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Use this for questions about the interaction design, behavior, and organization of the site, in terms of user experience.

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What is this Stack Overflow green icon?

I'm seeing what seems like a new color scheme for the Stack Overflow icon: This appears in the Inbox and Hot Questions items, but not on the list of SE sites, for example. I see the new icon is used ...
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Remember my sort order on SO Search

Whenever one initiates a new search the sort order reverts to "Relevance." If I change the sort order to "Newest" and make a new search, again the sort order reverts to "Relevance." I would like the ...
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Why is not a question highlighted although the tags are among the favourite ones?

See the section of my favourite tags. Aside of java there is spring with spring-boot. Then I filter the questions tagged with spring and the soft-yellow highlighting disappears at all the questions ...
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'All Questions' vs 'Unanswered' tabs switching button is confusing

For me, this All Questions/Unanswered button doesn't fit nicely in the UI. It is graphically joined with the other buttons ...
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Show ignored questions on hover

I think that it is a good idea to grey out questions with ignored tags, as currently happens: However, I think that these questions should go back to full colour as you hover on them, as happens with ...
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When is the "Your Answer" popup above the answer box shown?

I was thinking about alternatives to the feature request proposed here and started thinking about a placeholder text-based solution (once proposed here). While tooling around while logged out from ...
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Why is there no explanation/hint when a big UI change occurs?

Today I got the 'June 2018' UI change. I always need to time to adjust, and it would make my life a lot easier if I was greeted with a popup / hint / link somewhere explaining the changes; and ways to ...
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Where are all the bountied questions? [closed]

I opened Stack Overflow in a browser I don't usually and noticed a series of buttons that I don't have when logged in. Not logged in and visiting python Logged in and visiting python "Bounties" ...
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Are blog comments disabled or buggy?

I read the latest blog post and wanted to ask for clarification on one point, so I scrolled down to the comments section and found this: I opened up the developer console of my browser to see whether ...
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The flag menu nesting is too deep

When a question as "off-topic because it belongs to another site which is", then you need to choose flag->should be closed->off topic->belongs to another site->...
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Escaping HTML in comments and answers

How do we escape HTML content in answers and comments? I am sure this question was covered somewhere, but I am not able to find it; I have searched in help section, but eventually gave up. A concrete ...
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3 answers

Stack Overflow sites usability with JavaScript disabled

For security reasons I moved from considering disabling JavaScript to actually doing that. Stack Overflow site collection is one of the many that range from not barely practical to unusable without ...
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Job tech preferences has unintuitive UI [duplicate]

edit: this is on the page<uid> There's no visual indication at all that there are selected technologies ABOVE what is shown; there's no scrollbar and ...
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2 answers

Request reduced instances of displaying the "Don't forget to upvote the question and the answers" overlay for users with sufficiently high rep

As a user with lots of rep on Stack Overflow, and having used Stack Overflow for almost a decade now, I find this popup: Welcome back! If you found this question useful, don't forget to vote both the ...
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Oops! Something Bad Happened! - Allow Refresh (F5) to redirect to/reload the non-error page

I just got an Oops! Something Bad Happened! error, while opening this question. This question works now, it was only a temporary problem. However, when this happens, you get redirected to this URL. ...
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UX: Why not put the best answer to any question, before the question itself

This is more of a UX concern. I have used SO daily for the last 5 years, and I just noticed that most of the time I don't see the question's body, but instead I scroll to the answer immediatelly. ...
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Do we need "instead" in the title "Track a tag badge instead"? Should it be put dynamically depending on the choice?

We've got two options for tracking the progress: to track a privilege to track a tag badge When the first option is selected, the UI looks fine: When the second option is chosen, it feels like "...
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Completing a user's name when pinging on the Stack Overflow app

I sometimes ask or answer a question using the Stack Overflow app and sometimes there is a comment I want to reply to (IE I want to ping). In my browser I can ping with @ and you get something like ...
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Search text highlighting is borked

When I search for posts, I've noticed odd behavior with respect to highlighting of matching text in the search results. Is this a bug? Will it be fixed? Markup of the results is very useful, drawing ...
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Does licensing permit using code found in answers on SO at work? [duplicate]

I understand source code contained in answers on Stack Overflow are licensed under cc by-sa 3.0. If I'm getting paid to develop an application that is probably going to be closed source, does this ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What is the reasoning behind the Stack Overflow search box animating and increasing in size?

I really think Meta Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow's search bar doesn't need to change size. Most searches don't involve the size of that textbox (it is too large). I like what SE has ...
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615 votes
4 answers

Don't clutter half the screen with things most people don't care for

TL;DR: Stack Exchange has a principle: the advertising is minimal, and shouldn't interfere with the contents of the sites. This works for all sites except Stack Overflow. Please fix this. Details ...
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Duplicate closing window, scrolling when previewing other question is not resetted

When closing a question as a duplicate, one doesn't always find the perfect duplicate on the first page. When searching to close a question today, I noticed that previewing the question didn't reset ...
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Should there be a floor on votes? [duplicate]

Downvotes are useful, no doubt. They help users decide which questions and answers to read. They provide feedback to the person asking the question or posting an answer. I'm not sure if overly large ...
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Horizontal scroll in Stack Overflow App on Android

I am experiencing poor UX using the Stack Overflow Android application. Horizontal scrolling collides with vertical exactly on code snippets. I have recorded a video that demonstrates this strange ...
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How can I see only questions tagged with my preferred tags?

