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This tag is for questions specific to upvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content was clear and helpful. Upvotes on the Meta sites may have different meanings.

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Will I be punished for serial up voting

I mostly visit C#, SQL And SQL Server tags, sometimes I found some users are good in that tags, and I visits profiles and read questions and answers of them for knowledge As well as give Upvote to ...
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Why do auto upvotes on close vote comments count towards the daily limit?

I understand that SO (or entire SE for that matter) has imposed a limit on number of upvotes one can cast in a day because of the policy to rate limit everything and it seems reasonable. The limit is ...
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2 answers

Upvote rewards?

Right now we hand out penalties for the "negative" action of downvoting but there are no direct rewards for the "positive" action of upvoting. Should there be some sort of direct reward to voting up ...
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How should I respond to a request to delete my answer to a bad question? [duplicate]

I am not sure how (or if) I should respond to the question in this comment. I answered a question, and it got an upvote and was then marked as the correct answer; but the question has received ...
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-25 votes
2 answers

Requesting to up vote in comments

Recently I faced situations when my questions were answered by certain users, but none of them upvoted the question. I've got an idea to comment under their answers and ask for an up vote, but I'm not ...
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1 answer

Upvote penalty on highly downvoted posts?

Imagine this scenario: A very low quality answer gets posted, immediately followed by several downvotes (less than 5). There are comments on the answer that indicate what's wrong and how the poster ...
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"Your upvote will not be displayed..." actual effect [duplicate]

What is the actual effect of a user upvoting a post before they have sufficient rep to? I recently linked a friend (who's learning programming) to a question that I thought could be interesting for ...
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How is upvoting popular questions fair? [duplicate]

Recently I came upon few users with significant amount of reputation. Quick check shows those users have answered a very few questions, but actually have asked questions users find popular (i.e. how ...
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8 votes
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Allow comment upvotes on election page

This is the page where I would like to be able to upvote comments: This question was previously answered in 2015, but doesn't make a lot of sense to me (or to ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Is it the correct way to upvote an answer?

I would like to know if it is correct to upvote any question/answer that helped me, without care the date of the question/answer. For example, I'm programming with Node.js and I need to fix some ...
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What can be improved with my questions to prevent 0 votes? [duplicate]

My account was recently banned from asking more Stack Overflow question on grounds of having too many "zero-voted" questions. I'm not sure how to go about getting more upvotes, however. I went ...
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How is this answer with 1 vote positioned above an answer with more than 1? [duplicate]

Consider this question: Casting interfaces for deserialization in JSON.NET I am just curious, because the answer-positioning seems weird to me. What's the matter here?
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1 answer

Shall I accept, upvote all the right questions? [duplicate]

I mean, in my recent question, 3 users give me a right answer. Shall I accept all of them, the easiest to understand or the first? Also, 2 of the 3 users say almost the same answer, but the 3rd used ...
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1 answer

Having upvote on an answer trade off a downvote on the question? [duplicate]

I wonder if a Stack Overflow user can escape from the warning danger of being blocked from asking any more by posting a well-received answer instead of posting well received question of fixing old ...
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1 answer

Quality initiative: make downvotes count as much as upvotes

Downvoting a question removes 2 rep, while upvoting a question grants 5 rep. Downvoting an answer costs 1 rep and removes 2 rep, while upvoting an answer grants 10 rep. This heavily skews voting ...
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Possible bug when upvoting your own anwser

I am not sure if this question should be posted in meta or not, apologies if not. So I just wrote an answer to this question although it was asked some time ago, because I think the answer can be ...
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Upvote on a yesterday's question a few minutes after my answer

After the OP commented back, making an answer possible, I finally answered this question. The question was asked yesterday, so it was no longer among the "active" answers, so I was not hoping getting ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Does it matter that a single naive answer can get massive upvotes from other naive viewers? [duplicate]

I strongly suspect that this sort of question has been asked before (of course I looked at what came up) ... and answers like "life's not fair" may well apply. I'm thinking of this answer : the user ...
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Should the editor gain or lose reputation based on future votes on the post?

Why doesn't the editor of the question gain or lose reputation for every upvote or downvote after it is edited? The reputation is only credited to the original person who asked the question, but at ...
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1 answer

Upvote / downvote - history? [duplicate]

Sometimes a question receives very similar or even equal answers. In some situations, one answer might be downvoted for no obvious reason. Most the time I expect that this downvote comes from the ...
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Total reputation count and number of upvotes received mismatch [duplicate]

I hit a single day reputation of 380 yesterday, but something weird caught my eye. Refer the highlighted answer of the image below, the reputation is counted only for 1 upvote + acceptance. But the ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Query for amount of upvotes per month on Stack Overflow?

Does anyone have a query for Stack Overflow's database to get the total amount of upvotes (on Stack Overflow) month by month? Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. (SEDE)
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-22 votes
2 answers

If I have a correct reputation but still get "voting corrected" and I lose my reputation [duplicate]

I have some reputation on stack overflow account. I have my big team and followers in my office. They all are believe in my questions and answers. They also find many positive questions and answers. ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Has the R community overreacted to this question and answer?

A few hours ago I found this R question and answer: Getting 'Error ' message when I run my for loop in R. It was astonishing for me to find that the answer got 12 upvotes. From the comments around ...
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31 votes
4 answers

Connotation of question "marked as duplicate"

If a question is "marked as duplicate", is it considered good or bad in the eyes of the community? I've seen questions being "marked as duplicate" but have multiple upvotes and are even favorited ...
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-52 votes
3 answers

Do we really need reputation and upvotes/downvotes?

