing of details and clarity"?

The question How to get text of image using Tesseract was closed for the needs of details and clarity. However, from my point-of-view the question is clear. Let me rephrase the question: OP failed to ...
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Is it valid for a diamond moderator to use their powers to override the closing votes of other users, in order to reopen a question?

I considered that a certain post does not comply with the SO rules since it explicitly asked if there was a tool that performs a certain specific task, it may or may not be correct, since I do not ...
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Can you share flags when it is inactive for weeks/months?

I still have 2 flags still unreviewed and I already read this and I understand that not everyone is seeing all these flags being put. In this question, I flagged it to be migrated with the words: ...
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Why is being one of the close voters not enough to reopen a question with just my vote?

A better phrasing is probably: why isn't a vote for reopen equal to retracting a vote for closing? It makes sense that I can't just pick a random closed question and reopen it with just my vote, but ...
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The process of closing and re-opening questions should be more robust

Yesterday, I asked a valid technical question regarding WPF. Well, I'm an experienced software architect. I know what I'm doing and how to ask a question in a correct manner. In my question I provided ...
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Which close vote option corresponds to "unlikely to help anyone else in the future"? [duplicate]

Which close vote option corresponds to "unlikely to help anyone else in the future"? As @yivi mentions here, The idea [of Stack Overflow] is to build a repository of useful question and ...
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Add new closing option "Shows little or no effort" [duplicate]

Everyday, more and more questions are posted that are simply variances of "do my job for me while I go have a beer". These questions show little or no effort on the OPs' part, not even to ...
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Highly upvoted question selected for audit gets closed. Selecting close for audit results in failure

I just failed this audit in the Close Votes Review Queue. But I don't know how or why! As I nearly always do before taking any action other than "Skip," I opened the link in a separate tab (...
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New question close option [duplicate]

Nowadays, many questions on Stack Overflow are nothing but a homework dump. But there is no proper option to close such questions. These are the existing close options: Duplicate - This question has ...
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Option to close bounty enabled questions [duplicate]

Recently, I came across this post and the post is missing with the debugging details. So it should be closed with "Needs debugging details" option. I could have voted to close this post and ...
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Is a mod unilaterally reviewing/closing 1500 questions in a single day okay, or too much?

Over the last couple weeks, I've noticed a single user (a moderator) closing an inordinate amount of questions through the CV Queue every couple of days or so. This is quite obvious because not only ...
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Close dialog not visible when opened on 'duplicate' tab of close vote review [duplicate]

I'm reviewing Close Votes, targeting specifically Duplicate types. If I've switched to view the duplicate and then click "Close", the Close dialog does not appear. I believe it's actually ...
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Congratulations to EdChum for 100,000 close reviews!

The Close Votes review stats page shows that EdChum performed 100,000 close vote reviews. Getting content properly rated is very important to me because this helps me use the site and I would like to ...
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Revoting for a duplicate is not possible, how should that case be handled?

If I voted a question to be a duplicate to another question, the question was closed due to that and was later reopened by a person with a gold badge to one of the tags, there is no way to cast any ...
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Proposal: Allow high-rep users (or gold badge holders) to VTC again with a different reason

I just had the following situation: I read a question with missing information. I vote-to-close for missing information and add a comment asking for that information. OP adds that information. I ...
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Silver badge close-superpowers? [duplicate]

I haven't been active here for nearly a year, so I might have missed on a change, but do silver tag badge holders have the power to singlehandedly close answers as duplicate? I ask because I came ...
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Are moderation/curation activities rewarded? [duplicate]

First things first: I'm not asking this question for the reputation points' sake. I'm just interested whether the [pro]active moderation of the posts (questions and answers), namely: voting for ...
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How to ask a question that is close to a duplicate avoiding "closed as a duplicate"

How do I ask a question that is close to a duplicate avoiding "closed as a duplicate", including the usual downvotes? Current example: Check your module classpath for missing or conflicting ...
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15 votes
2 answers

Close popup in review doesn't show after switching to Duplicate tab

While reviewing questions in the Close Votes review queue, I notice regularly - but not always - that clicking on the Close button does not bring up the Why should this question be closed? popup ...
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How to deal with the duplicate questions which also have bounty on them? [duplicate]

Today I came across this question Printing rows from database into a list view in android studio as you can see there is an open bounty of 50 Reputation on this question now. But there has been a ...
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Should comment upvotes be automatically retracted when closevote is retracted?

