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Use this for questions about the interaction design, behavior, and organization of the site, in terms of user experience.

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Can the sidebar be removed? [duplicate]

The left-hand sidebar is a terrible waste of screen real estate. As are arguably the top navbar and the right-hand sidebar. I'd guess that most devs are on laptops with limited screen real estate, ...
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Let us opt-out of UI experiments

There appears to be a UI experiment running, currently. Vote counts are being "censored" if a post scores below -1. This experiment interferes with my normal use of Stack Overflow, and I want to opt ...
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Why are vote totals not correctly summing? [duplicate]

I revisited a question I downvoted and was surprised by the (relatively) high vote count. Expanding the votes showed that there were 5 downvotes and no upvotes, even though the total is listed as -1. ...
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Why did I suddenly get "Review Your Question" button on Stack Overflow when asking a question? [duplicate]

I've been using Stack Overflow for years and since the last two days (with the newest design changes on question posting) I've realized that I can't post a question directly. It says "Review Your ...
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Alignment issue in post-menu hyperlinks

Please see this below image that flag menu/button alignment is little bit right while compare with share menu/button. Screen Shot: You can check by clicking here.
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Your job matches are on hold - missing explanation

Summary Feature request: Show more information/hints on the Developer Story page to achieve the goal not on hold. What I do I am on the job search page I see in the job search this hint: I click ...
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Are there any stats on how the new "Ask a Question" performed during testing?

I like the new "Ask a Question" interface. I particularly like the warning pop-up very new users get before they get to start writing: And the "expectations regulator" they get afterwards: ...
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Add a setting to open the question in "revised" mode, not in "revision"

When performing a review in the "Reopen Votes" queue I would like to open the question in "Question (revised)" mode, but when I get the next question, the "Revision" tab is shown by default: and ...
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Scrolling performance in Chrome in large posts suddenly got worse over the past week

Ever since sometime in the past week, I noticed that dragging the Chrome vertical scrollbar in "large" posts was very jerky and not silky smooth. I'm running Chrome 76 64-bit on Windows 10 x64, ...
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No I don't want to take your survey [duplicate]

New banner on the main stackoverflow site has an X button on it. Click it, it goes away. Navigate to another page, the banner is back.... Can you please make it so that stops showing up if I click ...
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Change of the new user attrition rate year over year

The high new user attrition rate was mentioned a year ago as one of the reasons to introduce a code of conduct, new contributor labels or the question wizard. With the high number of new users it ...
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"How to Format" in the "Ask a question" sidebar mentions both ways of creating code blocks, without drawing a link between them

As noted in What is the preferrred method for formatting code?, the "Ask a question" sidebar that shows up while writing the body of a new question suggests to "indent code by 4 spaces" even though ...
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What should be done about users who only post (low-quality) questions? [duplicate]

As I explore the site more, I've noticed that there are certain users that only post questions, and never post any answers. Even worse, some post questions and never accept any answers given to them! ...
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The world is big and I am SO small. What are the implications for our meta community with the changes in Stack Overflow?

TL DR: The input from meta carries far less sway than it used to. The Stack Overflow Company (I'll refer to as the network) is making the decisions on site changes. We need to adapt to our new limited ...
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Why do Meta reviews show even when none are available?

Currently, whilst on StackOverflow, if I have any regular review tasks available I also get a link to perform some Meta review tasks. You can see this below: I have two questions regarding this: Why ...
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How will Stack Exchange Overhaul their Q&A Format?

Given the recent blog post, an overhaul of the Stack Exchange Q&A model now seems inevitable. This image apparently illustrates what Stack Exchange thinks of its own model nowadays. But all of ...
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UX research time! July 2019 and how people are learning and teaching code

🙋🏻‍♀️Hello! This is July’s installment of UX research updates for Meta! You can check out past installments here, or last month’s data science update here. Today, I’ll be talking about findings from ...
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If you do something on keyup, make sure you got the associated keydown first

Sometimes on a Windows machine, your focus and attention get stolen by a program presenting a dialog, or you hit the Windows key on your keyboard by accident, causing the Start menu to overlap what ...
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Why are question titles in the Achievements dialog suddenly bold?

Why are the question titles in the Achievements dialog now suddenly bold? They used to be normal text, and the other nav bar dialogs aren't bold, so why this change? Looks out of place and ...
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Unclear activity for Top Questions

Recently, I posted an answer this question here: Right border missing on search input. After going back to Top questions, I noticed this; The wording here for me is a little unclear. As it is now, it ...
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Wikipedia like pop-over for Stack Overflow links

I'm not a Wikipedia user but came to it lately and saw that on hovering Wikipedia links they show a pop-over tooltip now – which is pretty cool – with an image and some short information. I think this ...
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Why does the entire profile section have the hand cursor?

On the profile tab on any user, there is a small "Summary" of the profile showing their avatar, reputation and their badges. It seems a little counter-intuitive for all the parts to have the hand ...
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Why do you stay?

