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Times a question has been seen by eyeballs, or a profile has been looked over

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Heat maps of average score and page views of questions by time and day of week

I came across this blog post that did analysis of the most popular times and days to post on Reddit, and had the idea to try it myself for SO. I parsed roughly 2 years worth of XML data from the ...
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Cannot see number of views for question on mobile?

In the responsive mobile layout, the number of views for a question is not available on the view question page, like it is on desktop: I understand that sacrifices have to be made for the mobile ...
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Let's track when a question was viewed!

As a followup to Can I see when a question was viewed? I'd like to request that question views be stored in such a way that they can be broken down over time. This would allow analysis of whether ...
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Does "Profile Views" include me looking at my own profile?

According to the counter, 93 people have looked at my profile: Does this include me looking at my own profile, or does it only count other people who actually looked at my profile ? It doesn't ...
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Why does my question have so few views? And how can I increase them?

Yesterday, I bountied a question I had asked 27 days ago (my first bounty). And I am surprised at the lack of views on it. Before applying the bounty, the question had ~40 views, I believe. Now it has ...
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How Profile views are counted? Is it counted on Hover of my Profile pic?

Is profile view gets counted if a user actually Sees my profile page on,Or even if he just hovers on my profile pic ,then also Count is increased? thanks
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Question's Views Increasing When Its Author Views Its Edit History

I noticed something unexpected that I think may be a bug. If a question's author views the question (which is quite common of course), SO does not increment the question's views in my experience. ...
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Question viewed 8 times, and 8 upvotes? possible?

Is it even possible? I mean 1 view is default OP's view. How is it possible then? Link :@Named providers with same return types end up giving java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Duplicate
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