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Voting to close is the process by which users can vote to close a question as off-topic or otherwise disallowed by the FAQ.

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We’re lowering the close/reopen vote threshold from 5 to 3 for good

It’s my birthday today and I’ve got a gift for you. 🎁 We’re lowering the close/reopen vote threshold on Stack Overflow from 5 to 3. About a month ago, Shog shared the results of our experiment ...
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Experiment (ENDED): closing and reopening happens at 3 votes for the next 30 days

This experiment has concluded and the affected settings have been restored to their previous values. Results are available here and here. -- Shog9, 2019-09-07 For the next 30 days, we'll be ...
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Let's burn down the close queue!

Stage 2 completed: The initial phase of the burndown was completed on 2014-03-03 10:48:49; the second phase completed on 2014-03-08 at 19:41. Detailed statistics on how these played out can be found ...
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When did I get close-vote superpowers?

I just marked this question as a duplicate all by myself. I am not a moderator and I don't think this should be possible. Did I miss something?
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Threshold experiment results: closing, editing and reopening all become more effective

Editor's note: This has been implemented. This post details the outcome of an experiment that reduced the thresholds for closing and reopening questions to 3 votes on Stack Overflow. Warning: ...
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Educating people to flag spam and not vote to close

TL DR Is there anything we can do to help educate users to use their flags and not their close votes on spam? It is not uncommon to see people voting to close spam. Spam should be flagged as spam and ...
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297 votes
7 answers

Congratulations to EdChum for 100,000 close reviews!

The Close Votes review stats page shows that EdChum performed 100,000 close vote reviews. Getting content properly rated is very important to me because this helps me use the site and I would like to ...
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Flagging migration should include more options

I have encountered numerous questions in with the sprite-kit tag such as: ...
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Congratulations greg-449, on reaching 100,000 close vote reviews!

A few minutes ago, I saw, on the SO Close-vote Review Stats, that greg-449 has reached the six-figure mark on close vote reviews: That's a remarkable feat that only EdChum has managed to replicate (...
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More effective closing / downvoting of junk questions to help with the signal-noise ratio?

Signal vs Noise I find that when a question warrants a close vote, it usually violates a number of rules, sometimes a majority of the rules, and it is hard to decide which is the most appropriate. ...
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Narrowing ourselves into irrelevance

I posted the following question on SO today: The question was almost immediately put on hold ...
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Why can't we change our close-vote reason?

This answer does a fair enough job explaining why you can't vote-to-close on a question once you've retracted a close vote. But I'm curious, why can't I change my close-vote reason without ...
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1, 2, 3...test. Let’s increase the number of reviews & close votes for science!

For many, many years users have asked and asked and asked for changes to the number of close votes and the number of reviews per day. There's been a little bit of skepticism as to the efficacy of such ...
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Show my close vote

Going through my old close votes, I noticed the following: If I have cast an off-topic close vote, I cannot see what that vote was, as I cannot navigate to the off-topic section as I would be able to ...
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Declaring a Review strike until efficiency improvements are implemented

Reviewing (together with interlinking existing content) is one of the key tasks for the SO community now that the site is past its initial growth stage. And the infamous overload of review queues and ...
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We need more close votes!

I run out of close votes a lot. In fact, in almost any given day in which I actively participate, I use up all of my close votes! And I am really, in the grand scheme of things, not a very active user ...
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Fuzzy the number of questions in the close review queue, a dopamine for the shutterers

Users are freaking out over the number of questions with close votes. More so when they look at the review queue and have to grab a newspaper to fan themselves as they do declare that the high number ...
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Regarding the Stack Overflow close review queue

The size of the backlog in Stack Overflow's close review queue has been an issue for a long time now: I find that having such a huge backlog, makes it very hard to properly deal with closures. What ...
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Close and Triage queues need a downvote option. No, really

I've been spending a lot of time in the close vote queue. I feel that there is a problem with the tools available to me there or in the triage queue. As a syllogism, er, wait, I have three premises: ...
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Close vote superpowers for other badges in low volume tags

Now that people can wield Mjölnir I want a go of that mighty hammer! Having gold badge users with superpowers in their tag is a great idea for high traffic tags. It will not help low traffic tags. ...
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Reduce the number of votes required to close a question to 4 [duplicate]

Related (from 2009): Now that there is a League of Super Heroes should the number of votes required to close/move be reduced? Also very related (but not identical): Why are 5 close votes required? ...
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1 answer

SO Close Vote Reviewers

What It's Not Another thread about close votes (starting with the disclaimer, "Another thread about close votes.") But! This thread is not about why the queue as large as it is. This thread ...
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133 votes
7 answers

Should "Give me a regex that does X" questions be closed?

For example, today I saw yet another such question - Check if a string contains at least 10 digits, 12 uppercase letter and 20 lowercase letter. This is not the first one I'm seeing, either. Should ...
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Suggest editing to upvoters of unclear questions

While I was trying to understand some question, it got a few upvotes. So it got me thinking - these upvoters probably understood it and thought it was good. So it would be great if they edited it in ...
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Could: "Possible duplicate of.." be given prominence for answering users?

Scenario: User 1 asks a question User 2 votes to close as duplicate User 3 ignores the comment/dupe link and answers Other than the link in the comments, users that answer are not directed in any ...
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15 answers

How to encourage newbie programmers without enabling "hold my hand" comment streams?