I'm very hesitant to ask this. I hope it won't be interpreted as me trying to make some kind of statement or encourage people to do something or other. I'm not talking about my own opinions on any of ...
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Is it just me or does this look bad? [closed]

I feel that the outlined text should be consistent in size and color with that below it. The outlined text is; color: #c8ccd0; font-size: 18px; Whereas that below it is; color: #9199a1; font-size:...
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Observations from a long-time contributor turned read-only user

I have been around Stack Exchange a ton in the last 10 years (about 150k total network reputation). About a year ago I switched to exclusively consuming content and logged out of all my accounts. ...
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Cannot edit fields again on Developer Story

Detected on: Stack Overflow When: Editing Developer story on Story view; after performing an edit on any of the boxes by using the top right gear icon. What Happens: Once I make some edits and save, ...
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The Stack Overflow I wish to build and participate in is no longer supported

tl;dr: There is no tl;dr. If you don't wish to read the entire thing, then don't worry about it. I was hoping my month off would've cooled me off a bit or at least given me a different perspective ...
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A few issues with the custom filters experience

Call to Attention When you don't have any watched tags, this little text will give you a reason why you should have some: Watch tags to curate your list of questions. There is a similar text for ...
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UX research time! May 2019 and the reputation system

👋Hello! This is our second installment of UX research updates for Meta. You can check out the first installment here. This month, I’ll talk about findings from user research we did last year about ...
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Comments in deleted posts seem clickable with incorrect tooltip

As you can see in the picture below, when hovering over a deleted post's comments section, this link / button seems clickable: The cursor changes to pointer and the forecolor changes, indicating this ...
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Ambiguous wording in the help section for mentioning tags in the editor

I personally found the first paragraph confusing until I read the second one. I think it should read To talk about a tag on Stack Overflow, ... instead.
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Don't allow "enter" to submit an edit when the Title field is selected

To preface, I am aware that there is a bug report for this feature, and it has been marked as status-bydesign. I am raising a feature request as this has snagged me on more than one occasion - I am ...
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Where is edit button in developer story section?

I wanted to update some info about me in Developer story section and found a quiet interesting thing. If I use a Story view, I can edit my job details: but in Traditional view I have not found ...
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Web page gets unacceptably laggy with Developer Console open [closed]

Without Dev console open, the firework appears at a rate of roughly 1 per frame. With F12 open... BOOM. I'm on 8th-gen Intel Core i7 (6 cores, 12 threads) and integrated graphics, the specs shouldn'...
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UX research time! March 2019 and the user profile and settings

🙋🏻‍♀️Hello! My name is Donna and I’m a UX (User Experience) designer here at Stack Overflow. Recently, Jon Ericson suggested that we share UX research updates so that the folks here can get more ...
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Confusing tab navigation on the new Stack Overflow authentication form

I paid attention that recently the login form at Stack Overflow has undergone a lifting. Everything is OK besides one thing — the user experience of the TAB-navigation. Type an username, press TAB ...
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Put preview to the right from question/answer input [duplicate]

At least for the past 10 years, a typical programmer's monitor had a display with a 16:9 ratio. But most part of the space on the screen on SE sites isn't used properly. It is vertically organized ...
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What did I just click? [duplicate]

I just answered a question, and before I clicked the Post Your Answer button, I also clicked a checkbox that was right above it. I did not intend to click this checkbox - it's a little early, my eyes ...
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How to disable the tablet-like prompts after performing an action on the site?

I'm having trouble finding an option to disable the tablet-like prompts after performing an action on the site. For example, after casting a vote: There's no need to distract me when things are ...
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The new "You have x votes left for today" banner hangs around for 20 seconds

There's a new banner when running out of votes for the day: I thought it made a lot more sense right next to the vote buttons, but I know there's a whole lot of effort and reasoning that goes into ...
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Educating new users not to ask questions in the answers

Over 5% of deleted answers posted are actually questions. Some raw figures: Shog provided some data on answers deleted with the canned review comment: 'This does not really answer the question. ...
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2 answers

How do I make the central question panel larger?

I read this answer to hide the nav bar: How do I hide the left navigation sidebar? Which I have done, but now it just leaves a huge white gap: Just so everybody knows I wanted to remove the ...
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Font change: rn and m aren't the same

This is quite a simple thing, but something that actually bugs me quite a bit. Why is it that the font chosen on the Stack Exchange displays the letters rn (rn) and m (m) almost identically (rn m). ...
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Stress Problems With Stack Overflow

I know this might sound crazy, but users like me can get stressed when asking, answering, or even commenting questions. I always ask myself: "Will I lose reputation, will it get down-voted or deleted?"...
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How do I find the right Stack Exchange site to post on?

I'm new to Stack Exchange and I have a question to ask. I arrived at the main homepage and couldn't see any list of sub-sites, just a list of random questions. Then I noticed a button saying "Learn ...
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Can the question list show if a question is answered or commented by you

When we see any question, can we have a tag to identify if the question is answered or commented by you without opening the detail of question. Something like this in image below: See the top right ...
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The UI is very cluttered. Could the teenagers clean up their bedrooms, please

[edit] the dupe solved the left side bar, thanks for that! The rest of the space is still cluttered by redundant and useless stuff (as in the same info shown every single time, smack in our face), ...
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Are multiple info-bar popups for unregistered users the intended behavior of the site?

I loaded up Stack Overflow for the first time on a new computer last week, and was surprised to see three dismissible info-bar popups on my screen. This is 424 rows of pixels (if I counted right), ...
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Explicit scrollbar option for code blocks

While on the mobile site, I've encountered a UX issue multiple times. It's typically easy to determine when horizontal scrolling is present: But, looking at the picture below: It seems as if the ...
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Can we make the "log out" link more discoverable?

The "log out" link is currently hard to find, as it has historically been (for evidence, see the dozens of previous meta threads asking how to log out). I suspect part of the current problem is that ...
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