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This tag is for questions specific to upvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content was clear and helpful. Upvotes on the Meta sites may have different meanings.

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3 answers

Is this answer really NAA?

Today I found this answer, downvoted it, & flagged as NAA (Not An Answer): In my eyes, the answer is seeking clarification from the OP, and (at the time of posting), the user who answered only ...
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Find questions or answers with the fastest growing score

The "votes" tab is useful to order questions/answers with the highest overall number of up-votes first. But I am also interested in "hot topics", i.e. those that have received the most number of ...
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88 votes
1 answer

Why did this unupvote/upvote result in a gain of +10 reputation?

To my joy, I noticed that I'd gained 10 reputation points today for an answer I'd written a while ago: This looks, to me, like a user retracted their upvote and then immediately reinstated it (the ...
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Why do the voting buttons appear on your own posts? [duplicate]

I find it strange that the upvote/downvote links on your own post are clickable. Since this action is illegal why not deactivate the link (make it non clickable). Currently if you click on the upvote/...
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is it okay to flag for begging upvote? [duplicate]

Consider this answer. It may serve the question, but he asked for up voting at last. See this comment. In the answer, upvote begged (if you cold not find it, see edit history) and the questioner gave ...
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2 answers

Does the utility of selecting an answer outweigh an vote-only system?

The paradigm of Stack Exchange is that the person asking a question selects the accepted answer. Does the act of selecting an answer positively affect the quality of the information presented on the ...
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I'm so grateful I'll upvote your unrelated answer

The answer was very helpful. I accept it, I upvote it. I would've upvoted it twice if I could. So I navigate to the user's profile, find another high-vote answer of theirs and upvote that one instead. ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Expire vote locks after a month

Currently, we can't un-upvote or un-downvote answers we voted on in the past. This is to prevent strategic voting and is generally a good thing©. However, sometimes I want to un-upvote or un-...
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3 votes
1 answer

Should I upvote an answer from a deleted user?

So I came up with this question today Stray start tag script and the only answer it was given by a user who isn't currently part of the SO community (I really don't know why). Every time a user is ...
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2 answers

Says I reached my daily vote limit for comment upvotes?

Getting a weird "Daily vote limit reached; vote again in 23 hours" error message after I attempt to upvote a comment on SO. The new UTC day started 14 minutes ago. I don't think I even upvoted any ...
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1 answer

Always upvoting a question that "Looks OK"

What is the consensus on upvoting a question that gets three "Looks OK" clicks on the Triage queue? I automatically do it if I am the third person to give a "Looks OK" decision. Why would I not upvote ...
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1 answer

Accepted incorrect but useful answer

I recently posted an answer for a question which was not well prepered, without MCVE or description of input format. I decided to answer it, though I couldn't verify if my answer was working in that ...
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2 answers

When upvoting can we consider pedagogical even if it didn't answer the question correctly? [closed]

I have come across folks who tend to downvote something just because it didn't answer the question directly and to the point, but nevertheless was on-topic and very informative. I prefer to not vote ...
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3 answers

Should new users be allowed to upvote questions and/or answers?

Especially on Stack Overflow, I see more and more upvotes appearing on questions that clearly don't deserve an upvote. These questions hardly follow any of the Guidelines and usually lack any code or ...
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I got upvote to answer with +4 rep [duplicate]

I answered a question with score +4 (4/0), the answer was accepted and the total score is 49. It should be 55 (40 + 15). One upvote has +4 reputation, instead of +10. Is it a system fault, or there ...
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What to do with a highly upvoted, yet bad answer when author is unconvinced?

For a while now, I have been involved in a comments discussion on an answer that has has hundreds of upvotes. The problem is, it's really a bad answer. The answer does solve the problem as it is ...
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2 answers

Does the amount of downvotes you recieve on a question affect a question-ban eligibility?

The description on how you receive a question ban is such: Stack Exchange has automatic filters in place to ban questions from accounts that have contributed many low-quality questions in the past. ...
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Good answer but doesn't address the point

So I bumped into this dilemma today. A user asked a question about a NullPointerException. Another user gave an answer which contained very good advice for the code, but didn't really explained the ...
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1 answer

How increase visibility on my answer to my own question

Let say one asks a question and another guy gives a wrong answer (because he didn't understand fully the question or because he didn't test the result). If, after some researches and tests, the OP ...
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1 answer

A better understanding of the Sportmanship badge

I have been looking at the badges lately and I was having some doubts on how to get the Sportsmanship badge. If I upvoted before I get upvoted, does my old vote count? What if my answer is marked ...
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40 votes
0 answers

Upvotes on not-so-good questions: a consequence of the Triage Queue?

Lately I've seen upvotes to questions that should be closed. This has come to my attention in tags that I follow and, more recently, when I gained access to the Close Queue. I wonder if the Triage ...
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1 answer

Will other users will be able to see count of upvotes & downvotes casted by me on Stack Overflow new profile pages?

The question is straight forward as in title. In Old Stack Overflow profiles; users were able to see count of upvotes and downvotes casted by other users. The new profile shows only total (upvotes + ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Unsplit Up/Down Votes after Splitting them

Is there a way to unsplit the up/down vote counts after splitting it. Before splitting: after Splitting: Only way i found now is refreshing the page. Is there any other way to do that?
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5 answers

Force members to leave comments when they upvote [closed]

This question is related to but different from Why not to force members to leave comments when they downvote? and its duplicates. I see bad, repetitive, off-topic questions showing no research effort ...
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1 answer

How come I keep gaining reputation whereas I've reached the daily limit?