The mobile site is quite spartan, and this ought to be helpful, but it seems it makes it harder to use. So far I have determined: Tapping questions shows all questions. Those tagged with one of my ...
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Increase the contrast for the "pressed" election buttons

I have reasonably good sight, but I'm still having problems recognizing which button is pressed in the election. I know there's a list on the right side, but it's not anchored and disappears when you ...
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Top-bar review drop down can be much quicker

On the new top-bar, the review icon's drop-down list is a nice touch, but it takes too long to load - to me it can take over 2 seconds: Compare to the inbox, at 162ms: I'm guessing it is slow mainly ...
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Vary position of the formatting buttons at the bottom if the user is on a tablet?

Above the box I'm currently typing in are formatting buttons for bold, italic, quote, code etc. I frequently run into a nuisance on my iPad whereby I select some text that I wish to make Bold (for ...
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Close the tracking privilege popup with the Esc key or a click outside

On one's Profile page, clicking on this gear button opens up a pop up, which doesn't close when the "Esc" key is pressed or when one clicks outside the popup. To close this list, you have to click on ...
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2 answers

An easy way for a beginner to know what topics he or she can ask on the Stack Overflow site [duplicate]

I know where are the instructions of what topics can I ask about in Stack Overflow site. However, I had trouble finding this information. I needed to search it on Google and only then I found out that ...
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Looking for stats on how frequency of skip actions correlates with audits failures rate and amount of reviews done by user

Related: Is this request for statistics of skipping in reviews hard to accomplish or does it somehow lack visibility? This is sort of a follow-up request based on stats of how many reviewers ...
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46 votes
2 answers

Can we change the link text to Triage queue help?

In the Triage review queue, there is a link at the top left that reads "We need your help separating questions into categories." It's a link to instruction on how Triage reviews should be done. I ...
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"show removed posts" checkbox on tab=reputation should be moved to just above the list

Like (it appears, many) I was recently confused by multiple inexplicable drops of 2 reputation. I came here looking for answers, and found this excellent answer originally by Cody Gray, which ...
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2 answers

Keyboard controls on list pages?

When using Google to search, it is possible to use the keyboard ↑ / ↓ keys to tab through each search result. Can this feature be added to the home and questions pages? I think this will ...
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37 votes
0 answers

Close Snippet obstructed in Full Screen

Alter the z-index of fixed top bar when using Full Screen Snippets has been fixed. But click on the full screen preview and try to close the snippet? Hello! Click on the full page above right and ...
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Alter the z-index of fixed top bar when using Full Screen Snippets [duplicate]

We need to hide the fixed header for Stack Overflow or send it back when the full screen snippet comes up. Use case, try full screen snippet on this and try to read it: Hello! Read this in Full ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Why am I always displayed among all time top users of any tag I open? [duplicate]

This was confusing me for a long time. If you open a tag's "all time top users" it'll display your profile at the very end. In some cases, for example in the below image - it's pretty clear that I'm ...
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Reputation has turned red [duplicate]

I've noticed that the reputation counter in the top navigation bar on Stack Overflow has turned red (it was green yesterday, and it's still green on Meta). Is that red colour trying to tell me ...
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Why does the Stack Overflow logo link not retain https if that is what the user is using? [duplicate]

You can use Stack Overflow over TLS by prefixing https:// to any URL on the domain. This works well, and any links on the site are structured to retain https. That is except for the logo. If you ...
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Keyboard lag when editing answers with stack snippets

When answering JavaScript questions, I often include a handful of code snippets to accompany written descriptions. I've noticed that after two or three snippets, when I'm continuing to write the ...
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Suggest Edit in Android app when queue is full

When the Suggested edit queue is full and I try to suggest an edit over the web site, the edit link is disabled and shows a tooltip at hover, indicating that I'm unable to suggest an edit: However, ...
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Show multiple duplicate links even from the same user

Sometimes when we find duplicates, it's not clear which of a number of possible duplicates is the most appropriate. If there are multiple duplicate nominations by different users, the question ends ...
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Can a non-logical operator be used between salary range and Equity?

On Jobs listings and search results, there is sometimes green text indicating a salary rage and or Equity next to the title. In the case where there is both, the pipe (|) is used to separate the ...
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Why was this site suddenly renamed to "Questions"?

It is a convention that the name of the website has a prominent spot on top or is the most top left most element. Therefore this site now either called "Questions" or "Top Questions". The URL says ...
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17 votes
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Add safeguards to the account deletion process

I was trying to delete some SE profiles I didn't use that were associated with my account, and, while figuring out the process of doing this for a specific SE site, I accidentally made a request to ...
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Last seen 0 days ago!

A picture is worth a thousand words: It would feel more humanly if we just say something like last seen recently. And don't even get me started on pluralization bug.
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2 answers

Very weird UI-UX bug in developer story

Yesterday I've created the developer story in my user account (seen that option in the survey). Today I entered just to check how it looks like, and then I see some very weird bug, below the fields ...
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Bug in close question modal as duplicate - input field left filled and close button disabled

I got confused while closing a question, and I found this possible bug in the question close modal. Here's how to reproduce it (modal): Choose duplicate of, then I input a link. Go back to the ...
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Developer Story description text is cut off in Firefox

I've edited my developer story and added a few words of description under a "Blogs or videos" section. It looks bad. There are two bugs here: The text should not be faded, and the Read more button ...
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