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This tag is for questions specific to upvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content was clear and helpful. Upvotes on the Meta sites may have different meanings.

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Do bounties attract upvotes, or is this just a coincidence?

I just had an old question which I thought was useful. It had 0 votes, and it had some attention from before. But now I started a bounty, and I got 2 upvotes in 30 seconds. That's a lot. Plus I've ...
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Cancelling accidental down-vote by up-voting loses 1 reputation

I clicked accidentally on the down-vote button (while copying text); to correct this, I clicked up-vote but I lost one reputation point. Is it correct and how do I avoid this?
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How would a low quality question get a lot of upvotes?

I look through the Firebase tags (e.g., firebase) a lot and most of the questions are well formed and most get at least one upvote. However, this question has 5 upvotes (2 down), and I believe it to ...
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21 votes
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Votes on re-parented examples are not shown and cannot be modified [closed]

I just tried upvoting the following Documentation example: The upvote seems to work: ...
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Up and down vote tags (reason categories) for the OP to improve their post

I was reading several questions about commenting on down-votes so that the OP can know how to improve their question. From the arguments against requiring a comment are: Commenting might produce ...
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When a down voted question is deleted should the points to given back to user who asked the question? [duplicate]

I don't mean if anyone deletes it. But if the user who asks the question themselves delete it, should the down votes be taken back. or if a up voted question is deleted, should the up votes be taken ...
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4 votes
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Someone continuously up votes my questions and answers, putting my account in risk of suspension [duplicate]

I am not sure how to correctly describe this situation, but it is really weird and I am very nervous / scared right now. Yesterday at about the same time, some one serially voted up my 4 top ...
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Let's make pressing uparrow on questions more fashionable [closed]

There are many questions on Stack Overflow that have 0 votes. This makes browsing questions more difficult because you can't easily filter in those quite interesting. When you review questions, after ...
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What happens to reputation gain?

I have a small question about reputation gain. Consider a user has 15 reputation points in an account, then he votes up some answer. After some point in time his/her reputation goes below 15. Then ...
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3 answers

Most questions have already been asked, can't think of anything new to ask [duplicate]

This is kind of related to the Fastest Gun in the West problem, except it's for questions instead of answers. Many of the most common programming questions have already been asked and answered: Why ...
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4 answers

What does it mean if I got equal number of upvotes and downvotes on my question?

So if I get downvotes on my question, it means that my question is bad, not properly asked, off-topic, etc., and if I get upvotes on my question it means I asked a good question and it is helpful for ...
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1 answer

How to remove a vote?

I accidently voted up an answer. So I tried to vote down but the answer gets -1 if I vote down. Is there a way to undo the upvote?
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1 answer

Should I flag these comments that suggest tactical voting to satisfy a reputation threshold?

I found these comments (I have omitted mentioning profiles or links to avoid serial downvoting) This should be a comment, not an answer. USER2 20 mins ago I cannot make comments because a ...
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Someone answered my question with a very useful response. I want it to get more exposure

How can I make sure that the visibility of this answer is aligned with its value? How to serialize ANY object into a string? Someone answered with an incredibly useful and detailed response, but ...
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If the answer being upvoted, what credit goes to the person who edits the answer?

If I'm answering the question and someone is editing the answer and giving more useful information with the original answer, what credit is going to be given to that person when the answer is being ...
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65 votes
7 answers

Incentivizing people to avoid gamesmanship?

I find myself browsing questions and answers and handing out up votes when I think an answer or question is useful. I am hesitant to hand out down votes but I will when a question/answer exceeds a ...
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Votes on posts are not persisted

I am a new SO user. I recently got the privilege to upvote. I was reading posts that I believe will help me in my endeavors so I opted to vote them up. I've just noticed that my votes were not saved. ...
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Upvotes and flags on locked post comments [duplicate]

I found a question locked for a reason which says: This question exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a good, on-topic question for this site, so please do not ...
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2 answers

What Can be Done to Encourage Community Involvement? [duplicate]

I just answered the question of a very active member of but he's kinda gone AWOL after posting the question. I went to look in his history to check his typical activity on ...
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2 answers

Reward More Reputation to Correct Answers for Up Voted Questions

I was wondering if it were possible to reward more reputation to correct answers for up voted questions. For example, if a good question had 10 up votes, we could give the person who answers it ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to see the highest upvoted questions for a certain time interval?

If you visit the Tags link,you see the number of questions that has been posted below the tag link.Can we view the highest upvoted questions for a specific tag,for the current day?
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-15 votes
1 answer

Feature Request - Highlighting texts instead of commenting +1

There are many comments under answers that are in the form of +1 "This is the main point" Users post comments like this to highlight a key reason why they decided to give the answer an upvote. ...
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49 votes
2 answers

My upvoted and accepted WRONG answer

This is very close to What do I do when I realize that one of my own (upvoted) answers are wrong?, but not a duplicate. The difference is that I'm asking about my answer that was upvoted and accepted ...
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1 answer

Upvote and downvote count inconsistency [closed]

When I upvoted a question initially, it was a question with 2 points. After upvoting the question turned into 3. I realized it was not my question; I downvoted the question. The points to the ...
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1 answer

Why do answers on clearly duplicate questions get up voted even when they are posted after the first “close as duplicate” vote

This question "Using LINQ as foreach replacement", is clearly a duplicate and I found the duplicate just by putting “LINQ foreach” into Google. Yet it has two answers both posted after I voted to ...
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Is it allowed to continually up vote someone's answers and questions?