When you close vote a question that's already been proposed by somebody else, the act of close vote automatically upvotes that close-proposal comment. But if you later retract the that close vote, ...
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User ask for difference between two constructs where one isn't valid - Is flagging or voting to close appropriate?

What if a user ask for the difference between two programming constructs but one of those isn't even valid in the tagged language. Is a flag or vote to close appropriate here? And if yes, Which one? I ...
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What is the appropriate course of action towards a user that is consistently answering off-topic, low quality, and duplicate questions?

If you browse python, chances are that you've come across a user that answered 1,000 questions in the past month, most of which ended up being closed. Most of these questions are closed within minutes,...
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1 answer

Duplicate chooser is unreadable in dark mode

First row result shows the undesirable result; second row shows a highlighted item, showing the stats data;
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Why does SO not add more sites to "This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network"? - Close reasons

This has been an issue for about 9 years (earliest post I could found was from June 2011, see below) now and I personally feel very uncomfortable with that it isn't fixed already. I clearly say "...
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-20 votes
2 answers

Edit just before final close-vote bypasses re-open queue

Please follow this sequence of events: User posts question. 1-2 people vote to close the question (Probably downvoted too). OP edits the question to properly meet guidelines. The people who voted to ...
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Using bounties to prevent question getting closed [duplicate]

I know similar questions have been answered before as to why close votes cannot be made on questions with a bounty. However, my question is whether it is OK for an author of a question, to apply a ...
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Cannot retract a single handed close vote

I just close voted a question and as I have enough privilege, the qustion was immediately closed. So far so good. But then I realized that I shouldn't have close voted, but it's impossible to retract ...
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A question was flagged as 'Not suitable for this site' but points to 'Needs details or clarity'

I was reviewing for Close Votes on Stack Overflow. I had seen something viewable in a question: Notice that the question has been flagged as: Not suitable for this site But pointed 2 (i.e. both ...
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What can be done to improve/increase the amount of Close Votes reviews and to stop <3k user’s close flags ageing away?

At the time of writing this I am below 3k rep, so I can’t vote to close but I flag to close. I have noticed this issue quite a lot: I review a post in the First Posts queue/Triage queue and flag for ...
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Should we close old questions that have no answers, limited views and OP has already indicated they have moved on

Regarding: Customize toolbar styles for UWP This question is very old and has attracted limited views, limited comments and no answers. I write both UWP and Xamrin apps and haven't come across this ...
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Why would someone vote to close their own question? [duplicate]

At 250 rep, we earn the privilege to cast close and reopen votes on our own questions. Why would someone vote to close their own question? I have voted to reopen my own questions after editing them, ...
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2 answers

Are questions asking for one exhaustive list on-topic?

I've come across Which HTML attributes has different name on Javascript? and its follow-up What is the exhaustive list of HTML attributes that behave differently on Javascript DOM API? and found them ...
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What should I do if I find a duplicate of a question that already has 2 non-duplicate close votes? [duplicate]

Today, I came across the question What are the differences between malloc(3posix) and malloc(3)?. I knew this was a duplicate of Linux newbie: Linux vs POSIX manual, but the question already had two ...
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Is it appropriate to close a question as duplicate of another language one?

For example, We have this C question here: Is there a benefit/downside to return in an else statement? which was closed as duplicate of this Javascript question: Unnecessary 'else' after &#...
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How useful is triaging of the question having two close votes?

If a triaged question gets 2 close votes (within review or outside of it, doesn't matter) then an Unsalvageable->Needs Improvement review from 3K user will close it. Closing questions is not how this ...
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"Needs debugging details" vs. "Needs details or clarity" - When should I pick what?

If one wants to vote to close a question, there are two very similar reasons possible: 1. "Needs details or clarity" This question should include more details and clarify the problem. 2. (...
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