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How would you respond to this long-term research invitation from SO?

Yesterday, I received an email from [email protected] titled Invitation: Help to shape a new Stack Overflow feature. It basically offers me to provide feedback to help designing new stuff ...
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What is the sample size for UX research being done?

So far we have been able to enjoy (and I truly enjoy reading them) three "UX research time" posts, which have had various receptions, as has been discussed here to great lengths, and which I do not ...
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UX research time! July 2019 and how people are learning and teaching code

🙋🏻‍♀️Hello! This is July’s installment of UX research updates for Meta! You can check out past installments here, or last month’s data science update here. Today, I’ll be talking about findings from ...
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UX research time! May 2019 and the reputation system

👋Hello! This is our second installment of UX research updates for Meta. You can check out the first installment here. This month, I’ll talk about findings from user research we did last year about ...
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UX research time! March 2019 and the user profile and settings

🙋🏻‍♀️Hello! My name is Donna and I’m a UX (User Experience) designer here at Stack Overflow. Recently, Jon Ericson suggested that we share UX research updates so that the folks here can get more ...
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