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Times a question has been seen by eyeballs, or a profile has been looked over

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Should the views count in the sidebar be formatted?

This is something that I've only just started noticing on some older SO questions that I've bookmarked at some point in history with a code-snippet that I may use once at the beginning of every new ...
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How can we find "last seen" and "profile views" info on the profile page now that they are gone?

Today the layout of the user profile page has changed. I haven't found any information on MSO about it. Now that it's gone, how can we find "last seen" and "profile views" ...
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Do questions posted on the weekend get less attention?

Is there any statistical evidence that questions which are posted on the weekend get less attention than those posted during the work week?
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How does the page view count work on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Does the view count increase if I visit a question without logging in? For example, a question has 300 views and 5 visitors with different IP addresses visit it without logging in. Will the view ...
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Number of views on question getting updated on refresh; just a coincidence?

I'm just asking this here out of mere curiosity. I've noted that once I click on my questions list and go to a question page, if I hit refresh, the number of views count almost always goes up by 1. ...
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Does the question view count refer to members only?

I was wondering if the question viewed count refers to any internet user (not necessarily a Stack Overflow member) or if it is just a Stack Overflow users view count.
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Increase question views once per user in a private team [closed]

In Teams, views of the user who posted the question sometimes increase the question's view count: Every view of a question on a private team increments the view counter. Including your own views, ...
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Can viewing your own question cause its view count to increase?

Does viewing my own question cause its view count to increase? I've noticed that whenever I view the question, it always seems that, coincidentally, the view count has gone up by one, as if doing so ...
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Can I see when a question was viewed?

I'm interested in how many additional views a question got after it was edited, an answer was posted, or some other change took place. Is there a way to break down the total number of views over ...
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How can a question have more downvotes than views?

Six views, seven votes: Link to the original question: (but it may be changed or deleted by the time you access it) ...
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Heat maps of average score and page views of questions by time and day of week

I came across this blog post that did analysis of the most popular times and days to post on Reddit, and had the idea to try it myself for SO. I parsed roughly 2 years worth of XML data from the ...
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30 votes
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Get referrers for a post

In the last week, I've seen a sudden influx of upvotes to my post RuntimeWarning: numpy.dtype size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility . Apparently, someone has shared it on some popular ...
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17 votes
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Which question has the highest # of upvotes to views ratio?

Which question has the highest # of upvotes to views ratio? I suppose the answer might be a new question with 1 upvote and 2 views, so we should put some constraints on this query. Perhaps the data ...
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Asking the same question on Stack Overflow and other online forums? [duplicate]

This is specifically for less popular tags like Jdbc , PL/SQL , Weblogic , WLST etc. I have asked questions related to the above tags and have noticed that the post receives very few and sometimes no ...
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Why does my SO question have so few views?

I raised a question on stack overflow yesterday and at the time of writing this, it's only had six views. Can anyone tell me why? Or give me some tips to improve my question? Here it is: How can I ...
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Look up most viewed posts for a tag

For any particular tag we have the ability to lookup questions with most votes. There is "frequent" tab, which shows up questions with most links. I am assuming these are posts that are most ...
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Does "Profile Views" include me looking at my own profile?

According to the counter, 93 people have looked at my profile: Does this include me looking at my own profile, or does it only count other people who actually looked at my profile ? It doesn't ...
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I created a private team, my private question was viewed 10 times before I added users [closed]

I created a private team I asked the first private question. Before I added any users to my team, the question was viewed 10 times. How can this be? Is my team not really private?
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Why does this question have more upvotes than views?

I recently saw this question : It has five upvotes, but only 4 views? It might that the OP or their friends tried to increase the number of votes of this question.
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How Profile views are counted? Is it counted on Hover of my Profile pic?

Is profile view gets counted if a user actually Sees my profile page on,Or even if he just hovers on my profile pic ,then also Count is increased? thanks
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Views counter in Stack Overflow for Teams [duplicate]

I'm the only one member of my free Stack Overflow for Teams team. Right after asking the question I can refresh the page and see how views counter rise up to 2, 3, 4 and stops growing. I know that ...
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Do profile views matter on Stack Overflow?

Just as reputation and badges have their importance, does profile views also considered to be important? If yes please share how.
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