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This tag is for questions specific to upvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content was clear and helpful. Upvotes on the Meta sites may have different meanings.

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Information If Upvote On Answer Is From OP

I'd like to propose that if an answer is posted and then upvoted by the original poster (instead of accepting the answer), then the information on who upvoted be provided either only to the user who ...
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Is there a way to know my "total" reputation before "Rewarding the Question Askers" change was applied?

I read this SO Meta post and this blog post today. I do not monitor my reputation so closely. I do not remember what was my reputation yesterday before "Rewarding the Question Askers" change was ...
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Upvotes on questions will now be worth the same as upvotes on answers

Those of you who suffer from banner blindness may not have noticed the announcement: Stack Overflow is changing the reputation scoring system to make the reputation earned from upvotes on questions ...
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What was the context of the decision to lower the value of upvotes to a question?

In the blog post We’re Rewarding the Question Askers it is stated that: Here’s the history: When Stack Overflow launched in 2007, we gave equal points to upvotes on answers and questions. Three ...
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When is the recalculation update?

When is the recalculation update listed below?
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Why do questions get answered but not upvoted? [duplicate]

I was just looking at hot questions on StackOverflow and I saw this question: How to access to a multidimensional row by row? There are 4 answers and zero upvotes. So at a minimum, four registered ...
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After 6-month long inability to post on SO, my new question received net upvotes, yet no ability to post again [duplicate]

So I had to wait for six months for my account to be able to post on SO again. Then I posted a new question, it received some downvotes, but also some upvotes, so the net result was upvotes. Yet it ...
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How can I edit my questions so they could be upvoted?

When I was new to Stack Overflow I did not ask good questions and therefore my questions received downvotes. My problem is not "How to ask a good question?", but how to improve my existing downvoted ...
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My top post shows more votes when viewed from my meta profile [duplicate]

I have an answer on this question which currently has 15 upvotes. But when viewed from my Meta Stack Overflow profile, it shows up with 16 votes. Also the case on my network profile: Somewhat ...
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Upvote more if the answer is in function in Stack Overflow [closed]

I have a suggestion for the community: We should upvote an answer, not only by its quality but by the ease-to-adopt as well. That means that a question will more likely to be upvoted by the ...
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2 answers

Why don't you get reputation when people upvote your comment? [duplicate]

Why do you receive up votes on one of your comments do you not receive any reputation? What is the reasoning behind this. I understand that you can get reputation from lots of other methods, but this ...
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Is there "no correlation between question content and upvotes/views"? is an AI created to generate questions on StackOverflow. Its author states: Originally, I wanted to predict the number of upvotes and views questions would get (which, ...
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Why not show upvotes in profile even without having '15' reputation? [duplicate]

Currently when casting votes on Stack Overflow with reputation less than 15, the message, "Thanks for the feedback! Votes cast by those with less than 15 reputation are recorded, but do not change the ...
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Immediate up-voting of answer

The answer in question I have deleted, a user pointed out to me that I did not understand the question properly and upon further inspection they were correct. One thing I can't seem to shake is the ...
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Do asked questions get an upvote by default?

I always get 5 reputation, whenever I ask a new question and the question also seems to have 1 vote score right when it's asked. So if questions get a free upvote whenever they are first asked, which ...
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Is it considered improper to upvote more than one answer in the same post? [duplicate]

I'm new to Stack Overflow and I have recently earned the ability to upvote and downvote answers. I understand that downvoting should be used conservatively in cases only where the answer is bad, ...
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Low quality posts receiving high reputation

This is probably a broad question but I feel it's an important one too. How do we solve the problem of low-quality questions receiving high reputation? I can't seem to wrap my head around how this ...
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Permanent loss of voting corrected [duplicate]

In the wee hours of the morning (UTC time), I received six upvotes in quick succession on six different questions. These are old questions, so this is suspiciously like serial upvoting (see here). ...
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Might we gently encourage NEW users to distinguish between accepting and upvoting answers?

Yes, I know...I'm kinda revisiting an old request to encourage answer acceptance, but in contrast to that question, I'd like to offer that an upvote is more obvious than accept, and in the case of a ...
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Why are there so many questions closed as off-topic that have many upvotes?

I've seen many questions on Stack Overflow that are closed as off-topic, saying that it's based on opinion, but there are tons of upvotes and WE LEARN stuff. For example, this one: Docker for ...
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Should the tooltip for the question upvote button only mention "usefulness"?

In short As I read them, the tooltip for the upvote button for Questions on SO, and the corresponding help-center page for the "vote up" privilege, are not completely consistent. The latter ...
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Upvoting my other account's question by accident

I created another account purely for Stack Overflow whereas I use this one on Stack Exchange subdomains. I asked a question on my new account on Stack Overflow and then signed into this one. As there ...
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Why can't I see votes even with 1k reputation?

I recently earned the privilege to see votes by crossing 1k. However, I still can't see votes. For instance, one of my answers got downvoted but all I see is a 1? How can I see votes?
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Why would people want to delete their own upvoted answer?

Why would users delete their answers with upvotes, when they are going to lose reputation? Examples: Why would they delete?
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4 answers

Are answers up-voted distinctly more frequent than questions?

Looking at many questions like just sorting "all questions" by votes it seems to me like many answers gain - at least slightly - more up-votes than question itself (however, I did not take a look at ...
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Where can I find the amount of up & down votes that are recorded but not publicly visible?