I noticed something weird (or at least, something that I find weird because I haven't the answer yet). I have reached the daily-reputation limit on SO that is 200 and yet, I still gain reputation from ...
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2 answers

New users: Unfair rep changes depending the order of Downvotes and Upvotes in same Question or Answer

I've thinking about this a while. And I think is a bug. The sorting of the votes IN ONE SINGLE POST will give you different reputation... SCENARIO: user with 1 rep ask bad question. This user gets 3 ...
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88 votes
2 answers

Is it wrong to upvote an answer to a question just so you can close another question as a duplicate of it?

I came across this question today, which is IMO a duplicate of this one. Same problem (CountDownTimer.onFinish() gets called twice), same answer (timer was being started twice). However I couldn't ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Does up vote of an answer necessarily entail someone found it useful?

I've often seen people proclaim "the answer had 40 upvotes, therefore 40 people found it useful". An example of this can be seen in this comment. I want to contend that this isn't the case. I ...
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2 answers

How do you handle lack of acknowledgement /appreciation of efforts?

What can you do in a case where ,you put in a lot of effort to solve someone's problem (and maybe even solve it) but then recieve no upvotes from the person ?
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43 votes
2 answers

Is it wrong to Upvote an answer on a closed question?

I came across this question on SO: It has been marked as closed because ...
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1 answer

Improving automatic half-bounty rule?

Disclaimer: This is in reference to Hotkey for running command, but please consider it outside these specifics. I am just trying to understand this general case: Question asked, bounty eventually ...
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1 answer

Special upvote privilege when accepting answer

Many users, if not most, register to Stack Overflow the day that they have a question important enough to ask. And once they have their answer, many will stop their interaction with Stack Overflow for ...
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22 votes
1 answer

What if I got upvoted and the upvoter lost their upvote privilege?

An upvote privilege is gained when a users has a reputation of 15 or more. But what if someone having the upvote privilege upvotes my answer and after that loses the privilege again? Will upvotes made ...
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1 answer

Upvoting but not accepting an answer

I recently asked a question and someone gave an answer that did not solve my problem, but provided useful information about it. I upvoted it but did not accept it as the answer because I still have ...
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26 votes
6 answers

Should I personally verify an answer before accepting it?

Sometimes I have asked a question and there is quite a lag until someone answers, or I solved it myself using a work-around. Therefore, I don't always have time to personally test or verify that the ...
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1 answer

The SO should notify the upvotes at least if it's given by the person who has asked the question [closed]

It's been a week since I've joined SO, and find it very irritating to see all my efforts to be in vain. The problem is that sometimes all you get is an upvote for the correct answer (sometimes not ...
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88 votes
5 answers

Is accepting an answer without upvoting some kind of signal to the responder?

I'm getting a bit puzzled by this quite common practice on SO: to accept answers without giving them an upvote. I have seen it quite a few times while reading and reviewing and experienced it first ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Single downvote results in a single upvote if downvote removed

I have noticed the following behavior and I was wondering if this is by design: I down-vote a question/answer and I am the lone down-vote. The OP improves the question/answer so I wish to remove down-...
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-7 votes
2 answers

Am I allowed to post a question to ask for upvotes?

Is it forbidden to ask users of Stack Overflow to upvote this question, in order to get better reputation? I have tried to find the FAQ section on this site but didn't find it at all.
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1 answer

Giving same answer to a question which is already answered and getting upvotes

I have answered a question. I have seen that the person who has given an answer to the question has written precisely what I have written. And also got an up-vote. If questions can be marked as ...
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2 answers

Sometimes I reward users by upvoting some of their answers and questions .. should it be discouraged? [duplicate]

Sometimes I feel that a user was particularly helpful. And I don't want to lose 100 of my own points, which I struggled to earn. So what I do? I go to their profile, I pick an answer they gave.. and ...
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1 answer

Wrong vote count for question displayed in newest questions list

In the newest questions list, this question appears to have a net vote count of -3: However when you open it up, it's actually +3: It's not due to the vote count having changed since I loaded the ...
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138 votes
3 answers

Order highest upvoted answer before accepted answer [duplicate]

One doesn't have to look around SO very long before you find questions with accepted answers that are either dated to the point of being deprecated, or which were just flat-out wrong even in their own ...
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1 answer

I didn't get 200 reputation points for the day, but still question shown upvoted but reputation is not added!

I don't know it's a bug or what, but I have seen this on my reputation tab. One of my questions was up-voted yesterday (as shown on the below image), but the reputation points aren't mentioned there. ...
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67 votes
2 answers

The Triage review queue gives contradictory voting directions

Should we as users expect a minimum level of quality before a question "deserves" an upvote, or is a question that conforms to the site rules, and asks a clear and meaningful question, "by default" ...
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1 answer

Does SO prevent upvotes bot? [duplicate]

I was wondering if Stack Overflow has some sort of script or check to prevent a user incrementing their own reputation using another account. For example using an upvote-bot that automatically upvotes ...
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Upvote on Triage "Looks Ok" consensus

Every reviewer on Triage knows that when they press the "Looks OK" button and there is a consensus, a screen suggests to upvote the question. AFAIK, the last reviewer see this screen, (maybe the two ...
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1 answer

up voting should be closed after accepted answer

Up voting should be closed (should not be allowed further) after accepting the answer. It can be allowed to star (make it as favourite question) even after making the accepting the answer.
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11 answers

What makes a spectacular answer?

I've been using (playing) Stack Overflow for almost two years now. I love the community and I love the gamification aspect. I love the fact that Stack Overflow tries to reward it's users for being ...
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1 answer

Why not allow all users to up-vote?

Stack Overflow only allows people to up-vote questions and answers if a certain reputation is achieved. Considering that up-votes provide almost as much value as the original questions and answers, ...
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