I have been noticing random upvotes on all my questions and answers (a large increase in them on all my questions and answers, most of them being older posts). While I should be happy, I guess, I am ...
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1 answer

Shall answering a user's query in the own answer's comment-section not be rewarded (not enough)? [duplicate]

A few days ago I answered this question, to which the user requested for more help in the comment-section of my answer. I then extended my answer in the comment section, stating what is to be done to ...
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Why are accepted answers more prominent than answers with more votes? [duplicate]

I think there's a very good chance this question has already been asked, but I've not found it. If it has, I will delete this with apologies. Why are accepted answers more prominent than answers with ...
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What is the highest number of up-votes and down-votes that a question can earn?

This question is by far the highest up-voted question and this question is the most down-voted question based on this answer in SO. What is the highest number of up-votes and down-votes that a ...
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1 answer

Should I not do Triage when I am out of votes?

When I triage a question as "Looks OK" I get dunned about up-voting it even if might be out of votes for the day. So, that raises the question in my mind: If I am out of votes for the day, should I ...
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1 answer

Question is worth closing but its contents were helpful to me - upvote and cast close vote? [duplicate]

I often run over a zero-answer question which is eligible to be closed as: Unclear what you're asking - there's lot's of text and code but the actual question is not clear Caused by a simple error ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Probable vote-up privilege bug on SO [duplicate]

I joined SO yesterday. I have 13 reputation (as of now when I an writing this post). Today, when I opened my account, it showed me +12 on the Achievements tab. I says that I have got the privilege of ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How is this question a good example of "This question shows research effort..."?

I have researched a few answers here is MSO to get answer of the above question, like How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users? Does a well explained question nullify a “no ...
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-11 votes
1 answer

Should really old questions and answers allow to be upvoted? [duplicate]

Take this question for example: How do I tokenize a string in C++? This question and its accepted answer are both from September 2008. While it is a prefectly written and useful question/answer, the ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Low quality/ off topic questions being up voted all the time

Many times I see a reasonably new user at SO ask a really bad or off topic question (for example this one that prompted me to ask this question on meta). That's understandable, but what I don't get ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Upvotes while I had low rep not updated

Hard to phrase the title of the question but essentially: With low rep, I couldn't up-vote, but there is a message saying that once I gain enough reputation that my up-votes would go through. I ...
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153 votes
3 answers

Is it wrong to use an upvote to balance out a downvote?

I know I can upvote any post for any reason, but consider this situation: I see a zero score post, and I don't think it needs either an upvote or downvote. Suddenly it gets a downvote, but I think ...
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What's the right approach when identical questions are getting opposite treatment?

I came across these two questions right next to each other in the New Questions list. The titles are nearly identical, the bodies discuss the same problem. iTunes Connect submit for review - Your app ...
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-66 votes
2 answers

See who has upvoted as a new privilege

I feel that it would be a nice to have feature, since it would encourage people to check profiles of people who have upvoted their posts and therefore build a greater sense of community.
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-8 votes
3 answers

Using SO/SX in classroom; following users; detecting user-network up-voting abuse

I am a university instructor, and I am considering requiring my students to use SO/SX as a way to engage the subject matter. The idea is that part of their grade would be a direct reflection of their ...
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1 answer

Are up-vote reps included in acceptance rep or are they separate?

Recently, I asked a question. I up-voted an answer before accepting it. I wondered afterwards whether these two actions of mine had given 25 rep (10 for up-voting and 15 for accepting ), or just 15, ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What should I do about comments were someone asks for their answer to be accepted/up-voted? [duplicate]

Today I came across this question, under one the answers there was a comment asking the OP to mark their answer as accepted, and up-vote it. please upvote and accept the answer thx I this ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How do I remove an upvote?

I upvoted an answer, then a day later discovered an error in the answer (not linked, want to avoid meta-effect). I've pointed it out to the answerer in comments, and the answerer acknowledged there's ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Completely replacing own upvoted answer with entirely different answer instead of submitting new answer

The discussion and answers on this question unanimously advise the asker not to edit his/her own highly-upvoted answer into a different answer that contradicts the original answer, but rather to ...
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Is it OK to edit your own answer into an entirely different answer after it has been upvoted [duplicate]

An upvote is something given to (a particular version of) a particular answer. Should the author of that answer have the authority to transfer those upvotes to a new answer that has essentially ...
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0 answers

Is it bad form to ask a commentor for an accept/upvote? [duplicate]

I answered this question and the asker left a comment mentioning that it works and thanking me: It's work. Thanks a lot. Is it considered bad form for me to ask for them to accept/upvote the ...
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30 votes
2 answers

What is the average vote on accepted answers?

Just curious: what is the average vote on accepted answers? I don't know if this number is easy to retrieve, I have no querying skills. I'd be interested in upvotes-downvotes, but upvotes only would ...
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93 votes
3 answers

Sudden change in voting proportion

I study voting on Stack Overflow and found a sudden change in negative/positive voting ratio on questions in April 2014. I would imagine that such a drastic change will result from a change in Stack ...
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1 answer

How did all of my upvotes for one answer disappeared?

I am not sure what happened, so I will explain the best I know. So long time ago I found an old question with outdated answers and decided to write a better up to date explanation. People liked it ...
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-8 votes
2 answers

Upvote inflation on this popular question

The question Is uninitialized local variable the fastest random number generator?'s accepted answer currently has 256 upvotes, trumping the second upvoted answer by 116 upvotes and a better answer (...
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