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Use this for questions about the interaction design, behavior, and organization of the site, in terms of user experience.

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Why is StackOverflow's "Interesting" Question tab not present on more Stack Exchange sites?

In this blog post from 2010, Jeff Atwood revealed the recent redesign of the Stack Overflow homepage. In 2010, the homepage was changed to display a set of questions personalised to your preferences, ...
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How I can thank an answerer on Stack Overflow if I don't have enough reputation?

I have 11 reputation on Stack Overflow. I read an answer which was useful for me, and I want to vote it or write a comment. But I can't. I can not get an answer for this question. But I am allowed ...
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"Show n more comments" usability problem

When there is a long discussion, the "Show n more comments" link is only shown at the bottom. This is a problem. When there is a significant amount of discussion, only comments with upvotes are ...
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Don't bug me about questions needing votes too when I have ~750 question votes and ~840 answer votes

Today I happen to vote on a bunch of answers and now I get this message every time I vote on an answer: You haven't voted on questions in a while; questions need votes too! I don't vote a lot, but ...
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Navigate Stack Exchange site switcher with keyboard

After I type a few characters into the Stack Exchange site search, I usually try to navigate with the down-arrow to the site I'm looking for. Of course that doesn't work, forcing me to relocate to the ...
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Make visited links a bit more visible

Upon visiting a question page, there are usually links that lead to information related the question, such as a jsFiddle: After visiting the link, it's color changes in a way that it's nearly ...
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We should be able to initiate a search using the mouse

After entering some text in the search box, I am not able to use the mouse to search: only the Enter key works to initiate the search. There is a magnifying glass button in the left-hand side of ...
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Why is the Stack Overflow search not that effective and we have to use Google for searching Specific question and answer?

As of April 2014, Stack Overflow has over 2,700,000 registered users and more than 7,100,000 questions (Source) and is probably the world's best technical question-answer website where 92% of the ...
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Login with conflicting open id

Here is the scenario. For Stack Exchange, I use my personal Google account (open id) for logging in. At work I am always logged into my work Google account. When I try to login to SE, it always ...
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Unable to delete question with answers even with dialog that says it has answers

Here is the bug: Delete this answered question? We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge. Repeated deletion of answered questions ...
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Select All / Copy All Button for Code

Can we please, finally, have a Select All / Copy All button for code on Stack Overflow? Yes, this question, again. Shortcut or button for copying posted code from Stack Overflow The main reason I ...
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