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User retention refers to keeping a user who has come to our site, coming back again and again. For a site like StackOverflow, this may include making sure new questions get good answers, making it easy for people who ask questions to start answering questions as they become more experienced, or making sure people who answer lots of questions keep enjoying themselves.

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Why do you stay?

I'm very hesitant to ask this. I hope it won't be interpreted as me trying to make some kind of statement or encourage people to do something or other. I'm not talking about my own opinions on any of ...
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Make it easier for experienced users to find good questions to answer [duplicate]

This discussion occurred about a year ago but I'm not sure I felt like answering some questions this morning and I wound up downvoting about 20 questions instead before I came here to grouse. I ...
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Why do tags suddenly disappear once I do a search?

I'm trying to come up with a query to find good questions to answer, instead of spending nearly all of my SO time downvoting/closing them and hoping to find any I might like to answer at all. The ...
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Why does the community mourn for ex-moderators instead of forging a new community? [duplicate]

First off, the title itself might look a bit disrespectful or cheeky - that by no means is my intention. I'd like to know why some members of this community, clearly unhappy about the recent ...
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