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(U+0007 : BELL [BEL]) displays and then doesn't

The first character of this text is U+0007 : BELL [BEL]. It shows up in the preview of questions but not on the actual post. It doesn't show up on google search either. After editing post the ...
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Horizontally mirrrored user name in comment [duplicate]

Have a look at this question please: I'm getting Chinese Text when using Windows 10 pipes in Delphi. How do I make it in English? You can find there this display glitch: It looks like Unicode ...
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It's not possible to use SO's search to find questions containing a non-ASCII string, like the mojibake "’"

Earlier today I answered this question about a mojibake issue where a single UTF-8 character was incorrectly being decoded into the Unicode string "’". Before I answered it, I thought there might be ...
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Invisible Unicode characters inside code comments

I've recently spent a significant amount of time debugging a problem with a string inside my code. This produced an error: "root:password@tcp(‌​" ...
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