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For questions about the user interface elements (inputs, checkboxes, etc) that make up this site.

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15 votes
2 answers

How do I filter questions -- for dummies?

There have been similar questions before, but nothing completely basic like I (and presumably others) need. I have some knowledge and would like to contribute, so I click on the big "Questions" ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Can't select/copy close reason text in Chrome?

Often times, if I vote to close a question, I'll copy the close reason text and edit it to form a comment explaining the problem with the question. However, I find some slightly problematic behavior ...
37 votes
0 answers

Provide user interface to insert language hints

I find myself visiting What is syntax highlighting and how does it work? on a regular basis to figure out what languages Prettify supports and by what names it calls them. I guess many others don't ...
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418 votes
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What do the colors on Stack Overflow mean?

On Stack Overflow, there are many color codes. Sometimes the number of votes on a question is highlighted with certain colors. Sometimes the background of the question or answer text is highlighted. ...

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