One reason I participate by answering questions on SO is to help newbie questioners learn the trade we share. It's an altruistic, "give-back", sort of thing for me. I look for questions that offer ...
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Proposal: Adding the text "in text form" in the close reason

Situation: We can see many posts containing links to code / images (snapshot) of code. These posts are bad because The code in the question (image) cannot be indexed for future search. Tough to copy-...
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15 answers

Question Close Updates: Phase 1

This week we rolled out a series of changes to improve parts of the question close workflow. Below are the changes and impacted sites. Close & Flag screen updates This change is live on Stack ...
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Daily votes cap for trusted users is just nonsense and doesn't improve anything

Again I am asking to remove the daily vote cap for up-/down votes and close votes for trusted users (let's say +10k) of the site. Besides the vague "we like to prevent you from exhaustion" ...
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Regain daily number of close votes from approved question closures

Apparently there aren't enough close voters to sanitize the site's quality regarding VLQ and off-topic questions. I am restricted to have a fixed number of close votes in a daily (UTC) scope. I've ...
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When is a closeable question also a "very low quality" question?

Sometimes, when I see a question that is blatantly off-topic or otherwise unsalvageable and cannot in any reasonable sense be said to be editable into an acceptable on-topic question, I will vote to ...
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102 votes
5 answers

Final (binding) Votes to Close and Delete should trigger a revision to be saved

As a moderator, I sometimes have to delete bad answers. Sometimes, those answers are edited after I've deleted them, and it turns into an episode of "The Big Bad Moderator". This doesn't just happen ...
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101 votes
4 answers

Why would a question that's normally too broad in *any* other language be okay if it's in Python?

In keeping with a theme I've got nowadays - wondering about moderation and how consistent, even and fairly we apply it - I've run into this scenario enough times to warrant a Meta post. Take a ...
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18 answers

Thought experiment: What would happen if we didn't have close votes?

After reading "My Love-Hate Relationship with Stack Overflow: Arthur S., Arthur T., and the Soup Nazi" one of our developers wondered what would happen if we didn't have close votes. ...
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6 answers

Why is it so hard to find this dupe-target?

There's a community wiki question I created a long time ago, which I often use as a target when closing other questions as dupes: What does "fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping ...
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3 answers

Can we talk about the reviewing culture here on Meta?

Kind of related to Can we talk about the voting culture here on Meta?, but that one is about downvoting. I want to talk about close-voting and delete-voting. For quite some time I noticed that there ...
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Allow non-gold-badge-holders to suggest multiple duplicates and change suggested duplicates

I frequently encounter the following situations when dealing with new questions: It's not quite clear which of multiple possible duplicates applies more to OP's situation After suggesting one ...
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90 votes
1 answer

Allow change to a close vote after question is edited

The issue of changing close votes has come up before quite a few times. I understand the rationale for not generally permitting changing votes. However, there is a specific, very common case with a ...
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88 votes
2 answers

Is it wrong to upvote an answer to a question just so you can close another question as a duplicate of it?

I came across this question today, which is IMO a duplicate of this one. Same problem (CountDownTimer.onFinish() gets called twice), same answer (timer was being started twice). However I couldn't ...
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9 answers

Does a user have any practical options for dealing with blatantly incorrect close votes?

Pretty often (to the point where I have a canned comment addressing one category), I see close votes that are clearly, objectively wrong. I'm talking about stuff like: Voting to close IDE questions ...
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More vote-to-close autocomments

If I vote to close a question as a duplicate, an auto comment is placed on the question along the lines of Possible duplicate of {question link} This is a great feature! It immediately gives the ...
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2 answers

How can I close a question that has an active bounty?

This question seems (to me) massively, overly broad Dynamic UserControls within ASP.NET Wizard. But I can't close it as because it has an active bounty. What should be done? Does the posting of the ...
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4 answers

Duplicate Closing Rampage

It happened to me today that I found several duplicate questions for a common questions. So I identified the oldest one (with a good, high-voted, unfortunately unaccepted answer), and went on a ...
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My gold badge allowed me to instantly close a question despite the tag being edited out beforehand

I have a gold badge for the css tag on Stack Overflow. This allows me to instantly close questions tagged with this. I just voted to close this question: How to get img dimensions from file object ...
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84 votes
1 answer

Increase close and reopen vote weight for tag badge holders

(This is one of the suggestions that were listed in What does our long term community need? What does our long term community need to feel valued?.) Subj (I believe it's clear without further ...
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82 votes
4 answers
2k views is shutting down and SO is flooded with off-topic requests for alternatives is shutting down at the end of the year, and Stack Overflow is getting flooded with off topic questions asking for alternatives (more than 11 in the last 8 hours). Some are already closed, ...
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Send notification when question is closed or deleted

By chance I found out that an old question of mine has been deleted. Given that it was very old and highly upvoted, I didn’t lose any reputation and—according to current standards—it was indeed off ...
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Give high-rep users extra weight on close votes

As a person's commitment to the community increases, I think we should make it possible for high-reputation users to fast-track the closure of certain questions. See here for some of my rationale. ...
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17 answers

Is it possible for some "Too Broad" questions to be exceptions to the rule?

I randomly came across this question. It's obviously too broad: there are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format (see the first answer, which has more ...
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Migrated question has six close votes but is not closed Also, when I voted to close it the close dialogue errored but it still recorded my close ...
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