Recently I asked a question I didn't realize was already answered because of using the wrong search term. As a result, people commented what likely happened and it got -7 in voting. I was okay with ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

Show logged-in user upvoted answer at the top

Users visit Stack Overflow looking for, from a simple Linux command, to complete solution of their programming problems and many more things. Many time users will come and copy the command (solution) ...
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3 answers

1000 upvotes yet no gold tag badge? [duplicate]

Using the Stack Exchange Data Explorer, I've been tracking the "How many upvotes do I have for each tag?" query. I've at last hit 1000, yet I don't seem to have received a gold badge for ...
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2 answers

Popup to propagate upvote to question when upvoting an answer

When I find an answer that is useful for me, I like to upvote it. In the same way, I like to upvote the question too, because it made it possible for that answer to be written in the first place. ...
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2 answers

When upvoting flashed "+2"

I was upvoting an answer and below the upvote button it briefly appeared a "+2". I am unable to reproduce the situation again. So what does the "+2" mean?
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1 answer

What happens to a question when it becomes a Great Question?

I have a bulk question, Setting up maven dependency for SQL Server for which I just received a Great Question badge for having a score of 100. What surprised me I got normally one vote per some two ...
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1 answer

Are there any abnormal vote activities in this question?

I was browsing questions that generated reversal badge and found a question which has a surprising high score currently (timeline given): and a more ...
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1 answer

How can I get a list of answers (not questions) for a tag sorted by most votes?

It is easy to get a list of questions sorted by most votes for a given tag. For example: Is there a way to get a list of the ...
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-8 votes
2 answers

Is there anything that could/should be done about answers listed first getting more votes? [duplicate]

It appears to me that answers listed higher in the list of answers get upvoted disproportionately more than the quality of the answer would necessarily justify. My gut feeling is that this happens ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Using 'see vote counts' changed the counts

I've tried to check my 'see vote counts' privilege on Rotating per packets receiving by TCPDUMP question. At first vote count was 5 and after me clicking that, it got down to 3. I've had my answers ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

Cancel upvotes on older comments

I understand that comments are second class citizens and that they could be deleted at any time. While a badge can be earned from comment votes, no one gets any rep points from them. As it stands now, ...
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Accept or Accept+Upvote? [duplicate]

Some of the users accept the best answer and some of them accept as well as upvote it. Isn't accepting the answer sufficient from the OP side (unless the answer is super cool)?
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4 votes
1 answer

Why are up-votes free? [duplicate]

If down-votes cost rep to make the user think before giving a well-deserved down-vote, why can I give out up-votes like hot cakes with no consequence?
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-20 votes
1 answer

Has someone found a way to upvote their own comments?

(Please see edit below before answering) If you look at JavaScript click() - not working more than once you'll see questions and answers downvoted (harshly, in my opinion, but hey it can be a ...
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Stop viewing vote totals [duplicate]

Just noticed I can click the vote count to see up-vote and down-vote totals. Pretty cool. Second thing I tried was clicking again to return to the normal, complete total view. Doesn't work. I'm not ...
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2 answers

Should I upvote a complex question if I don't understand it?

There are many questions out there that are above my comprehension level with regards to code complexity. If warranted, should I upvote these questions even if I cannot fully understand the code in ...
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73 votes
6 answers

Do I up-vote too much? [duplicate]

I have tried to see if this is a duplicate but couldn't find it which I was surprised by... I guess this is probably quite subjective but as a relatively new user I feel it's difficult to know ...
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-13 votes
3 answers

Should we vote on feature requests just based on the question itself, or should we take other information into consideration?

Voting is different on meta. People vote on feature requests to express whether they agree or disagree with the proposal, rather than just voting on the clarity or usefulness of the post. However, ...
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Split up a page [closed]

With the move to limit the number of examples in a documentation page, it becomes important be able to easily restructure pages. Please provide a simple way to move an example from one page to ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Are upvote-related badges a good idea?

I suppose there is some problem related to the Vox-populi or Electorate badges. Perhaps there isn't, but this is my observation: Today and last week I was checking PHP's questions, and with another ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Is it okay to ask colleagues for upvotes? [duplicate]

So I hypothetically wrote an answer, and I think it's the best answer. Is it okay for me to ask my colleagues to review my answer and upvote it if they agree with it? I can't tell whether the ...
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1 answer

Why were randomly chosen questions with good votes down voted within a very short time? [duplicate]

Today something strange happened to some of my questions. Within a very short time (almost instantly) someone down voted three of my questions which all have been up voted before or were of interest ...
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10 votes
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Why can you vote for your own topic request? [closed]

We all know that you can't vote for your own posts, and there's a good reason for that. As you can see in the image above, I created 2 topic proposals, and both of them were upvoted by myself. ...
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2 answers

Can a question be up-voted, marked as duplicate and answered simultaneously?

Here is a question Assigning column names in a data file read by R [duplicate] that was recently asked. The question is Answered by a few people. Marked as duplicate by the same people. And up-voted ...
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2 answers

I meant to upvote but system claims I downvoted - what can I do?

I thought I upvoted the top answer on backbone.js / access view from model but today Stack Overflow claims I downvoted. Is there anything I can do about this?
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