I made a question that got some votes, but I still don't know if there are more that are not publicly visible on the question page from users without enough reputation. Users without enough ...
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Is there a limitation to vote up a specific users (s)? [duplicate]

I need to know, Is there a kind of limitation to vote up a specific users (s)? Is it against the Stack Overflow rules to vote up some groups of users? If it is true, what is the punishments for this ...
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Accept more than 1 answer [duplicate]

My question is just what has been outlined above. In multiple instances, I've seen that multiple answers offer alternative explanations, and many of them work and it's not possible to pick one among ...
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What to do if answers are incorrect; but have some advices

I asked a question and got some answers, after reading all answers, I could find the correct way; because all answers have good advices and introduce good references. So they seems to be useful and I ...
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How much score could be earned from answers in one day?

I know that 200 is the reputation upper bound for one day (for upvoting answers). But is there an upper bound for earned upvoting score?
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Cannot reach daily rep limit by upvote if I've been un-upvoted and re-upvoted

I don't want to seem like a rep-fiend, but I do get a sense of satisfaction out of reaching that daily 200 rep from upvotes alone. Today, I got 20 new upvotes, but also 2 "unupvotes" and what I assume ...
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Super upvote button to reward very high-quality and helpful questions/answers

Sometimes I see a question/answer that is of much higher quality (or helped me a lot) than the average SO question/answer, and I'd like to reward the author with more than just 1 upvote (but it's not ...
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4 answers

How many downvotes is "enough"?

This is the lowest-scoring answer on Stack Overflow Were all the downvotes necessary, though? A downvote says, "Hey, this answer is low-quality, not useful, and/or wrong." 5 - 10 downvotes ...
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What if I change my choice for the accepted answer, move the green tick, and remove my earlier upvote? [duplicate]

Let’s say I post a question and a user answers it. I then mark it as the accepted answer and upvote it. What happens to the user reputation if I remove the green tick from his/her answer and remove ...
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Unupvote removes rep from the daily cap, but later upvotes don't add rep again

Yesterday, I hit the rep cap around 11:00 UTC. My question kept being upvoted. Then I got the following events: 21:03 upvote +2 21:02 upvote -5 21:02 unupvote -2 20:50 downvote ...
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Should 'Looks Ok' in Triage auto-upvote, or at least generate a prompt to?

In the Triage review queue, when you decide a question 'Looks Ok', and two others have already, it prompts you to upvote the question. However what about the two others who thought it was a good ...
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1 answer

Which question has the highest # of upvotes to views ratio?

Which question has the highest # of upvotes to views ratio? I suppose the answer might be a new question with 1 upvote and 2 views, so we should put some constraints on this query. Perhaps the data ...
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Upvote a question more than once in exchange for reputation

Just like we can give our reputation to a deserving answer, with bounties, I'd like the ability to upvote a good deserving question in return for being deducted some reputation points of course. Case ...
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Isn't there a necessity for categorizing questions and answers? [duplicate]

I am raising this topic because my answers (which I have worked on my best to answer and help the OPs) are constantly being downvoted. A small comment telling the defect would help me understand the ...
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1 answer

Can I vote on deleted answer

I see now deleted answers and it seems I can vote (up/down) on it. Is it ethical to vote on answer that a user choose to delete and expect to be ignored by its peers? When should I vote on deleted ...
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3 answers

Is there such thing as serial unupvote?

There is a serial down-vote and serial up-vote. I've always wondered if there is such thing as serial unupvote. I mean, when you go to a user's profile, go through their questions/answers and remove ...
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When comparing upvotes to downvotes, the minus is missing on numbers above 100 [duplicate]

I just noticed a display inconsistency : When looking at details of upvotes VS downvotes, I noticed that the minus sign is not always displayed. The pattern I noticed is that the minus sign is ...
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2 answers

Upvote answers where new users don't accept them themselves

There is this common problem that we face when answering new users' questions: they don't upvote/accept answers, even if they comment on them that "it worked". (Which is why this was raised as a "...
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2 answers

Depreciation of reputation gain for upvotes on highly voted and/or old Q&A?

I often see highly upvoted basic questions (and answers to them), like Create a dictionary with list comprehension in Python. While I do agree that they are valuable to the community (and thus shall ...
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2 answers

Can an upvoted question with accepted upvoted answer be deleted?

Take a look at this question (screenshot for <10k users), this is blatantly off-topic (though we no longer close questions with a reason like this). IMO it should be deleted, it has nothing to do ...
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A black box showing while voting [closed]

I am getting a black box (I think it might be a tool tip) while quickly doing upvote/downvote. Screenshot: I guess the tool tip container box opened first (black box) and the rendered text later. I ...
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Is it fine to vote up/down to compensate the votes of others? [duplicate]

Sometimes I see a question/answer in SO that has so many down-votes but I think it's not such a bad question but also not a good question that would deserve a vote-up. In such cases I don't know if it'...
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Does community user remove questions with upvoted/accepted answers?

During the past few days my reputation "suddenly" went down by about 120 points, and it was due to questions removed by the community, each having an upvoted and/or accepted answer (from my side). One ...
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2 answers

I don't see upvotes on Meta SO in the recent achievements list [duplicate]

It is not the duplicate of Downvotes are not shown in recent achievements view or Why isn't negative reputation shown in the reputation tab at the top?, for it is not about showing or not the ...
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Why don't questions get that much upvote love?

I'm often noticing that some questions get 0 or 1 upvote and 4 or 5 answers, with some answers scoring 3 or more upvotes. In that case, why don't the answerers themselves upvote the question? If it'...
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